Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible Pro Far Infrared Mat Review

Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible Mat Summary

This article is a review of the Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible FIR (far-infrared) Mat.

We will be reviewing its far infrared therapy, crystals, mat construction along with warranty, price and other considerations.

The Healthy Wave Amethyst Jade Tourmaline Soft & Flexible FIR mat ranks high among other far infrared mat products on the market and includes 3 therapies, far infrared, negative ion, and crystal therapy.

For people looking for a mat that only includes far infrared, such as the popular Biomat (see our Biomat review), the Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible FIR Pro mat offers an attractive option with,

  • $940 USD price point
  • More amethyst crystal
  • Additional healing crystals tourmaline and jade included
  • Soft and flexible design for versatile placement, chairs, couches, bed, floor etc.
healthy wave mat soft flexible far infrared amethyst mat

The biggest stand out factor of the Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible FIR mat is how versatile it is because of its flexible design, it can even be rolled up, something no other far infrared mat can do.

See this flexibility to roll up in the photo above!

Which product are we reviewing?

For the purposes of this review we are going to primarily consider the Healthy Wave Amethyst Jade Tourmaline Soft & Flexible FIR Mat Pro, in the 74”x28” size (full size when compared to other products).

There are other sizes available in the Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible FIR mat line up and we will compare these further below in the review.

How was it popularized?

The Healthy Wave brand is quickly becoming very well known in the far infrared and PEMF mat markets, largely due to their flagship products the Healthy Wave Pro mat and the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave mats.

The Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible FIR mats as we will review here are another product line that the Healthy Wave brand has developed to serve people who are looking for a more versatile, affordable and effective far infrared mat than what else is currently available.

Where to put your Far Infrared Mat?

When considering purchasing a far infrared mat there are a few important things to consider and look out for, primarily who you’re purchasing from (see vendor topic below), what you’re getting with your purchase, and how usable the product is in your home.

When it comes to the product you’re getting, remember far infrared crystal mats contain a large amount of crystal, which like any stone or rock can be quite heavy, so mat transport and location become an important issue.

Far infrared mats do not typically lend themselves to being versatile in their placement in your home, they need a firm surface like the floor or a firm bed, so it’s important to consider where you will use your mat before purchase.

The Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible FIR mat, was designed to solve these two common issues with far infrared mats; it is soft and flexible enough to roll up to be easily transported anywhere you want to use your mat, and can be placed anywhere in your home you wish such as on a chair, couch, bed or otherwise.

What to Look out for with Vendors / Who sells Healthy Wave

Many far infrared mat companies sell their product via an MLM (multi-level marketed) structure, such as Biomat (see our Biomat review). 

The MLM distribution structure results in there being a number of distributors (many, many can be found online for Biomat for instance) and they will all have different levels of customer support and service making it very difficult to pick which will provide the best service.

The Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible FIR mats can be found for sale on the Healthy Wave Mat Store website, and via their direct to consumer business model instead of MLM structure they’re able to offer high quality products for lower prices.

It’s also comforting to see Healthy Wave’s 90 day 100% Money Back Trial Satisfaction Guarantee, 15 month full USA warranty and 5 year controller warranty.

We haven’t seen any other brand in the far infrared or PEMF markets that offers such support, guarantee and warranty for their products and this indicates their high level of confidence in the quality of their products.

Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible Mat Construction

The Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible mat line up was designed to solve the common issues with far infrared mats:

  • Where to put your mat in your home
  • How to transport a heavy far infrared mat
healthy wave mat soft flexible far infrared amethyst mat

It’s made with 21 different layers of construction, using all high quality non-toxic materials and happens to be the softest far infrared model currently available when compared to all other mat products, including the relatively soft Vitamat far infrared mat.

What is the Difference between this mat and other Healthy Wave Products?

The Healthy Wave brand has a large selection of far infrared, crystal and PEMF mats available.

The differences between the Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible FIR mat and other Healthy Wave products is going to depend product to product (because of the different therapies available), but the Soft & Flexible line up is softer and more versatile for placement than any other Healthy Wave mat (or competitor for that matter).

Many other Healthy Wave mat products will include PEMF therapy which is not included with the Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible mats which include instead far infrared, crystal and negative ion therapy.

Read more on PEMF therapy on our pages, What is the Best PEMF Therapy, and Benefits of PEMF.

Where are the Products Found?

The Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible far infrared mats can be found in the Amethyst Tourmaline Jade Mat section on the Healthy Wave Mat website.

Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible Mat Therapies

Far Infra-red Therapy (FIR)

The crystal combination used by the Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible FIR Mat generates FIR wavelengths in the 5-14 micrometer range which is the optimal range for a deep penetrating far infrared therapy.

far infrared heat blood flow depiction

This higher wavelength of far infrared heat is ideal to achieve the maximum benefit from the far infrared therapy session by reaching the maximum number of cells and giving the greatest coverage possible to the circulatory system.

EMF Generation & Protection/Shielding

All electronics create EMF’s and unlike a synchronous re-energizing electromagnetic frequency such as PEMF, the EMF’s generated by everyday electronics are irregular and harmful to our health.

The Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible mat, uses an advanced filtration system to filter out these EMF’s and additionally includes extra layers in its construction to block them completely.

electromagnetic field emf shielding

It’s well known now that in the generation of far infrared heat through crystals, the electricity applied will create EMF’s, electromagnetic frequency.

Crystal Therapy

The Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible FIR mat uses primarily high grade crushed amethyst crystal, but crushed jade and tourmaline crystal are also used for a holistic far infrared crystal combination.

amethyst jade tourmaline crystals for far infrared

The full size, 74” x 28” Soft & Flexible mat uses the following:

  • Amethyst: 14lb of crushed crystal
  • Jade: 2lb of crushed crystal
  • Tourmaline: 2lb of crushed crystal

Why this Crystal combination?

Some far infrared mats will use only amethyst, only jade, or even solely a ceramic compound in their design and not combine with any other crystal.

Each crystal is known to create a variation in the far infrared wavelength range generated so some far infrared brands like Biomat will combine more than one crystal. In the case of Biomat, they use amethyst and something they call a TOCA layer created with powdered tourmaline crystal and other minerals.

It’s commonly agreed that amethyst is likely the most effective far infrared crystal, and that tourmaline is the most effective in generating negative ions. Many others will argue however that the jade crystal promotes more healing properties than amethyst.

Despite these arguments, there are not yet any studies or evidence to prove the effectiveness of one crystal over the other.

The Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible mat uses a combination of all 3 crystals to bypass the effectivity argument. This is to provide a holistic far infrared therapy for those who want to experience the benefits of all 3 crystals. 

Negative Ion Therapy

Negative ion generation, or negative ion therapy, is something that most far infrared mats will generate. 

It’s important to know that for the far infrared mat to generate negative ions, the mat must use verified and real crystals.

negative ions depiction

Ceramics and other materials used to create far infrared heat will not produce negative ions like verified healing crystals will such as amethyst, jade and tourmaline.

Negative ions make us feel rejuvenated and alive and you have probably noticed this on any trip to the beach, walk in the forest, or especially around a waterfall (the falling water generates an excess of negative ions).

Read more on the Benefits of Negative Ions.

What Produces the Negative Ions?

All 3 crystals used in the Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible mats contribute to the generation of negative ions.

They all will create a different level of negative ions and there are a number of reputable sources online which report on the levels of negative ions generated by each of the different crystals.

How many Negative Ions are Produced?

When it comes to how many negative ions are produced by each crystal, tourmaline comes number one producing more than 1500+ ions per square inch.

Amethyst comes in second with a flat 1500 ions per square inch, with jade following up producing around 700 ions per square inch.

If you’re interested in seeing mats with other crystal combinations the Healthy Wave website does have a variety available, however the soft and flexible mat line up always includes amethyst, jade and tourmaline.

Prices & Mat Sizes


It’s important to remember when buying a crystal far infrared mat, that they are in fact quite heavy, crystals are after all, as heavy as rocks.

In this review we’re considering in particular the Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible far infrared mat, these mats unlike most others are flexible enough to be rolled up to easily be transported and as with most other brands come with a carrying case.


When purchasing from the Healthy Wave website, there are some items included free that we haven’t seen with other brands.

There are a number of warranty extensions over what’s normal, but besides this, every mat including the soft & flexible ones come with a free mat cover (to keep the mat clean and in good condition), and a free sauna blanket.

You may have heard of the benefits of a far infrared sauna, maybe that’s even why you’re looking for a far infrared mat.

A sauna blanket can be placed over yourself while you’re using Healthy Wave mat keeping the far infrared heat contained and providing a single person sauna experience. (drink lots of water like with any sauna!)

Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible Mat List

    • 74” x 28” (see product page)
    • $940 USD
    • As reviewed on this page with all therapies listed above
    • 72” x 24” (see product page)
    • $799 USD
    • As reviewed on this page with all therapies listed above, except narrower than the Pro version
    • 60” x 24” (see product page)
    • $565.25 USD
    • As reviewed on this page with all therapies listed above, except narrower and shorter
    • 32” x 20” (see product page)
    • $345 USD
    • As reviewed on this page with all therapies listed above, except much smaller, narrower and short

Certifications & Distribution


All of the Healthy Wave products have been reviewed and certified by the same regulatory bodies, we go in to these in depth on our Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave PEMF review page.

Like many other far infrared brands the Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible mats are cleared with the FDA for sale in the USA via the FDA’s 510(K) form. The 510(K) form is the method the FDA uses to approve most far infrared devices.

Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible mats include a number of other certifications including, 

  • FCC Mark (Federal Communications Commission)
  • CE Mark (European Conformity)
  • GAI Approval (Gemological Appraisal Industry, verifying the authenticity of the crystals)

 in addition to far infrared & negative ion testing by 360° Test Labs among others.


The Healthy Wave brand is based in the USA and therefore so is all of their distribution.

This means shorter delivery times, and when there is an issue with the product you can quickly and easily receive a replacement product and send back the faulty one.

It’s clear when you examine the products close up that they are of a high level of workmanship; strict quality control and excellent management is quite apparent.

Warranty & Guarantee

The warranty & guarantee policy for the Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible mat is a little easier to understand than with many other far infrared brands.

Because of the MLM structure (multi-level marketed) of many other brands, different distributors may offer different policies on the same product. 

You can see the full breakdown here of Healthy Wave’s Warranty and Guarantee Policy.


The warranty for Healthy Wave mats is extended past what most other brands offer.

This results in a total of a 15 month full USA warranty for the mat, and a 5 year extended warranty for the mat controller.

Many people may not realize, that the controller is the most complex part of any far infrared or PEMF mat.

The mat itself is made from many layers, however the complexity of the crystal and electronics combination is quite simple relative to the complex electronics of the controller required to control it.

And as with anything, you guessed it, the part most prone to failure in any far infrared or PEMF mat is the most complex component, the controller.

This is why it’s so important to compare controller warranties in particular before making any purchasing choices.


There is a 90 day trial satisfaction guarantee with the Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible mats. 

This means you can return the mat for any reason as long as it is in the same new condition and get 100% money back, but you do pay the return shipping.

Where to Buy

The Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible line up of mats was designed by a USA based company, and can be found for sale here on the Healthy Wave Mat Store.

They offer helpful phone support for anyone who has more detailed questioning about the products or how to choose the mat best suited to them.

On their website you’ll find all of the products Healthy Wave sells including far infrared, PEMF, negative ion, red light therapy and multiple crystal therapy mats.

Check out the homepage of their website here.

We hope this review has been helpful and informative to you, and if it has, drop us a comment below or share it with your friends!

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  1. 1. What is the thickness/depth of the mats? (a) PRO – 78″ x 28″ x ?? @ $940 US and
    (b) FIR – 72″ x 24″ x ?? @ $799 US. Can you provide the cost of each in Canadian dollars?

    2. Can these mats be safely and effective used on a softer surface (e.g., mattress) as well as a hard
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