Best PEMF Mat Devices of 2022 Review


The Healthy Wave Platinum Pro Mat is ranked best PEMF mat for 2022.

PEMF Therapy

2  – Waveform Types

30  – Frequency Levels

3 – Mat Intensity (Gauss)

3  – Pulse Duration Levels

List of Therapies

Product Details

Starting Price
• $999

Return Policy
• 90 Day Full

• Mat – 2 Year
• Controller – 5 Year

Sizes Available
• 4 Options

Likely responsible for popularizing the idea of PEMF therapy, Bemer produces a quality PEMF product.

1  – Waveform Types

2  – Frequency Levels

0.35  – Mat Intensity (Gauss)

 – Pulse Duration Levels

*Separate device, Pro Set only now discontinued

Starting Price
• $5,285

Return Policy
• 30 Day Partial

• Mat – 3 Year
• Controller – 6 Month

Sizes Available
• 2 Options

Inspired by Rife, Bob Becker, the EarthPulse is a device which focuses exclusively on sleep improvement. 

*Features manual setting, cannot be saved for future use

1  – Waveform Types

8  – Frequency Level Settings**

2,200  – Device Intensity*** (Gauss)

 – Pulse Duration Levels

**8 Frequency levels in programs, manual frequency setting from 0.5Hz to 14.4Hz

***Device intensity is extremely high, far above therapeutic levels

Starting Price
• $899 Pro Basic

Return Policy
• 90 Day Full

• Device – 1 Year
• Controller – 1 Year

Sizes Available
• 5 Options

****Past 1 year is a staged replacement cost to 10 year

Is High Intensity PEMF Safe? Learn More!

Started in 2005 as a PEMF device company, MagnaWave sells the most extreme intensity PEMF devices available.

1  – Waveform Types

6  – Frequency Level Settings

500  – Device Intensity*** (Gauss)

 – Pulse Duration Levels

***Device intensity is extremely high, even higher in 9 other MagnaWave models available

Starting Price
• $3,950 B2 (up to $24,950)

Return Policy
• 30 Day Full

3 Year
• 7 More Years, $700 USD Yearly Deductible

Sizes Available
• 9 Other MagnaWave devices are available from $5,950 to $24,950

Is High Intensity PEMF Safe? Learn More!

The above table is a review of the best PEMF mat devices of 2022.

This table will continue to be updated for the best PEMF devices when new devices and updates become available.

Some people may be looking to compare the Bemer to the Biomat, read our comparison on this page, Bemer vs Biomat.

Check out our article,

We reviewed 56 of the most pertinent PEMF Research Articles to determine the best waveform, intensity & frequency

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PEMF Mats & PEMF Devices

A PEMF mat is often also referred to as a PEMF device, as they both achieve the same objective of providing a pulsed electromagnetic field, PEMF.

They come in all shapes in sizes, many PEMF devices are smaller applicators and are designed to treat just one specific area, whereas a PEMF mat is designed to provide PEMF therapy with full body coverage.

To qualify as a PEMF device or PEMF mat, the product in question needs to produce a pulsing electromagnetic field, and this is always achieved through electric coils in the product which when energized produce a magnetic field.

There are many different configurations of PEMF used in PEMF mats and devices and this is based on the waveforms, frequencies & intensities built in to the devices by their manufacturer.

Many will claim to have the “best PEMF device” or the “best PEMF mat” because of their specific configuration, however what we have observed is that the research studies on PubMed discover positive results for an incredible range of different PEMF configurations.

The reality is that you’ll likely experience positive benefits from nearly any therapeutic PEMF device or PEMF mat as long as it is not at too high a frequency or intensity to the point at which it could start becoming detrimental to health as opposed to beneficial.

PEMF Reviews

When considering a PEMF review, or a review of a particular PEMF device or mat and its’ PEMF signal its important to consider what unbiased 3rd parties can reveal for us.

There is always a business behind any brand and most will say they have the best product. It’s likely they do sell an effective product, but who is to say which brand of PEMF mat or device really is the most effective, and where can you get a real PEMF review of their product?

We chose to form our opinion based on PEMF research studies we found on the PubMed website instead of listening to any one brand of device, or mat.

An argument can also be made for PEMF mats and devices which provide multiple waveforms, frequencies and intensities as they would provide a wider spectrum of PEMF therapy than a product with limited options.

We compiled a long list of PEMF research studies to give some perspective on the reviews and effectiveness of different PEMF configurations and summarized this all on our page, What is the Best PEMF Therapy?

What we discovered through this process is that nearly every PEMF configuration studied provided positive results which supports the argument of there being no one clear winner for the “best PEMF device” or “best PEMF mat”.

What did interest us however is that some brands include or provide more than one therapy with their product.

Most notably we were interested in far infrared therapy as it provides and enhances many of the same benefits which people look for from PEMF, perhaps most notably micro circulation.

If you haven’t yet heard of far infrared therapy we recommend you read on below or check out one of the other pages on our website.

PEMF Mats with Far Infrared Therapy

If you have not yet heard of far infrared therapy we recommend finding out more before investing in a therapy mat!

Learn more about how combining PEMF and far infrared therapy into one device provides an effective, synergistic therapy.

There are numerous studies on the effects of far infrared therapy on the PubMed website, the conclusion of a couple such example studies were as follows:

CONCLUSION: Use of site-specific far infrared therapy over a four-week period in the workplace was associated with significant clinical improvements in pain and quality of life for office workers with previously refractory low back pain.”

Study: Far infrared wavelength treatment for low back pain: Evaluation of a non-invasive device.

CONCLUSION: The infrared therapy unit used was demonstrated to be effective in reducing chronic low back pain, and no adverse effects were observed.”

Study: Infrared therapy for chronic low back pain: A randomized, controlled trial

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