EarthPulse PEMF Device Review

EarthPulse Review Summary

In this Earthpulse review we will be taking a closer look at it’s PEMF therapy, certifications, guarantee, warranty, pricing & where to buy the EarthPulse PEMF.

Earthpulse PEMF has been around since 2002, and was developed after being inspired by Royal Rife & Robert Becker’s research into electro magnetics.

Since then the design of EarthPulse hasn’t changed much, moving to a digital controller, adding some different sleep PEMF programs and adding multiple applicators.


Learn more about high intensity PEMF like the EarthPulse on our High Intensity PEMF page!

PEMF Therapy

1  – Waveform Types

8  – Frequency Level Settings**

2,200  – Device Intensity*** (Gauss)

 – Pulse Duration Levels

*Features manual setting, cannot be saved for future use

**8 Frequency levels in programs, manual frequency setting from 0.5Hz to 14.4Hz

***Device intensity is extremely high, far above therapeutic levels

List of Therapies

Learn more about high intensity PEMF!

Product Details

Starting Price
• $899 Pro Basic

Return Policy
• 90 Day Full

• Device – 1 Year
• Controller – 1 Year

Sizes Available
• 5 Options

****Past 1 year is a staged replacement cost to 10 year


How does EarthPulse Compare!

Which Product Are We Reviewing?

In this Earthpulse review we’re going to look specifically at the EarthPulse ProBasic device.

The Pro Basic is the middle of the line unit, intended for serious home users and does not include any pre-set PEMF programs and must be used with manual PEMF frequency settings only.

Device Construction

The EarthPulse has a relatively simple design, as do most all PEMF devices, as little more than some (complicated) circuitry and an electromagnet is needed.

In the case of the EarthPulse a very large electromagnet coupled with high power pulses creates the very high intensity PEMF which is the signature of the EarthPulse systems.

What To Look Out For With Vendors

There are numerous distributors for the EarthPulse including their own home page which directs you to the Sleep Tech website which is their sales website.

Most well known in terms of other distributors is likely Dr. Pawluk who primarily sells his own PEMF devices with the EarthPulse being one of a couple exceptions.

We would recommend going direct to the manufacturer whenever possible for the best customer support, however you may be able to find a very good deal on a lightly used product also by looking for instance on eBay.

EarthPulse Therapies

The EarthPulse is a PEMF only device and doesn’t combine any other therapies with it.

The reasons people consider PEMF therapy are quite wide ranging however the specific marketed purpose of the EarthPulse is to be a sleep aiding device.

Far infrared therapy, negative ions, and red light therapy can all contribute also a very wide range of benefits including as a sleep aid.

There’s no telling how many times this author has fallen asleep with the far infrared turned on and low frequency PEMF running at the same time on my Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat. You can read more on these benefits on our pages, Benefits of Far Infrared, and Benefits of Negative Ions.

People looking for a local PEMF applicator device may also wish to compare the EarthPulse to the small pad version of the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat.

As a smaller pad version it is easily used to locally apply all 5 therapies at one time.

Far infrared is particularly effective for pain relief, circulation & muscle recovery.

small multiwave mat
Multi-Wave PEMF Pad Applicator - $999 USD

EarthPulse PEMF Therapy


The EarthPulse devices are focused on a single primary objective and this is as a sleep enhancer.

It’s well known that the body rests and does the majority of healing itself during periods of deep sleep.

Using a PEMF device as a sleep enhancer is a great idea as the brain operates at different frequencies depending on the activity, for instance very low frequency during sleep, and it seems highly likely that PEMF could synchronize those brain wave frequencies to their lower states allowing you to fall into a deep sleep.

The EarthPulse devices market themselves as having a far higher intensity than most all PEMF devices available and at least are the most affordable of high intensity devices.

From the research we have seen, higher intensity does not yield better results and can even give detrimental results as opposed to positive results.

Because of the conflicting information provided by low and high intensity PEMF brands around whether high intensity is safe, we decided to fully research out the topic and compare some approved high intensity devices to see what we could learn, check it out on our page, Is High Intensity PEMF Safe?


EarthPulse provides a lot of good resources and information on their various web pages including the names and some details of many, many PEMF studies performed for different ailments but it is important to note that these studies were not performed using EarthPulse devices.

The frequency of 9.6Hz was chosen for the EarthPulse devices in 2002 as its’ main sleeping & healing frequency and this was based upon 432Hz and 528Hz being higher harmonics of the 9.6Hz frequency.

This importance of the 9.6Hz frequency according to EarthPulse’s web page on the matter was due exclusively to its’ numerological association with the higher frequencies of 432Hz and 528Hz being known as healing tones.

Otherwise the evidence supporting this frequency appears to be anecdotal from EarthPulse user experience.

The 10Hz frequency is also referenced as an important frequency and this can primarily be based upon the well known Nasa study which was performed at 10Hz and Earthpulse also cites old research from former Soviet Bloc countries having found this to be an effective frequency.

Although Earthpulse does not cite specific research studies having been performed at the frequencies they include (except the Nasa study at 10Hz) regardless of the reasoning for these frequencies they do fall within the Earth based frequency realm and should likely yield positive results.

Intensity Research

We could not find a reasoning or any research for the extremely high intensity which these devices use, it is noted on their website that higher intensity is better for localized application, but does not reference any studies, research or reasoning around this idea.

We did a search on the EarthPulse website for “intensity” and one of the first articles which comes up was one of the articles they’ve written to review a research study, “PicoTesla Magnetic Therapy Sandyk R. Research Bibliography”. 

This article in particular reports how Sandyk R.’s peer reviewed research shows that PicoTesla intensity PEMF quickly reduces symptoms of Parkinson’s, disease, depression, MS, migraine headache & epilepsy.

PicoTesla is a measurement of electromagnetic field intensity and it can be converted into Gauss just like you can convert power, Watts, into KiloWatts etc.

Each Earthpulse applicator applies up to 1,100 Gauss in intensity, if we convert this in to PicoTesla, 1,100 Gauss would be 110,000,000,000 PicoTesla, and no that is not a typo; you can convert magnetic field units for yourself on this webpage, convert-measurement-units.

The PicoTesla range would be considered between 1 and 999 PicoTesla, which for 999 PicoTesla would equate to 0.000000999 Gauss.

With such low intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields producing positive results, even provided as an example on the EarthPulse web page, it still remains unclear why they’ve chosen to use such high intensity.

For therapeutic PEMF devices we find excessive intensity to be unwarranted when you consider all of the low intensity PEMF studies which have shown positive results, such as the one on EarthPulse’s website, or for instance any from the long list of PEMF studies we put into a table chart on our page, What is the Best PEMF Therapy?

In addition to this, other studies found that past a certain electromagnetic intensity threshold, the effects become degenerative and detrimental as opposed to positive.

We dive further into the electromagnetic intensity of the EarthPulse below, however because of the conflicting information around high intensity PEMF we chose to fully research out the topic to find out what the different PEMF brands aren’t telling us, check it out on our page, Is High Intensity PEMF Safe?

What Kind of PEMF Does EarthPulse Use?

Pulsed electromagnetic fields can be characterized by a few key attributes which define their form.

These include the waveform type or shape, the frequency of the pulsed electromagnetic field, and the intensity or amplitude of that field.


The waveform which the Earthpulse uses is the square wave, which is a widely used waveform formation likely due to its use in the well known Nasa PEMF study, but was used in the EarthPulse because the creators were students of Royal Rife.

square pemf wave
Square PEMF Waveform Shape

It’s believed that the faster drop off rate of the signal due to its shape does a better job of re-aligning the electrons of the body cells due to the rapid change in amplitude which the square wave creates. Multiple PEMF devices utilize the square wave, for instance it is one of two selectable waveforms of the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat.

Cross-Polarity Local Inductor

The EarthPulse also uses something called their “Cross-Polarity Local Inductor” which is apparently patented and they say works very well on stubborn issues.

It is a ring attachment which can be put on to the applicator to use for local application.

Many PEMF devices including the Healthy Wave Mat, Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat, and Bemer Mat all use a PEMF signal “Polarity reversal” which switches polarity of the magnetic field back and forth every minute or so.

You can think of this polarity reversal as effectively pulsing the magnetic field upwards for a minute, and then it switches and pulses it in the downwards direction; it just switches the direction of the magnetic field.

This is typically agreed upon as an effective method of PEMF application and nearly every device uses a polarity reversal of some kind.

The EarthPulse however is not using a simple “Polarity reversal”, their “Cross-Polarity Local Inductor” is something quite different.

The Cross-Polarity Local Inductor does two things, first it’s pulsing the magnetic field like we described in the upwards direction, simultaneously it pulses in the downwards direction, AND in the sideways direction. 

Pulsing in the upwards and downwards direction at the same time doesn’t create a directional change in the PEMF, all it does is increase the magnetic field strength/intensity. 

earthpulse inductor applicator
EarthPulse Inductor PEMF Applicator

Think of it like this, you’re standing on a hill and throw a ball up in the air, the height away from the ground is the magnetic field amplitude/strength, now if you went to the bottom of the hill, and threw the ball to the same height, it’s much farther from the ground which has greatly increased its amplitude/strength, usually referred to as intensity in PEMF.

The second thing the Cross-Polarity Local Inductor is doing is pulsing in the sideways direction; this would be like in our standing on a hill example, throwing a second ball laterally at the same time as throwing one up in the air.

The Cross-Polarity Local Inductor method is not something we’ve seen other devices use and we have been unable to find any reasoning or research into its use.

We searched PubMed and the EarthPulse website itself and were unable to find any research, reasoning or articles pertaining to Cross Polarity PEMF.

It appears to have been invented without any research or testing though, despite this it is stated to be surprisingly effective on the EarthPulse website; it is possible that this feature was added to the EarthPulse device for marketing purposes.


earth ionosphere schumann resonance

The frequency spectrum of EarthPulse PEMF devices is from 0.5 to 14.4Hz.

Earth based frequencies, that is frequencies within the range of that the Earth naturally creates are between 0 to 30Hz, so the EarthPulse falls right into this category.

This earth based band of frequencies encompasses the full range of frequencies that the brain operates within.

The manual mode of the EarthPulse allows you to manually increment the frequency up from 0.5Hz by 0.1Hz increments up to the full 14.4Hz.

The website states there are 14 programs with which to use the EarthPulse, but we only counted 10 including the Sleep Modes 1 to 4, Sleep Easy, Recover Mode, Manual Mode, Alert Mode, and Entrain Up and Entrain Down. 

The intensity can be set for each program also, so if you consider this you can use these 10 different programs at 10 different intensity levels in addition to setting the time length of the session.

Each of the sleep modes cycle through a certain configuration of brain wave frequency levels between the Delta and Theta levels which as you can see below are the frequency levels of a sleeping brain.

  • Delta – 0.5Hz – 4Hz – Deep Sleep
  • Theta – 4Hz – 8Hz – Light Sleep
  • Alpha – 8Hz – 14Hz – Relaxed & Alert
  • Beta – 14Hz – 30Hz – Alert

The Recover and Alert modes on the other hand stay in the higher frequency range of the Alpha and Beta wavelengths.

cat sleeping

While it can be said with certainty that lower frequency levels are effective for sleep aid because they help synchronize the brain into a sleep frequency, for other issues PEMF research suggests that different frequencies may be more or less effective for different types of body tissue & their recovery.


EarthPulse devices are marketed primarily as sleep aids and for being the “most powerful PEMF devices under $10,000”.

The question we ask is why do we want to use such high intensity in the first place?

Some systems including EarthPulse, MagnaWave and some devices found on Dr. Pawluk’s website tout that high intensity PEMF is the most effective and more intensity is better.

We started reviewing research studies on the PubMed website in an effort to determine what the evidence was showing the most effective PEMF to be, you can read about this on our page, What is the Best PEMF Therapy?

What we did not find through our review of PEMF research articles is a correlation showing that high intensity was more effective, and in fact in some cases it was shown to be less effective. 

When we still didn’t come to a concrete conclusion around PEMF intensity we went much further into the topic of high intensity to find out if it was safe, the answer might surprise you, check it out on our page Is High Intensity PEMF Safe?

One research article we review on our page on high intensity, seen here, Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Cause DNA Strand Breaks in Normal Cells, studied high intensity PEMF and found that,

“Exposure to high intensity PEMF presented an increase in the number of cells with highly damaged DNA as compared with non-exposed cells”

See our page on high intensity to see what the ICNIRP, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection are saying about PEMF intensity as well as a review of further research and high intensity devices.

Actual Intensity During Use

The EarthPulse is unlike most PEMF mat devices for instance because when you use it to sleep it is actually placed under your mattress.

Strength of magnetic fields decreases rapidly the further you move from the field’s source.

What this means, is that although the EarthPulse may have extremely high peak intensity, during the normal sleep cycle use and placed under the mattress, depending on mattress thickness, you may only be exposed to a magnetic field strength between 1/20th Gauss up to 14 Gauss (as noted on the EarthPulse website).

Typically the therapeutic range of PEMF intensity is from 1 Gauss up to 10 Gauss, so it does appear that during sleep cycle usage, depending on the EarthPulse applicator’s placement you will experience a much more normalized level of intensity.

This is however difficult to precisely regulate and is highly dependent on the exact thickness of your mattress and applicator placement.

It does appear however that with careful placement of the applicator and paying close attention to the intensity setting, that the EarthPulse can provide a helpful sleep enhancing PEMF application, like other PEMF devices which offer lower frequencies.

Prices & Device Options

The EarthPulse comes in 5 different option packages.

The primary difference between them is the number of applicators and that the “basic” models will not include preset sleep & other programs, you’ll need to set the frequency manually.

EarthPulse v6 Basic

  • One applicator
  • Manual PEMF Setting Mode Only
  • $399 – $499 USD

EarthPulse v6

  • One applicator
  • 14 PEMF Programs System
  • $699 USD
earthpulse one applicator

EarthPulse ProBasic

  • Two applicators
  • Manual PEMF Setting Mode Only
  • $899 USD

EarthPulse v6 Pro

  • Two applicators
  • 14 PEMF Programs System incl. Manual Mode
  • $1,199 USD

EarthPulse v6 Pro Plus

  • Four applicators
  • Pro Model Includes 14 PEMF Programs System incl. Manual Mode
  • Basic Model Includes Manual Mode Only
  • $1,499 – $1,799 USD
earthpulse 4 applicators

Certifications, Production & Distribution


It is typical for PEMF devices to have something like the CE marking or other electrical safety markings however we did not find these with the EarthPulse.

Searching the EarthPulse website for “approval”, “CE marking”, “certification” and on Google yielded no information.

It appears that the EarthPulse may not have any certifications at all, at least none which we were able to find.

EarthPulse FDA Approval

Typically all devices which are intended for any kind of therapeutic or medical application are required to have a 510(K) form from the FDA.

This is different from “FDA Approval”, but simply a 510(K) form will review a device and see if it falls into a category of devices which the FDA has already deemed safe for use.

Once a device has a 510(K) form they are allowed to market and sell their devices in the USA.

Even if a company doesn’t advertise this, you can find their approval on the FDA’s website by searching on the 510(K) page, FDA 510(K) PreMarket Notification.

We searched for both device and applicant name for EarthPulse, and the other companies listed at the bottom of their website, SleepTech & Magnetic Therapy and could not find any mention or 510(K) notification form at all on the FDA website.

We find this highly unusual; and we wonder whether this is because the EarthPulse corporations which actually sell the devices are not incorporated in the USA, but offshore in the Bahamas and Mauritius.

Perhaps they can not be penalized by the FDA because their businesses are registered offshore, or perhaps the FDA has not noticed.


Production & Distribution

The EarthPulse device is manufactured in India, as was noted on their webpage “EarthPulse Launches PEMF Devices in India” but this page has since been removed, as to the reason we are not sure.

Since 2002 the EarthPulse devices have been manufactured in India and shipped worldwide from India.

It appears possible to purchase bulk quantities of EarthPulse devices from websites like Alibaba also but still direct from the factory as the name of the seller is the same.

Warranty & Guarantee


The EarthPulse company appears to stand behind their product’s effectivity and offer a 90 Day satisfaction guarantee window which we like to see.

Effectively you have 90 days to trial the product and if it does not give you the results you want you may return it if it is in like new condition.

You must however work with tech support for 3 weeks prior to your request to return the product or you will have to pay a 10% restocking fee.

You will need to pay for the return shipping of the device if you use this guarantee policy.

For comparison, the well known PEMF brand the Bemer mat offers a 30 day return window and our best rated PEMF mat the Healthy Wave offers a 45 day guarantee window.


The warranty of the EarthPulse is effectively only 1 year.

This means that if there are any defects within the first year they will replace the system at no cost as long as you send a video which proves the problem you are having.

Past year 1, you will need to pay $150 to replace a faulty controller, past year 3 you will need to pay $175 to replace a faulty controller, up to $200 to replace a controller past year 5 up to 10 years maximum.

You will have to pay shipping in all these circumstances.

Where to Buy?

There are numerous avenues to purchase the EarthPulse, we always recommend checking pricing on units on eBay to see if you can find a great condition device for a good price.

EarthPulse appears to have 3 registered corporations as listed on their website, EarthPulse in Florida, SleepTech in Mauritius and Magnetic Therapy Ltd in the Bahamas.

If you want to purchase directly you need to buy from SleepTech, we speculate that the reason for this is that without market approval from the FDA they sell their device from a business outside the FDA’s reach, in Mauritius. 

It’s unclear why they would have another business registered in the Bahamas but it’s likely due to tax purposes.

The EarthPulse devices can also be found on Amazon.

As always consider the customer support and guarantees from wherever you decide to purchase, or compare to other PEMF devices on our page Best PEMF Devices Review.

We hope this review has been helpful and informative to you, and if it has, drop us a comment or share with your friends!

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7 thoughts on “EarthPulse PEMF Device Review”

  1. 22nd March 2022

    Hello Greg
    I found you on the web when looking for reviews on the EarthPulse device.
    Since you mention on your site that it maybe the best way to purchase this device through the official website I decided to add my personal experience to spare others the difficulties I am experiencing right now with this company.
    Two years ago I purchased the EarthPulse V5. It worked for some time before it broke down. This was exchanged with the V6 version, which didn’t operate the way it should from the beginning until it also stopped working completely. They admitted that those versions aren’t very successful and promised to send me an upgraded version V7 when it would be available, probably within two months. This happened almost a year ago. Then the nightmare began. They were looking for a new and more reliable manufacturer for their new version V7 and for about half a year the date of the completed device was delayed every time I contacted the support. When they finally officially announced on their website that the new, and best device ever, was finally available this still wasn’t the end of the story. Now there was a problem with the shipper (you can still see this stated on their website), who supposedly was a liar and they had to fire him. This is going on now until this very moment for almost half a year. During many times that I contacted them I couldn’t get a date for the replacement of the device. The only answer I received was: we will let you know as soon as we resume shipping. They also mentioned that they would start with the shipping of client’s orders first and only after this continue with the shipping of the replacements. Several times I requested a refund, which was denied.
    This is a very unreliable company with a very unsatisfactory service and a extremely rude behaviour towards clients.

    Best regards
    Bianca Kliger

  2. YES I AGREE WITH THE ABOVE REPORT. THIS COMPANY IS ABSOLUTELY CRIMINAL NOW. FOR MORE PERSPECTIVE YOU CAN READ SOME OF THEIR NEWEST FB REVIEWS. THEY ARE PURELY SCAMMING PEOPLE NOW. so strange to see a good company get torn apart by fraudsters. I have a similar story of them not honouring warrantee. Others have paid for a new machine and not received it since nine months now!!! Sad but true.

    • Hi Dieux,

      thanks for your input on this as well, checking the latest facebook reviews for more feedback is a good idea.

      Sorry to hear it isn’t working out well for you either.

  3. July 2023-I ordered Earthpulse version 8 in October 2022 and am still waiting 9 months later. I totally agree with the review from Bianca Kliger. I had the exact same problems and excuses. This company is a scam and apparently just takes people’s money and then never delivers. There is still noting on their website about any delays or problems with their units. This company is not trustworthy and is a ripoff in my opinion. I asked for a refund since they have a “guarantee”. Another joke, still same excuses of waiting on shipments to proceed before processing my refund. I hope people see these reviews before losing their money also.
    Thank you,
    Ken Owens

    • Hi Ken,

      thanks for sharing your experience here also, I’m not sure where else people can get feedback like this so your comment here is really appreciated.

      Hopefully no one else is affected, and please let us know of any updates!


  4. Same as above. 2 years and nothing but excuses. Claim shipping must resume before any refund can be given. This has become a scam. Dom, their customer service person has every excuse in the book. If you must have this, buy used. Do not buy direct.

    • Sorry to hear about your bad experience David, and thank you for leaving the comment.

      Your feedback will help others doing their research on these devices so it is wholeheartedly appreciated.


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