Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave PEMF Mat Review

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat is our number one recommended PEMF mat in 2023 and it can only be found for sale on the Healthy Wave Mat website.

The Multi-Wave is my top PEMF mat recommendation based on its flexible and safe PEMF which can actually replicate PEMF used in research, for its unmatched warranty and return policies, and for including an additional 4 therapies.

There is actually a good deal of perspective and context around PEMF which has gone into choosing the Multi-Wave as my first pick and I explain this in detail further down this page in the section, Why should you buy a Healthy Wave Multi-Wave PEMF Mat? which includes my full list of PEMF mat evaluation criteria.

For the purposes of this review we will be considering the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Platinum Mat and its defining feature, Multi-Wave PEMF therapy you can’t get anywhere else.

Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Platinum Mat Full Size

With the amount of content and detail I put on this page about the Multi-Wave mat, it’s become quite a long read. The table of contents may help you find what you’re looking for:

Table of Contents

Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat Summary

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat is Healthy Wave’s flagship product offering and stands out from others not only in price point but with its safe, flexible and research backed PEMF therapy. We evaluate this PEMF with my criteria in detail in the next section. 

We will also be reviewing the additional 4 therapies which the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat includes along with its pricing, certifications, warranty, guarantee, and where to buy.

Healthy Wave Mat made a name for themselves in the PEMF and infrared industry with the original and still available Healthy Wave Mat Pro (original).

This original Healthy Wave Mat Pro mat was the very first health mat to combine PEMF, infrared, negative ion, red light therapy and crystal therapy all into one single easy to use product. 

A summary of specifications of the Multi-Wave mat are as in the following table: 

PEMF Therapy

2  – Waveform Types

30  – Frequency Levels

5 – Intensity Levels (3 Gauss Max)

3  – Pulse Duration Levels

List of Therapies

Product Details

Price Range
• $995 to $2495

Return Policy
• 90 Day Full

• Mat – 2.25 Year & 5 Year Limited
• Controller – 5 Year

Sizes Available
• 4 Options


What Do We Look For?

When considering any PEMF device, after evaluating its PEMF therapy the primary factors we look for are the guarantees and warranties provided with the product.

We look for these because they seem to be a direct reflection of a company’s confidence and honesty around their product. 

When we compared other health mats in the market to the Healthy Wave brand, it’s apparent that Healthy Wave has significantly more confidence in their product made clear with their warranty and guarantee policies which are best in the industry.

Direct to Customer Sales Model

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat is sold by the Healthy Wave Mat Store, and unlike most competitors it is sold direct to the customer instead of via MLM (multi-level marketed structure).

Typically the multi-level marketing structure adds cost to end products because of the middle-men between the company and end user.

This direct to customer model seems to have allowed Healthy Wave to offer their more advanced PEMF therapy product at a substantially lower price than the competition.

What Was Our First Impression?

One of the first things I noticed about the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat is the quality of its construction.

It’s apparent upon close-up inspection that it has been constructed with high quality, non-toxic materials and built to last. 

First impression of the mat controller was that it looked kind of complex, but once I started using it was pretty simple to get started with and use especially considering how many PEMF options it allows you to configure.

The included mat cover was also a nice touch, especially when you want to keep your PEMF mat in like-new condition.

Where Can I Find This Advanced PEMF Therapy?

You can find the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat in spas and clinics around the country as well as for made-simple home use available for purchase on the Healthy Wave Mat website.

Might be a cheeky way to do things, but I would just make use of the 90 day full money return policy and try the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave mat at home first. The cost of shipping for you to return the mat is probably going to be in the same range as the cost for 1 or 2 PEMF therapy sessions at a local clinic.

Why should you buy a Healthy Wave Multi-Wave PEMF Mat?

In this section I’m going to show you the PEMF mat specific evaluation criteria which I’ve come up with over the years, which will explain the main reasons that I recommend the Multi-Wave as the current, best PEMF mat available.

When I started looking at PEMF therapy and the different brands and products available it was difficult to figure out what even were the important factors when considering a purchase.

If you’re looking to buy a car, maybe you look at the safety ratings and the fuel mileage, but what do you look at when it comes to a PEMF device? After all, some of these devices are quite expensive.

My background is in engineering, so when I started learning about PEMF I was curious about the numbers around it. Although there is no such thing as a PEMF university, over the years of researching and building Health Mat Review, I’ve learned quite a bit, and so far here’s what I think we should be looking at when it comes to PEMF.

We’ll go into the details of each point on the PEMF List, but I should also mention that I have an Infrared Mat Evaluation Criteria which also applies to the Multi-Wave mat because it includes infrared heat.

Both lists are as follows,

PEMF List:

  • PEMF Safety
  • Demonstrated in PEMF Research Studies
  • PEMF Flexibility & Custom Settings
  • Does it work for you?
  • Does the warranty back the product up?

Infrared List:

  • Infrared Mat Safety
  • Infrared Crystal Coverage
  • Does the infrared mat emit negative ions?
  • Does it work for you?
  • Does the warranty back the product up?

I go into detail on the Infrared Mat Evaluation Criteria List and how it pertains to the Healthy Wave Mat on my page about the Healthy Wave Mat Pro, and the details and evaluation there apply also to the Multi-Wave mat.

My Main PEMF Mat Evaluation Criteria

Now going into the details of each of my criteria for evaluating PEMF devices, and why I’ve made Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat PEMF my number 1 recommended PEMF mat:

PEMF Safety

Is the range of intensity and frequency of the PEMF known to be safe?

For PEMF safety I refer not only to whether a device is FDA registered, but also to the guidelines set out by the ICNIRP, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection. Non-ionizing refers to electromagnetic radiation/fields with frequencies too low to ionize atoms or molecules (this means they don’t carry enough energy to heat up body tissues), and most everyday electronics and PEMF fall into this category. Read more on the page I wrote about High Intensity PEMF.

Most PEMF devices including Healthy Wave Mat, are FDA registered and therefore classified as safe for use. 

What I found more interesting was the ICNIRP guidelines on electromagnetic frequency exposure, because that is what PEMF is, pulsing electromagnetic frequencies. 

We don’t really see any PEMF brands talking about this, (including Healthy Wave), although the message from Healthy Wave about PEMF intensity has always been that they provide a “therapeutic” level of intensity at 3 Gauss and under in their mats.

You can visit the ICNIRP website for more info, but I pulled off their chart which classifies what is the safe range and you can see it here. 

ICNIRP Guidelines Chart with Gauss & Healthy Wave Multi-Wave PEMF Range Indicated

I marked up the ICNIRP’s black and white chart with red and green so you can more easily read where the intensity levels are in Gauss.

The way to read this chart is, for this range or particular PEMF frequency, along the bottom, what is the maximum intensity which the ICNIRP still deems safe. Or, looking from an intensity perspective, for a given intensity along the left, what is the highest frequency you can go before exiting the safe range.

You’ll see that the allowable frequency goes up left to right as intensity goes down along the green line, and vice versa, allowable intensity goes up as the frequency lowers from right to left.

Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat – I’ve marked a coloured blue/green box area on the chart so you can see the operating range of the Multi-Wave mat’s PEMF (1-30Hz, and 0.3 to 3 Gauss max), and oddly enough, their philosophy of a 3 Gauss maximum for therapeutic PEMF fits right into the ICNIRP’s range for safe exposure while giving quite a range of flexibility within this whole range as shown by the box.

Demonstrated in PEMF Therapy Research Studies

Are there PEMF research studies which show positive health benefits within the operating frequency, intensity and waveform of the PEMF device?

Reviewing other PEMF devices I would often come across marketing materials which reference one PEMF study or another, but when I looked closer, those PEMF devices would be operating at a much different frequency or intensity than the study they would reference.

This didn’t make much sense to me, why are we pointing to the fuel efficiency of a hybrid car when we’re trying to sell a truck? The topics are unrelated.

With some help I reviewed and compiled a large database of 355 PEMF research studies which you’ll be able to explore once I’ve finished building that section of the Health Mat Review website. In the meantime however, I took a short list of those studies which fell into the range of configurations you can set on the Multi-Wave mat.

I’ve included this list of studies right here for you but you’ll also see it further down the page in the section, PEMF Research Studies within Multi-Wave Range.

PEMF Research StudyFrequency (Hz)Intensity (G)
Targeting Mesenchymal Cells with PEMF Potential to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis5 Hz0.4 Gauss
PEMF Promotes Osteogenesis in Bone Defect Repair15 Hz0.5 Gauss
Effects of PEMF & Swimming on Rat Sciatic Nerve Injury2 Hz3 Gauss
Effects of PEMF on Functional Index of Injured Sciatic Nerve in Rat2 Hz3 Gauss
Circadian Rhythm Influeces Promoting Role of PEMF in Sciatic Nerve Regeneration2 Hz3 Gauss
Evaluation of Cyto & Genotoxic Effects of PEMF on Mesenchymal Cells5 Hz4 Gauss
Exposure to PEMF Protect Structural Integrity of Cila Harmed by Cigarette Smoke16 Hz2.82 Gauss
Effects of PEMF on a Murine Osteosarcoma (Cancer) Cell Line10 Hz4 Gauss
PEMF for Peripheral Blood Circulation in People with Diabetes12 Hz5 Gauss
PEMF Regulate Osteocyte Apoptosis15Hz5 Gauss
Effect of Long Term PEMF on Osteoporosis12 Hz3 Gauss
Physiological & Molecular Effects of PEMF on Human Neuronal Cells (NASA STUDY)10 Hz0.2 Gauss
Stimulation of Sciatic Nerve Regeneration with PEMF2 Hz3 Gauss
Enhancement of Functional Recovery after Crush Lesion to Sciatic Nerve with PEMF2 Hz3 Gauss
PEMF Effects on Osteogenesis of Mesenchymal (Bone) Stem Cells7.5 Hz1.3 Gauss
Stimulation of Osteogenic (Bone Marrow) Differentiation in Human Osteoprogenitor Cells by PEMF15 Hz1 Gauss
Review of PEMF Mechanisms at a Cellular Level15 Hz1 Gauss
Effects of PEMF on Osteoblast (Bone Marrow) Cell Activities15 Hz1 Gauss
Optimization of PEMF for Arthritis Management5 Hz0.04 Gauss
Low Frequency, Low Intensity PEMF Anti Inflammatory Effect5 Hz0.04 Gauss
Osteoblast (Bone Marrow) Cells Responsive to Low Frequency PEMF10 Hz0.06 Gauss
PEMF Improves Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Osteoblast Culture16 Hz0.06 Gauss
Low Frequency PEMF Cause Anti-Oxidative Mechanism in Human Osteoblasts16 Hz0.06 Gauss

Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat – using the Multi-Wave mat’s controller, you can effectively replicate, or nearly replicate the PEMF signals (intensity, frequency, and waveform) that you see in the studies in this list. In fact, you can even nearly exactly replicate the PEMF signal used in the somewhat infamous Nasa PEMF study using the Multi-Wave’s square waveform setting, greater detail on this further down the page in the Does Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Allow Replication of PEMF from Actual Research Studies? section.

PEMF Flexibility & Custom Settings

Is the PEMF device flexible with frequency, intensity and waveform allowing people to find their own preferred PEMF settings? No two people are exactly alike, does the device offer that flexibility?

What I’ve seen while compiling a PEMF research database of 355 studies for the readers of this website (this part of the website is under construction, the following chart is a teaser from this project), is that most PEMF configurations produce positive results. This can be seen by the number of green dots (positive) vs black (negative) and gray (neutral) study results in the chart we made of the studies included in our PEMF research database.

Note that this is only within the sample of our database; but this is also a reason I am skeptical when any messaging is about having the most effective PEMF signal no one else has. 

Chart Shows 355 PEMF Intensity & Frequency Settings (in Log Scale) from our PEMF Research Database (Copyright Health Mat Review 2022)

Note: above chart is in log scale, this means moving one line to the next on the chart (horizontal or vertical) represents 10x the value of the line previous. The result of using log scale is a non-linear chart (ie. the values you see for intensity and frequency are not literal), but was necessary to show all the studies. As the Wikipedia page puts it, “A logarithmic scale (or log scale) is a way of displaying numerical data over a very wide range of values in a compact way”.

With an infinite number of ways to configure a PEMF signal, by using any frequency, intensity or shape of waveform, the question to me was: how on earth would you know the right one, or even where to start?

That’s also why to me, I’m skeptical of anyone’s messaging about having the best PEMF signal, or the most effective PEMF. 

There are examples in the literature of every frequency and intensity for many different applications and ailments. On the scale of things research is still in its early stages with PEMF. 

So if any PEMF configuration is possible, how do you know where to even start, or even what range to try out? 

When I came across the ICNIRP guidelines is when I first had an indication of some kind of PEMF operating parameters, or at least some parameters that made sense to me. 

What made sense was my usual first rule which is, safety first. Why not try any PEMF configuration you like, to see what works best for you as long as we know it isn’t harmful? 

As long as the PEMF configuration is under the green line on the ICNIRP’s chart indicating these exposures are safe, why not try it?

There are some ideas which frequencies may help for different ailments from the literature, better known are frequencies that may help with sleep or to wake up. I’ve felt this myself, waking up with higher frequencies, and getting sleepy with lower frequencies. 

This makes sense because your brain does mainly operate in the range of 2-25 Hz frequency  (delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma), lowest when sleeping, higher when waking, and sometimes even higher when under great stress or concentration. 

So does the PEMF device allow flexibility in frequency, intensity and waveform to allow you to explore which settings you may find work the best for you?

Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat – provides 30 frequency settings from 1-30Hz, 5 intensity settings from 0.3 Gauss up to 3 Gauss, 2 waveforms sine and square, and 3 drop off rates. All of these PEMF configurations, no matter which you set, operate within the safe range of the ICNIRP chart, and include frequency settings through the brain’s normal operating frequencies of delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma with the 1-30Hz settings.

Does it work for you?

PEMF products are expensive, what kind of return policy is there? Are you out of luck if you don’t find it helps after a month or two? Or are you covered in case it’s not the right fit.

There isn’t much to elaborate on this particular point; sometimes I make the wrong buying decision and regret it later, kind of like buying clothes online and finding out they don’t fit when they arrive.

Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat – offers a 90 day full money back guarantee, this seems to be the best return policy I’ve seen with any PEMF product out there. Important to note is that you will have to pay for the return shipping on the product, but they do refund 100% of the purchase price for any reason within the first 90 days provided the product hasn’t been damaged.

Does the warranty back the product up?

Most PEMF devices are pretty expensive, so does the warranty match up?

What you should know is that the PEMF controller is the most complex part of the device, meaning the most likely to fail. What kind of controller warranty does the PEMF device have?

PEMF devices don’t have any real moving parts, but the controllers which output the PEMF signal into the coils of the device are actually quite complex and therefore I consider specifically what kind of warranty is included on the controller of any PEMF mat.

Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat – comes with a 5 year warranty guarantee on the mat controller, and a special 2 year plus 3 month or 27 month warranty on the mat itself (the Original Pro Mat has a 15 month warranty). Considering the most likely component to fail with any PEMF device or mat is the controller, I like this warranty policy. There is in addition a 5 year limited warranty on the Multi-Wave mat, where once you pass the original 2.25 year warranty, you would pay a 10-30% deductible for replacement. 

My Perspective and What I Want from a PEMF Mat in Summary

These main points are what shaped my perspective lens of PEMF as a therapy.

First, do no harm and operate safely, second is there evidence of benefits from research currently available, third do I have the flexibility to at least try frequencies within the brain and body’s normal operating frequency range.

After these points the more commercial questions come up for me, can I return the product if it doesn’t work for me, and does the warranty back it up.

I want a PEMF device that only ever operates within a safe range so I don’t worry about using the controller wrong and setting it too high a frequency or intensity.

I also want a device that gives me a wide range of configuration options so if I read something and want to try it out for myself I’m not limited and I can actually do so. 

Now that I have the freedom knowing I can’t really go wrong with my PEMF settings, I want to try a wide range of set ups. Lower frequency at half intensity before bed, and a higher frequency at full intensity when I get up in the morning. 

The Healthy Wave Multi-Wave mat fulfills these wants that I have of a PEMF device better than any PEMF product I’ve seen available and this is why I recommend it as the number 1 PEMF mat.

The fact that it comes with infrared heat is just an added bonus, but I will say that infrared is nothing short of awesome when you have persistent aches and pains (speaking from experience).

Check out the Multi-Wave mat on the Healthy Wave Mat store here,

What is the difference between the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat and Healthy Wave Mat Pro?

The difference between the original, Healthy Wave Pro mat, and the new Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat is the advanced PEMF of the Multi-Wave model.

Both the original Pro mat, and the Pro Multi-Wave mat include PEMF, however the original Pro mat only offers adjustable frequencies from 1-30Hz, with a single wavelength and intensity while the Pro Multi-Wave Mat offers the same, multiple earth based frequencies from 1-30Hz, but in addition, wavelengths and intensities customizable to the user.

In addition to this, the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat model offers 60 integrated photon lights vs the Original Pro mat which offers only 24 integrated photon lights.

We’ve created the following table for you to be able to easily see at a glance the primary differences between the two models.

NOTE: these tables depicts the Pro Multi-Wave vs Original Pro in full size 74” x 28”

NOTE: both Pro Multi-Wave and Original Pro include advanced EMF filtration and blocking layers

NOTE: the Pro Multi-Wave includes a full 2.25 year USA warranty, the Original Pro includes a 15 month USA full warranty. Both versions come with the 5 year limited warranty past their full warranty periods.

Pro Multi-Wave Mat vs Original Pro Mat PEMF Therapy Comparison Table

PEMF (Pulsed electro-magnetic field)
PEMF Wavelength
PEMF Frequency
PEMF Intensity

Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat

Fully Programmable:
  • 10 Pre-programmed 20 minute sessions
  • 2 Pre-programmed one hour sessions

  • Program your own “4 Step” 20 minute programs (choosing each step from square/sine, pulse duration, 1-30Hz, and desired intensity level)

  • Square Wave OR Sine Wave (both in bi-phasic bursts)

Selectable Pulse Duration (Drop off Rate):
  • Medium, Fast, or Ultra Fast

Fully Adjustable:
  • 1-30Hz
(30 individual frequency levels through the earth based spectrum)

5 Levels of Intensity:
  • up to 3000mG (milliGauss)
  •10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% (at mat surface)

Healthy Wave Pro Mat (Original)

  • 20 minute ON timer
  • 100 minute OFF cycle
Bi-phasic Sinusoidal Bursts

Fully Adjustable:
  • 1-30Hz
(30 individual frequency levels through the earth based spectrum)

3000mG (milliGauss)
  • (at mat surface)

Pro Multi-Wave Mat vs Original Pro Mat Combined Therapy Comparison Table

Far Infrared
Negative Ions
Red Light Therapy

Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat

Light Spectrum
  • 5-14 um (micro-meter)

  • 130F max surface temp
  • Internal temp 160F

5 Crystals

  • Amethyst: 11lb crushed
  • Jade: 0.22lb crushed
  • Tourmaline: 1.1lb crushed
  • Obsidian: 0.9lb crushed
  • Quartz: 0.7lb

Negative Ions

  • 3000/cc/per minute

Photon Lights

  • 60 x 660nm

Healthy Wave Pro Mat (Original)

Light Spectrum
  • 5-14 um (micro-meter)

  • 130F max surface temp
  • Internal temp 160F

3 Crystals

  • Amethyst: 20lb crushed
  • Jade: 48 pieces
  • Tourmaline: 40 pieces

Negative Ions

  • 3000/cc/per minute

Photon Lights

  • 24 x 660nm

Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat Therapies

Multi-Wave PEMF Therapy

Healthy Wave Multi-Wave PEMF therapy is unique, because the PEMF signal which it offers is not unique to one type of PEMF.

It offers up to 750 different signal configurations, and when you use the Multi-Wave controller to apply up to 4 of these signal configurations into a single PEMF therapy session, you end up with over 3 billion different combinations of PEMF therapy.

It might sound complicated, but don’t worry, it isn’t.

Healthy Wave has done a tremendous job of taking professional level PEMF therapy and making it available to everyone by simplifying the PEMF configuration process to be as easy as a single button.

Pre-configured for you are 12 entirely unique PEMF programs, 10 sessions which are 20 minutes, and 2 which are for a full hour each, and all of these are activated with a single push of a button.

professional PEMF

These PEMF sessions cycle through multiple effective PEMF signal configurations to provide a professional level PEMF therapy session.

The design of the Multi-Wave PEMF therapy is the result of the study of countless PEMF research articles, papers and studies which indicated that PEMF wasn’t a one size fits all therapy.

When you consider that the human body is composed of more than 200 different types of cells, and how wide the range is of PEMF signal configurations demonstrated to be effective in research studies, we begin to see a different picture than the one painted by most PEMF brands.

It’s apparent that different types of body cells are going to respond better to different configurations of PEMF signal, and this is very clearly seen when you review the PEMF research literature available on the PubMed website.

So the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat claims to provide PEMF therapy signals as found in PEMF research studies, is this really true?

We did some work to find out.

Does Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Allow Replication of PEMF from Actual Research Studies?

The short answer to this question is yes, and let’s see some examples to prove it.

The first PEMF study which we checked was the relatively infamous Nasa PEMF Study.

We liked this example because many PEMF brands talk about the Nasa study when they promote their device, but none of those devices actually use the PEMF signal used in the Nasa study.

Upon close inspection of the PEMF signal used in the Nasa Study, the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat can closely replicate the same PEMF signal through a few clicks of a button to configure the PEMF.

Nasa PEMF Study
NASA PEMF can be closely replicated with the Multi-Wave Mat

Nasa Study:

  • Square Waveform 
  • 10 Hz Frequency
  • 200 mGauss

Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat 

  • Sine or Square Waveform included
  • 1-30Hz, 10Hz frequency included
  • 5 intensity levels, 300 mGauss included, slightly higher than in study

While building a database of 355 PEMF studies for readers of this website I created the following list of PEMF studies with PEMF signals which you could create (or closely replicate) for yourself with the Multi-Wave mat. 

All the studies are linked to their research article, click on the title of the study to see more information.

Undoubtedly there are many more studies which fall within the wide range of Multi-Wave PEMF configurations, we recommend you check out PubMed for yourself to see!

Multi-Wave Frequency Range : 1 – 30 Hz

Multi-Wave Intensity Range : 0.3 – 3 Gauss

PEMF Research Studies within Multi-Wave Range
PEMF Research StudyFrequency (Hz)Intensity (G)
Targeting Mesenchymal Cells with PEMF Potential to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis5 Hz0.4 Gauss
PEMF Promotes Osteogenesis in Bone Defect Repair15 Hz0.5 Gauss
Effects of PEMF & Swimming on Rat Sciatic Nerve Injury2 Hz3 Gauss
Effects of PEMF on Functional Index of Injured Sciatic Nerve in Rat2 Hz3 Gauss
Circadian Rhythm Influeces Promoting Role of PEMF in Sciatic Nerve Regeneration2 Hz3 Gauss
Evaluation of Cyto & Genotoxic Effects of PEMF on Mesenchymal Cells5 Hz4 Gauss
Exposure to PEMF Protect Structural Integrity of Cila Harmed by Cigarette Smoke16 Hz2.82 Gauss
Effects of PEMF on a Murine Osteosarcoma (Cancer) Cell Line10 Hz4 Gauss
PEMF for Peripheral Blood Circulation in People with Diabetes12 Hz5 Gauss
PEMF Regulate Osteocyte Apoptosis15Hz5 Gauss
Effect of Long Term PEMF on Osteoporosis12 Hz3 Gauss
Physiological & Molecular Effects of PEMF on Human Neuronal Cells (NASA STUDY)10 Hz0.2 Gauss
Stimulation of Sciatic Nerve Regeneration with PEMF2 Hz3 Gauss
Enhancement of Functional Recovery after Crush Lesion to Sciatic Nerve with PEMF2 Hz3 Gauss
PEMF Effects on Osteogenesis of Mesenchymal (Bone) Stem Cells7.5 Hz1.3 Gauss
Stimulation of Osteogenic (Bone Marrow) Differentiation in Human Osteoprogenitor Cells by PEMF15 Hz1 Gauss
Review of PEMF Mechanisms at a Cellular Level15 Hz1 Gauss
Effects of PEMF on Osteoblast (Bone Marrow) Cell Activities15 Hz1 Gauss
Optimization of PEMF for Arthritis Management5 Hz0.04 Gauss
Low Frequency, Low Intensity PEMF Anti Inflammatory Effect5 Hz0.04 Gauss
Osteoblast (Bone Marrow) Cells Responsive to Low Frequency PEMF10 Hz0.06 Gauss
PEMF Improves Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Osteoblast Culture16 Hz0.06 Gauss
Low Frequency PEMF Cause Anti-Oxidative Mechanism in Human Osteoblasts16 Hz0.06 Gauss

What Kind of PEMF Therapy does the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat Use?

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave PEMF mat allows a customized PEMF therapy based on the individual user’s specific needs.

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat comes pre-programmed so that the everyday user can experience professional level PEMF application.

Its pre-programmed PEMF sessions consist of different combinations of wave types, frequencies, intensities and pulse durations which are generated by 8 pure copper PEMF coils. (note only the full size Pro Multi-Wave Mat has 8 PEMF coils)

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave controller comes with 10 pre-programmed 20 minute sessions, and 2 pre-programmed 1 hour sessions. 

The 20 minute sessions consist of 4-steps or 4 different PEMF combinations of wave type, frequency, intensity and pulse duration; this means that every 5 minutes through the session the body receives a different variation of electromagnetic energy re-vitalizing different groups of the body’s cells.


The 1 hour sessions consist of 12-steps, or 12 different PEMF configurations for a full comprehensive PEMF therapy session re-vitalizing as many groups of the body’s cells as possible.

What is really unique about this advanced PEMF therapy controller is that it allows you to create and save your own customized PEMF therapy session programs. 

customize PEMF

This means that if you find certain wave types, frequencies, intensities and pulse durations to provide more effective results for you, you can program your own custom session to include these and create the perfect PEMF for your body.

The custom programming of the Multi-Wave Pro mat allows you to specify your own:

  • Wave Type
  • Frequency
  • Pulse Duration or “Drop Off Rate”
  • Intensity

These can be specified for each of the 4-steps of a 20 minute session, or make just 1 program to use for the whole session duration.

This type of user customization has not yet been seen in the PEMF world with other devices only offering a narrow, limited range of PEMF modalities.

How Many PEMF Coils Are Used in the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat?

There are 8 pure copper PEMF coils used in the construction of the full size Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat.

Check further down in our review to see how many coils the other sized Pro Multi-Wave mats include under our Popular products section.

NOTE: ONLY the Full Size Multi-Wave Pro Mat incorporates 8 coils.

pemf copper coils
(NOTE: general copper coil winding representation, not coil out of Healthy Wave Mat) - Peripitus [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Bi-Phasic or Bi-Polar Waveform

The waveforms the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat offers are bi-phasic, this is also known as bi-polar, and it is a waveform method implemented by most PEMF products on the market.

Bi-phasic or bi-polar means that the wave will pulse in one direction, and then in the opposite direction allowing for the maximum possible alignment and energy potential for the electrons of the body’s cells.

healthy wave pro multiwave mat controller
Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat PEMF Controller © 2019 Health Mat Review

Pulse Duration or "Drop Off Rate"

The Pro Multi-Wave controller also allows for the setting of the pulse duration, also known as “Drop Off Rate”, to 3 settings, medium, fast, and ultra fast.

Many experts in the PEMF arena reference “Drop Off Rate” as the most important factor in PEMF configuration, with a faster drop off rate effectively allowing the electrons to maintain their gain in energy potential and not reduce their potential by following a slower magnetic wave back down in potential.

Although there is still more than one opinion on the importance of “Drop Off Rate” the Pro Multi-Wave controller allows you to test the efficacy of 3 settings for this variable and choose which you find most effective for yourself. (this is another variable setting which no other PEMF product to date currently offers)

Learn more on the Healthy Wave Mat website.

Wave Formation Type

Every PEMF configuration needs a certain waveform shape to follow.

Some PEMF products have their own very specific waveform shape which is proprietary, for instance the Bemer mat.

Other PEMF products use a square wave with the argument that it can facilitate the fastest “Drop Off Rate” and is therefore the most effective.

Then if you consider the lion’s share of the PEMF research available from the PubMed website (over 90%) you’ll find that the most investigated waveform demonstrating positive results is the Sine Wave or Sinusoidal waveform.

PEMF Sine Wave Square Waves

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat is unique in that it gives the option to select between a Sinusoidal waveform or a Square waveform. Selecting between multiple waveforms is not something I’ve seen with other PEMF devices.

The controller will even allow you to alternate between a Sine or Square wave as you move between the 4-steps of a 20 minute PEMF session or the 12-steps of a 1 hour PEMF session allowing you to benefit from both waveform types.

Or if you find your body more responsive to one waveform or another, you can use this waveform style exclusively.


Intensity is the third characteristic that defines the make up of a PEMF therapy.

While some products promote a very high intensity, which may seem beneficial, this can actually be dangerous in some cases.

We researched this topic in depth because of all the high intensity PEMF machines which are becoming more and more common. 

What we found might not surprise you altogether, but the Cliff notes are to be very cautious with high intensity PEMF.

Read more on our page about it, Is High Intensity PEMF Safe?

It is commonly agreed upon that the therapeutic range of intensity in a PEMF application is anywhere from 1 to 10 Gauss.


Indeed when we look at the PubMed research studies that exceeded 10 Gauss, this was typically ONLY in studies that were evaluating the use of very high intensity, very high frequency to destroy cancerous cells (if cancerous cells can be destroyed this means healthy cells can be destroyed also). We recommend that if you are looking to utilize this kind of PEMF to consult with your physician before going any further.

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat provides PEMF up to 3 Gauss in intensity at the mat’s surface, which is within the therapeutic range of intensity.

This is controllable to 5 settings, 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and up to 100% which provides the 3 Gauss maximum intensity.

Like with the waveform and frequency the intensity can be varied from step to step during a PEMF program to receive a wider range of benefits from the varied PEMF configuration, or can be used at whichever intensity the user finds most beneficial for themselves.


When the PEMF of any device is turned on, it functions at a certain frequency.

This means the waveform of the device repeats itself a certain number of times per second, per minute or per hour, whichever way you wish to consider it.

The common view point of frequency in the PEMF world is that there is a certain range of frequencies that are considered “earth based”. 

The earth emits its own electromagnetic waves, and these typically fall into the range of 1-30Hz, or 1-30 times per second, these are the so-called “earth based frequencies”.

Read more about the most natural PEMF frequencies, & intensities on our page about Earth Based Natural PEMF.

earth magnetic field pemf
Apollo 17 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This range of frequency is commonly agreed upon as the most therapeutically effective, and also happens to be the same functioning range of frequency of the human brain and body.

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat allows 30 different levels of frequency setting, from 1Hz, up to 30Hz, encompassing effectively the entire earth based frequency range.

This allows the user to utilize different frequencies for the different steps of a PEMF program to receive a broader spectrum of benefits, or to focus on using 1 or just a few frequencies that they find the most effective for their body.

What are the most effective PEMF Waveforms, Frequencies, and Intensities?

Despite what many brands of PEMF may tell you, there isn’t a “most effective” PEMF product or therapy out there.

Every person is going to react differently to different PEMF therapy configurations, and not only that, with the 200 different types of cells in our bodies, depending on what ailment someone is dealing with there will be yet another different “most effective” PEMF therapy.

healthy wave multiwave pro pemf far infrared mat controller
Healthy Wave Multi-Wave PEMF Controller

We wrote an extensive article on the topic, What is the Best PEMF Therapy?, and spent countless hours gathering the research articles and summarizing our findings into one 5 minute long read for you.

The new PEMF research database I’ve been working on seems to show the same as the “What is the Best PEMF Therapy” article in that, we’re not seeing any one particular frequency, intensity or waveform perform better than others.

The Healthy Wave Multi-Wave PEMF therapy scores points with us after our extensive PEMF research review because it doesn’t claim to have the best PEMF, it claims to put the power into your hands to choose which PEMF therapy signal configuration will be the best for you.

And it does a remarkable job of this through the simplistic yet highly configurable PEMF controller.

What are the most natural PEMF Waveforms, Frequencies, and Intensities?

There isn’t one single answer to this question, however we can propose that the most natural PEMF’s are those created by the Earth itself.

By getting away from electronics and out into nature we can let our bodies more readily absorb the natural electromagnetic fields of the Earth.

Typically the electromagnetic fields of the Earth vary within 0-30Hz of frequency, and wont exceed 0.65 Gauss in intensity. 

earths magnetic field schumann frequency pemf
Earth's Magnetic Frequency Field

Interestingly enough, this Earth based frequency range seems to be the same range that the human brain and body function within, typically 1-30Hz for brain wavelengths.

Go figure, us humans have more in common with the Earth and nature than we may care to admit.

The therapeutic range of PEMF intensity is commonly referred to as between 1-10 Gauss, and we would tend to agree with this because it is not drastically higher than the natural electromagnetic fields of the Earth. 

The Healthy Wave Multi-Wave mat chalks up another couple points with us for being centered around the natural PEMF of the Earth, slightly higher in intensity to improve the speed of results, but not so unnaturally high that they could be harmful.

You can read more on this on our web page on PEMF Therapy and our page on Natural Earth Based PEMF.

Far Infrared Therapy

Far infrared is not new in the therapeutic health market, the earliest introduction was likely in the use of the far infrared sauna.

It is now proven and known, that far infrared therapy is one of the most beneficial long term health maintaining practices that anyone can use.

There are some highly remarkable studies on the topic, take for instance the study Harvard Medical completed on sauna use for Finnish men, a study of 2300 individuals, “Over the course of the study, 49% of men who went to a sauna once a week died, compared with 38% of those who went two to three times a week and just 31% of those who went four to seven times a week.” See the study here, “Sauna use linked to longer life, fewer fatal heart problems”. 

If one article isn’t enough, check out the countless studies on the PubMed website, one such quoted, “Increasing evidence suggests that convenient and non-invasive far-infrared (FIR) rays, a vital type of physiotherapy, improve the health of patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and chronic kidney disease”, you can see this study here, “Far-infrared therapy for cardiovascular, autoimmune, and other chronic health problems: A systematic review.” 

I wrote about my experience with my infrared mat and the benefits of infrared therapy on our page, Infrared Mat Benefits.

What is Infrared Therapy (FIR), What does it do?

FIR, or far infrared, is a portion of the spectrum of light, that although we may not be able to see, we all know very, very well.

Have you ever felt the warmth of the sun? Of course you have.

That’s far infrared, the far infrared spectrum of light, which we cannot see.

It’s all around us actually, even the human touch, the warmth you feel from another person is far infrared heat, how they heat ice rinks without melting the ice, by directing far infrared light at only the audience warming only what is in the path of the invisible far infrared light.

This type of heat is able to penetrate the body by several inches depending on its strength and nearness, increasing blood circulation in the body and delivering all its benefits. 

This is opposed and can’t be compared to a heating blanket which only heats the surface of which it touches and does not penetrate beyond the skin layer.

This leaves the rest of the body without receiving any benefits like it would with far infrared heat.

In application using an infrared mat, probably what you’ll notice the most is the helpful increased blood flow and decrease in body aches and pains which for me is well worth it.

Is there EMF Protection?

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat, and and the entire line up of Healthy Wave Mat products, include EMF protection (electromagnetic frequency protection).

EMF’s, electromagnetic frequencies are a real concern in modern society, and this is because they are generated by all electronic devices, including far infrared and PEMF mats.

The electricity running through these devices, including power lines, generate very high, and randomized frequencies which can be harmful to our body.

For this reason it’s very important to check and make sure that whatever health mat you’re purchasing, far infrared or PEMF or a combination, includes EMF protection, also called EMF shielding.

Crystal Therapy

What Crystals Are Used?

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat uses a larger variety of crystals than any other health mat available.

These crystals are used primarily to generate the far infrared therapy of the mat, and in addition they produce the added benefit of negative ion therapy which we discuss further below in the review.

The crystals used in the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat are the most well known therapy crystals in addition to a couple of lesser known crystals and these include,

  • Amethyst
  • Tourmaline
  • Jade
  • Obsidian
  • Quartz

Each of these crystals, with the exception of obsidian, will produce a slight variance in the spectrum of the far infrared light generated.

Using a larger variety of crystals will encompass a larger spectrum of the far infrared light and its benefits.

Find a Healthy Wave Mat sorted by crystal type here on the Healthy Wave Mat website.

Which Crystal is Most Effective?

There is more than one school of thought on what is the most effective crystal for use in far infrared therapy.

Typically the argument is between amethyst, jade, and tourmaline.

To date there is no empirical evidence generated to determine one of these crystals as better than the other, what we do know however is that amethyst produces the wavelength of far infrared that is closest to that of the human body.

Make your own choice on what crystal is most effective, or choose a mat with a combination of the crystals you think will be the best for you.

What is Obsidian?

Obsidian is a jet black crystal that has long been known for is grounding ability for negative energies in the surrounding area.

It doesn’t contribute to the far infrared generated by the other crystals, or to the negative ions generated.

Despite this it’s long been known as a healing stone which draws mental, physical, and external negativity towards its jet black color, clearing them from the body.

Negative Ion Therapy

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat actively produces negative ions alongside its far infrared therapy.

It does this through the crystals incorporated into its construction, namely, amethyst, jade, tourmaline, and quartz, all contribute to the production of negative ions.

negative ions healthy wave multiwave pro pemf mat

What Produces the Negative Ions?

The majority of the crystals incorporated into the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat actively produce negative ions when they are generating, far infrared heat (with the exception of obsidian).

Like most topics, you may find arguments around which crystal produces the most or best negative ions, but none have been conclusive

Finding a combination of what you think are the most effective crystals in producing negative ions is one way to ensure you’re utilizing as many effective crystals as possible.

What Are Negative Ions, What do They do?

Negative ions effectively have the ability to neutralize free radicals in our environment.

They are found in abundance near moving water and in nature; if you’ve ever noticed feeling rejuvenated after a trip to the beach, river, lake or just out in nature, it is no coincidence why.

Negative ions are essential to life, and in our everyday environment they’ve been greatly reduced due to numerous factors like pollution, stress, and unnatural EMF frequencies from our electronics.

This leads to poorer general health, accelerated aging and living in a state of higher stress as the new “norm”.

Read more on negative ions and their benefits on our webpage, Benefits of Negative Ions.

negative ion waterfall

How Many Negative Ions are Produced?

The number of negative ions produced is directly related to the crystal quantity in the mat and the type of crystals used.

Through the combination of amethyst, tourmaline, jade and quartz the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat produces 3000+ negative ions per square inch.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy, is also known by a number of other names including, “phototherapy”, “low level laser light therapy”, “photon light therapy”, and as “cold laser therapy”.

It is a therapy that has been in use since the 1970’s and has been acknowledged by the FDA and other international organizations as a pain relief method.

red light therapy laser

Red light therapy has also been shown to improve the condition of the human skin, including reducing wrinkles, fine lines, improving complexion and increasing intra-dermal collagen density.

This can even be seen on the PubMed website, quoting from one of many studies,

The treated subjects experienced significantly improved skin complexion and skin feeling, profilometrically assessed skin roughness, and ultrasonographically measured collagen density. The blinded clinical evaluation of photographs confirmed significant improvement in the intervention groups compared with the control.” 

You can read this study for yourself here,

A Controlled Trial to Determine the Efficacy of Red and Near-Infrared Light Treatment in Patient Satisfaction, Reduction of Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Skin Roughness, and Intradermal Collagen Density Increase.

Typically this sort of therapy, is only found outside the health mat therapy market and when it is found with other mats it is with less reputable brands or at a significantly higher price point.

What is Red Light Therapy?

It is a method by which the cells of our body can be re-energized through the application of a certain wavelength of light (633-830 nanometers is the most effective).

You can learn more on red light therapy by checking out our page on “Benefits of Red Light Therapy”, coming soon, or by searching for independent studies on the PubMed website.

What kind of Red Light Therapy does the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat use?

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave mat uses 60 LED red light therapy lights at a wavelength of 660 nanometres.

This is due to the fact that studies have shown the most effective wavelengths are between 633nm and 830nm.

The reason in the case of the Pro Multi-Wave Mat using the 660nm wavelength out of the range of 633nm to 830nm is because when using low level power of LED lights, it is shown that the lower end range ~660nm is the most effective red light therapy wavelength.

What does Red Light Therapy do?

When cold laser light of the right wavelength touches our skin, energy is absorbed by the cells and converted into ATP (adenosine triphosphate). 

ATP is the molecule that all of our cells need for energy transfer and exertion, every movement our bodies make require ATP.

ATP could be referred to as “molecular currency” and many do refer to it this way, this is because of its ability to transport chemical energy within the cells. Learn more on ATP, “The ATP Molecule – Chemical and Physical Properties”. 

Effectively, red light therapy re-energizes your cells and builds their ability to put their energy to proper use in cell repair and other healthy functions.

red light therapy healthy wave platinum pro multi-wave mat

Why Include Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy has long been proven as an effective therapy for pain treatment and accelerated healing.

In the design of a holistic therapy product such as the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Pro Mat, it just makes good sense to include this as one of the therapies.

Indeed, red light therapy is the most effective when applied closely to the skin, and when we are using our health mat we are laying upon it and cant get any closer.

The method in which we lay upon a health therapy mat creates the perfect set up for the application of red light therapy (but do NOTE, that to receive the benefits of red light therapy your skin needs to be exposed to the lights, this means you can’t receive the benefits when blocking it by wearing a thick shirt for instance.)

The amount of benefit from the red lights will be equal to how much of the light comes through any fabric you may be wearing and the mat cover.

Learn more about red light therapy on the Healthy Wave Mat website.

Prices, Mat Sizes & Construction

The Healthy Wave Mat store has a large line up of mat therapy products which caters to many people and you can likely find exactly the health therapy mat which you are looking for on the Healthy Wave Mat website.

Be sure to note, that this review in particular and the therapies included in it is referring to the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat, and therefore we will list below the sizes available for this particular model, as well as the Original Healthy Wave Mat Pro for comparison.

If you’re looking for a combinational therapy mat product, keep in mind there is the aforementioned Original Healthy Wave Mat Pro model which includes the same therapies as the Pro Multi-Wave model only with less advanced PEMF therapy. (see comparison table near the top of this review page)


Before you choose a health therapy mat to purchase, you’ll likely want to start with the question of which therapies you wish it to include.

We recommend looking at products that offer a combination because these therapies work in synergy together and produce a more effective result in the body than just a single therapy device is capable of.

We also take in to heavy consideration the warranty and guarantee of any therapy device, and with a PEMF device especially the PEMF controller. (read more below in our warranty section)

Also make sure to consider the weight of the mat which you intend to purchase and what your intentions are for it, if you plan on only using the mat at home the weight is likely a non-factor, but if you plan on traveling frequently the weight is probably something you’ll want to consider.

Every Healthy Wave Mat product comes with a carrying case, allowing you to easily transport any of their products, though depending on the model, some may be heavier due to the amount of crystals used.

Try using this guide on the Healthy Wave Mat website to help you choose the best mat for yourself if you’ve having difficulty making a choice.


To incorporate the numerous therapies included in the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat there are 18 layers required for its construction.

Upon our close examination, its clear to see that the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat has been produced with high quality, non-toxic materials and built to last, which is what we want to see in a product we’re investing in long term for our well being.

PEMF coils are known to be important in the application of PEMF due to the importance of having the best PEMF coverage across the entire mat.

Copper coils, are also known to be the most effective because of their level of electrical conductivity.

The full size Healthy Wave Platinum Multi-Wave Pro mat includes 8 large pure copper PEMF coils.

Most Popular Products

Our Recommended Top Pick

Healthy Wave Mat Pro Multi-Wave PEMF Amethyst Far Infrared Full Size

Full Size (74” x 28”)

  • $2,495 USD
  • 8 Pure Copper PEMF Coils
  • Includes all therapies listed in this review

Healthy Wave Mat Pro Multi-Wave PEMF Amethyst Far Infrared Large Size

Large (72” x 24”)

  • $1,995 USD
  • 6 Pure Copper PEMF Coils
  • Includes all therapies listed in this review

Healthy Wave Mat Pro Multi-Wave PEMF Amethyst Far Infrared Medium Size

Medium (60” x 24”)

  • $1,595 USD
  • 6 Pure Copper PEMF Coils
  • Includes all therapies listed in this review

Healthy Wave Mat Pro Multi-Wave PEMF Amethyst Far Infrared Small Size

Small (32” x 20”)

  • $995 USD
  • 4 Pure Copper PEMF Coils
  • Includes all therapies listed in this review

Healthy Wave Mat Pro PEMF Far Infrared Full Size Mat

Full Size (Original) (74” x 28”)

  • $1,499
  • Includes all therapies listed in this review EXCEPT Multi-Wave PEMF (see Healthy Wave Mat Pro review, includes Healthy Wave Pro PEMF instead of Multi-Wave PEMF)

Certifications, Production, Distribution

FDA Documentation

fda registered healthy wave mat

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave PEMF Mat is reviewed and deemed safe by the FDA through their 510(K) form system.

You can learn more about the FDA’s 510(K) Form system here on the FDA website.

The FDA has actually approved all of the therapy mats at the Healthy Wave Mat store as safe, so you can be rest assured that it is safe for your use at home.

CE Marking Certification

All of the Healthy Wave products also have the CE marking which means that they have been approved as safe for use in Europe.


ce marking healthy wave mat

CE is a European regulatory certification and actually stands for “European Conformity”; products that bear the CE marking must conform to all of their safety standards.

You can find more information and  see the European website for the CE Marking here.

Far Infrared (FIR) & Negative Ions Certification

Healthy Wave Mats have gone so far as to certify their far infrared heat therapy in addition to their negative ion therapy.

This is likely not necessary because by using verified, authenticated crystals, we can be confident that the far infrared and negative ion therapy is real and effective.

360 test labs certification

360° Test Labs performed the testing on the Healthy Wave Mat products for far infrared and negative ion performance and deemed them to output levels consistent with the specifications provided by Healthy Wave.

360° Test Labs is a USA based company, reputable for their testing and engineering services provided for electronic and wireless devices, you can see the 360° Test Labs website here.

FCC Mark Certification

fcc marking healthy wave mat

The FCC mark is a certification mark used in the United States for electronic products which certifies that the electromagnetic interference from the device is safe, and under the limits specified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

All of the Healthy Wave Mat products including the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat (of all sizes) are approved by the FCC and bear the FCC mark.

For more information see the FCC website

Gemstone Crystal Certification

The GAI, Gemological Appraisal Industry, specializes in authenticating crystals used across many different industries.

gemological appraisal industry certification

All Healthy Wave Mat products use crystals certified as authentic by the GAI.

This includes the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat which uses amethyst, tourmaline, jade, obsidian and quartz, as well as other products on their website which may only feature 2 or 3 of these different crystal types.

You can see their certificates of authenticity for each crystal type here on the Healthy Wave Mat website.

Production & Distribution

The Healthy Wave Mat company is based in the USA and when their service and products are examined close up their strict quality control and excellent management is very apparent.

usa warranty healthy wave

It’s very clear when you closely look at any of their mat products that a high level of workmanship and high quality materials have gone into the construction and that it is a product built to last.

All distribution for the Healthy Wave Mat products is processed through warehousing in the USA which makes for excellent delivery times and for any warranty situations, easier returns and faster product replacements.

Guarantee & Warranty

When it comes to warranty and guarantee, terms and conditions are easier to understand and more straightforward with Healthy Wave than with other brands and manufacturers.

This is because Healthy Wave is a direct to customer business model and not a MLM (multi-level marketed) structure with many re-sellers all providing various and unequal levels of support for the same product.

Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat Guarantee

guarantee healthy wave platinum pro multi-wave mat

It’s important to know before purchasing any PEMF mat or other healthy therapy mat, that not all of their guarantees are the same, and in many cases they aren’t even similar at all.

The Healthy Wave mat store is unique in that they offer a 90 day full money back guarantee, you could even call this a 90 day trial satisfaction guarantee.

This means within 90 days of your purchase, you can return the mat product as long as it is in the same good, like new condition, and receive 100% of your money back. However the customer does pay the return shipping cost.

There isn’t a single other health therapy mat company that provides a 90 day guarantee window, in fact most others will not even provide 100% money back after 7 days, and in all cases the customer must pay for the return shipping.

You can check out the guarantee policy for yourself on the Healthy Wave website, Healthy Wave Mat Guarantee Policy.

PEMF Mat Warranty Considerations

When considering the warranty on a healthy therapy mat product, it is actually a little similar to considering the warranty on a new car purchase.

When you purchase a new car, it may come with what looks to be a great overall warranty, but the small print may say that you get a much shorter less comprehensive warranty on the engine and transmission.

This is critical to be aware of, as the engine and transmission get more wear and tear than anything else on the car, and at the same time they’re the highest cost of maintenance and repair for the vehicle.


This is similar to health therapy mats, and especially PEMF mats, because the most complicated, highest wear and tear item in the product is actually the PEMF controller.

A PEMF mat or applicator is really just composed of copper coilings or wire, its within the PEMF controller where all the complex circuitry is located.

Many people may not be aware, but the generation of a PEMF, pulsing electromagnetic field, is actually a very rigorous electronic exercise.

It involves extremely rapid switching on and off of diodes within the circuitry, this process produces quite a bit of heat and you’ll notice your controller warms up when the PEMF is functioning.

This is why it’s so important to consider the warranty specifically on your PEMF mat controller, as in addition to being the highest wear and tear part of the PEMF product, it’s also the most expensive to have repaired.

Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat Warranty

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat actually has a different warranty compared to other Healthy Wave products.

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave PEMF Mat as reviewed on this page, has a full 2.25 year USA warranty on the mat, and an extended full 5 year warranty on the PEMF controller and an additional 5 year limited warranty.

Other Healthy Wave products have a 15 month warranty on the mat and a 5 year extended warranty on their controllers.

This 5 year extended controller warranty is really perfect for anyone looking to own their mat long term, for the reasons we discussed in the section above.

warranty healthy wave platinum pro multi-wave pemf mat

The full warranty means that, within the warranty period, if there is any problem with your mat, you can return it and they will send you a brand new mat (not just a free repair).

By sending you a replacement product instead of repairing the one you send back, you can rest assured that you won’t be stuck with a “lemon” product.

By comparison many other PEMF and health therapy mat products only offer free repairs within their limited warranty period and will not give you a new replacement product, and most will charge $100 or more for a replacement controller.

After the full warranty period is complete, the Multi-Wave mat’s 5 year limited warranty comes into effect where you pay a 10-30% deductible  and receive a replacement product.

Where to Buy

The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat along with the original Healthy Wave Pro Mat and their other products can be found on the USA based company’s website, the Healthy Wave Mat Store.

On the Healthy Wave Mat store website you can find out more info, see customer reviews & testimonials and check out the full range of their PEMF, far infrared, negative ion, red light therapy and crystal therapy health mats.

You can check out their website and see the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat here as reviewed on this page.


See more testimonials like these on the Healthy Wave Mat website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the PEMF without the infrared heat turned on?

Yes, you can use the Multi-Wave mat’s PEMF therapy with the infrared heat turned off. You can use the PEMF, infrared, and red light therapy individually by themselves, or turned on together for a combination of therapies.

What is the difference between a Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat and Healthy Wave Pro Mat?

The main difference between the Multi-Wave mat and the Pro mat is the PEMF therapy: the Pro Mat offers 1-30Hz frequency settings at 3 Gauss, while the Multi-Wave mat offers 1-30Hz frequency, 5 intensity settings up to 3 Gauss, 2 waveforms sine and square, and 3 drop off rates. There is also a 27 month warranty on the Multi-Wave mat while the Pro mat has a 15 month warranty, and some differences in the crystals used for the infrared heat. Read the details on this page in the section, “What is the difference between the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat and the Healthy Wave Mat Pro?”.

What is the return policy on the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave PEMF mat?

The return policy on the Multi-Wave mat is the same as all Healthy Wave Mat products which is a 90 day full money back guarantee. This is the best return policy we’ve seen on a PEMF device, but you should know that the mat needs to be in undamaged condition and you do need to pay for the return shipping to ship the product back.

Can you replicate PEMF from research studies with the Multi-Wave mat?

Yes, you can replicate some PEMF signals from research studies using the Multi-Wave mat, you can even almost exactly replicate the PEMF used in the famous Nasa PEMF study. Check the section on this page “PEMF Research Studies within Multi-Wave Range”, for a list of studies we put together which the Multi-Wave can closely mimic.

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48 thoughts on “Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave PEMF Mat Review”

    • Hi Carol,

      thanks for the question.

      The warranty is certainly also valid in Canada.

      There may be some shipping costs associated with warranty exchanges officially, however anecdotally I have heard that Healthy Wave does go above and beyond in handling customer concerns and warranty issues for Canadians just as well as for customers in the USA.

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Ricardo,

      thanks for the question.

      The Multi-Wave mat can be used for virtually any application you wish within its adjustable frequency, intensity & waveform ranges.

      Unfortunately I can’t tell you that any product will “work” for any specific application and we should be skeptical of anyone who does say such things about PEMF.

      This is because there is so much yet unknown and not researched in enough depth to draw any concrete conclusive results, however there are a number of promising research findings regarding depression and PEMF.

      We recommend you read further on the PubMed website and see what you can find out, we saw a couple of positive result studies when we searched PubMed for PEMF and depression:

      Feel free to share back your findings here!

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

    • Hi Carole thanks for the question!

      The Pro, full size Multi-Wave mat, 74″ x 28″, weighs 26 lbs.

      Most the weight is from the crushed amethyst crystal, but the Multi-Wave also mixes in tourmaline, jade, obsidian & quartz.

      Comes with a carrying case to help with moving it around.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Hi John,

      the physical product itself is the same between the Healthy Wave and the Healthy Line. There are a few differences, Healthy Wave includes a 3 month longer warranty, and a free mat cover, but the real difference comes with the expertise between the two.

      Healthy Wave was involved with optimizing the PEMF features of these mats and I find their support team much more knowledgeable when it comes to protocol questions and other advanced PEMF questions.

      Hope this helps 🙂


  1. Do you have any research or testimony about the use off Pro, full size Multi-Wave mat and Parkinson desease?

    Thanks you


    • Hi Ernest,

      thanks for the question, unfortunately I don’t have any testimony about the use of the Healthy Wave mat, (or any other PEMF mat) for the use of Parkinson’s.

      I do know that there have been a few research studies looking at PEMF therapy for this application though.

      You could look on the Healthy Wave website’s review section, people often mention their problems and what the Healthy Wave mats helped them with in there, maybe you’ll find an answer to your question as well :).

      Thanks for the comment!


    • Hi there,

      I don’t believe there are any stores which sell the Healthy Wave mats in LA.

      Healthy Wave is a website store , I’m unsure if there are any re-sellers in your area.

      They do offer a 45 day guarantee however, so one option would be to purchase online and try it for a month before deciding if you wish to keep it.
      (EDITED: OCT 2021, Healthy Wave is now offering a 90 day money back guarantee)

      Hope this helps!


  2. Can people with permanent pacemakers safely use PEMF mats. Also, can they be used on a firm mattress without damage to the mat?

    • Regarding the Healthy Wave mats, yes they can be used on a firm mattress without damaging the mat; although because of the amethyst crystals, they aren’t soft to lay upon. Typically I use mine before bed at a low frequency which puts me into a sleepy state ready for bed.

      Many people with pacemakers do use PEMF products safely with no issue (especially low power PEMF), but I recommend consulting your physician regarding any concerns like this.

    • Hi Amy,

      good question, I haven’t found any studies available actually performed using the Healthy Wave Mat to provide the PEMF, only a wide variety of studies which were performed with generic lab PEMF assemblies using intensities, frequencies and waveforms which the Multi-Wave can be configured to provide.

      Likely because Bemer has been around for so many years some studies long ago used them for the PEMF in their research, or some were performed by the Bemer themselves.

      Thanks for the question! 🙂

        • Yes it is possible to order from Hungary.

          No changes to the warranty, it’s still very much valid!

          Warranty and replacements are covered as stated on the Healthy Wave website, but it’s important to note that outside of the USA you would be required to pay the shipping on any warranty or returns.

  3. Do you need to get a longer mat if you are tall? If I want to treat certain areas for pain can that mat target areas or is a mat just for general widespread use?

    • Good question Karen.

      First for some context, the Healthy Wave mats like the Multi-Wave provide both PEMF and far infrared heat, which are both good for pain management.

      Personally I’ve been dealing with a disc protrusion in my back for the last few months and the PEMF, far infrared combo has been great.

      The PEMF does provide an even coverage across the mat and would extend a little ways from the mat but the further you go the intensity drops off quite quickly (just like a magnetic field).

      If you’re just looking to target one small area like the lower back a small mat just for that purpose may be what you want. And naturally you could use it on one area followed by another.

      My personal experience with my back issue, and I’m actually quite tall, about 6 5″, I really enjoyed using my full size Healthy Wave Pro mat with the far infrared heat on and PEMF, I can’t say if it sped up my recovery or not, but it certainly provided me, for lack of better description, a “feel good place of refuge” through a number of months of pain.

      Hope this helps? Let me know if you have any more questions!


  4. Hi
    I am living in Australia, with 240v power and am wondering if that would create any issues with the use of your machine?

    • Hi Amy,

      thanks for the question.

      If you check out the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave page on the Healthywavemat website (links in our article above), you’ll find next to the add to cart button that there is a voltage selection available.

      If you choose the 220V option you’ll be fine to use your mat with no problem in Australia!

      Only thing is you may need one of the little plug adapters as even though the mat would be 220V, it will still have the 3 pin, North American style plug.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Hi Elaine,

      there shouldn’t be any issues using PEMF or far infrared with screws and rods in the back but if you have any concerns please make sure to check with your doctor.

      I’ve actually been using my Healthy Wave mat for back pain relief for the last year or so, but my issue was a disc herniation.

      Hopefully it can help your husband too! 🙂

  5. Two questions
    1) Both my hips have been replaced, Titanium and Ceramic. Secured with a Screw into my by bone structure. Anything I need to be concerned about? What about the screw becoming loose over time due to frequencies ?
    2) My wife has Alzheimer’s. Is there any information concerning frequencies that could help with healing and destroying the proteins that cause the Alzheimer’s ?

    • Hi John,

      thanks for the comment.

      I don’t think titanium or ceramic would react to PEMF but for this I have to say please talk to your own doctor about any concerns.

      With the Alzheimers I’m sorry I can’t be much more help, I do know that there has been research on PEMF for Alzheimers but I don’t think there is any broad consensus on the matter as of this point in time.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help to you on this!


  6. I had read that these matts must be used flat. I have used a bemer- you can use it flat or in a chair. Can this brand be used the same? I am considering the top of the line matt.

    Thank you

    • Hi Renae!

      Thanks for the comment.

      That is correct, the Healthy Wave PEMF mats need to be used on a flat surface (the exception are the soft and flexible mats, but those ones are far infrared only and don’t have PEMF).

  7. I have stage 4 kidney disease and am trying to research solutions — not wanting to ever get to dialysis. Have you had successes with the PEMF for kidney successes?

    • Hi Stephen,

      thanks for the comment.

      I wrote an article about PEMF therapy where I go into my opinion on why I don’t think PEMF therapy is a cure for any disease in particular.

      What the research we’ve seen shows is that PEMF therapy can help the cells of the body to function more optimally, but not reverse or cure any particular disease.

      Sorry to not have any better answer for you other than to please talk to your doctor… Wishing you the best.


    • Hi Ken,

      thanks for the comment.

      We’ve got a coupon we are allowed to give out to our email list subscribers when you sign up for the newsletter.

      But don’t worry we rarely send out news updates so it won’t fill up your inbox like other newsletters you may have subscribed to in the past! 🙂

    • Hi Mary,

      I went to add you and it looks like you already subscribed back in December!

      I’ll make sure you have a coupon.

      Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂

    • Hi Bonnie,

      great question.

      I believe Healthy Wave does their manufacturing in China.

      I think it’s important to differentiate between knock off PEMF mats from China and the Healthy Wave mats being manufactured there.

      China has a bad reputation about poor quality products, but really their reputation should be for high quality product AND many knock offs.

      For example Apple manufactures their iPhones in China, amazing quality stuff, but there are also a lot of knock off phones coming out of China as well. It’s a good metaphor for the PEMF mats.

      They do make a lot of imitation PEMF mats over there that have serious issues with their performance, some don’t have ANY EMF shielding at all for example, or they won’t even produce a PEMF signal and instead just emit straight EMF’s.

      If you’re buying a Healthy Wave mat from the Healthy Wave store though you won’t have any of these issues.

      Actually Healthy Wave did a video comparing some of these major problems you see in imitation knock off PEMF mats from China to their own models which are quality tested, I really recommend checking out the video on this page here:

      Healthy Wave vs Knock Off Infrared PEMF Mats

      I hope this helps !

      Thank you for the comment!


    • Hi Winnie!

      Thanks for your comment, I’ve added you to our mailing list and you’ll get any further updates that I mail out about our PEMF mat reviews or new info on the Healthy Wave Mat as well.

      Glad you liked the review!


  8. Is one’s head typically exposed to the PEM field? Or just from the neck down? What is recommended?
    This appears to also be a consideration in choosing the length of the mat you might want to purchase.
    btw, I’m 66″ tall.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Lloyd,

      it kind of depends on how you position yourself on the mat.

      For example, usually I grab a pillow off of the couch and put it at the top of the mat, kind of just off the edge where it doesn’t heat up, so my head you could say isn’t really “on the mat”.

      This actually helps me fit on the mat better as well, I might not be 6 6″, but I am 6 5″ haha.

      I use a 4 therapy PEMF PRO Healthy Wave mat, all the PRO mats are 74″ long and they include a couple extra PEMF coils compared to the regular mats.

      Basically the PRO mats get a bit more even distribution of the PEMF therapy across the mat where as with the other 4 or 5 therapy mats the coils for the PEMF need to be spread out a bit more to cover the whole mat.

      With any magnetic field, PEMF included, the strength drops off as you move further from the coil outputting the field (the surface of the mat), so technically even if your head is off the mat like mine is you’ll probably still be getting just a little bit of that PEMF therapy, just at very low intensity.

      I think whether you want to have your head closer to, or further from the PEMF therapy is a personal preference thing, for me usually I’m using the mat for my back issues, so I just grab that pillow and sort of have my head off the end further from the PEMF field because I’m just trying to get my back the best coverage I can.

      Sometimes though, the PEMF is actually nice to help wake up in the mornings or go to sleep at night, and for this you would want to have your head over the mat itself and not hanging off the end like I do with the pillow.

      A higher PEMF frequency like 16Hz or more in the morning, and a low frequency, I usually use 4Hz, at night I find can help wake me up and put me to sleep (which makes sense based on the brain’s frequency when awake (higher) versus sleeping (lower)).

      Again towards your height and length of mat consideration, the PRO mats at 74″ are long enough for me, but only just, my feet do typically hang off the end. There are larger, rather, longer mats which you could consider also that are 80″ long, the extra 6″ may be worth it for you, only those mats won’t be the PRO version and therefore will have a couple less PEMF coils in them (they do still have PEMF, just a little less coverage than the PRO).

      If you’re keen on the PEMF, I would just go for the PRO mat, it’ll work and there may be the occasional tall guy frustration like I get when I don’t fit well into some cars, or in a old house where I need to duck through a doorway haha.

      You can’t go wrong either way really.

      Hopefully my long winded answer helped a bit, I wrote a bit about the PEMF mat I have at home actually on my page on PEMF mat benefits in the my PEMF mat section, might be worth giving a quick read also.

      Thanks for leaving a comment!



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