How to Test if PEMF is Working and Make Your Own PEMF Tester at Home!

We’re going to show you how to make a PEMF tester at home and make sure that your PEMF is working in this article.

We also made a PEMF Tester Video showing you how to do this, check it out below!

One thing consistent across all PEMF devices, of all shapes and sizes, is that the PEMF therapy isn’t visible to the human eye.

When using PEMF therapy most people will also not feel anything noticeable, so how can we make sure that our PEMF device or mat is working?

There are such things as magnetic field testers, but these are typically expensive and a bit overkill if you just want to know that your PEMF is on and working.

Testing PEMF

First the brief overview of how the science behind this works.

PEMF is a pulsing electromagnetic field, this means it is an oscillating magnetic field, or one which grows and diminishes in strength in line with its waveform.

Just like when you bring one magnetic closer to another magnetic it pushes the other magnetic away (depending if you’re holding the North or South pole of the magnetic) a pulsing electromagnetic field will cycle between pushing another magnetic away, or pulling it closer.

This cycle of pushing and pulling another magnetic will happen very quickly however, and what we will see in reality is a vibrating or bouncing around piece of magnetic.

testing pemf illustrated
Showing how an oscillating PEMF field will attract and repel a magnet

How to Test PEMF

The question of how to test PEMF then becomes quite an easy one to answer.

What you need is a magnet and your PEMF mat or device to test it on.

What happens is simple, you put the piece of magnetic within the PEMF field and if it starts moving around on its own accord, you know that your PEMF is working.

The important caveat to note is that depending on the PEMF therapy field strength you’ll notice more or less movement of the magnet.

For the majority of therapeutic strength PEMF fields, you’ll need a very small piece of magnet, just a small piece, as small as a sesame seed.

Larger magnets like you might find for your fridge are likely too heavy to be moved by a therapeutic PEMF field.

Of course if you have a very high intensity PEMF you will be able to move much larger magnets.

How to Make a PEMF Tester at Home - The Steps

To make a PEMF tester at home you’ll need a short list of items, and remember to practice safety first when trying this at home!

What you need,


Old Fridge Magnet!

Safety Goggles!

White Paper or Small Clear Jar!

Pad to Hammer On!

Safety First!

The steps as illustrated below,

1. Put on your safety goggles!

2. Find a sturdy surface which you can use a hammer on and place your pad there

3. Tap the old magnet with the hammer until you get a small piece to break off

4. Try to keep the small pieces separate and not let them stick together because this defeats the purpose

5. Put your small piece of magnet on the white paper, or in your small clear jar

6. Put it on the PEMF mat or within the PEMF field and watch it dance!

How to Make a PEMF Tester Video!

Where to Get a PEMF Tester

Not looking to make your own PEMF tester at home?

Some PEMF mats and devices do include a tester with their products.

For example the Healthy Wave Mat Pro and the Healthy Wave MultiWave PEMF mat, both our number 1 recommended products include a small magnet PEMF tester.

The Bemer mat also includes a PEMF tester, though their version is a device with a button and a light that will light up when it detects a PEMF field. Important to note that this tester does not show intensity or anything other than a light as a yes/no if your PEMF is on, just like like the yes/no you can get from making your own PEMF tester at home!

Comment below if you have any questions we can help with!

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