5G EMF Protection – EMF Guards & Protectors That Block Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation

The introduction of 5G, and widespread use of Wifi has raised further concerns around the harm caused by electromagnetic radiation in our everyday lives and is driving EMF protection to be a more and more important topic to be educated about.

With awareness & some tools we can protect ourselves from harmful EMF’s from 5G and everyday electronics and move towards restoring the body’s natural balanced electromagnetic energy level.

EMF Guards & Protectors

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Shieldite is our best rated EMF protection device and they provide EMF protectors for day to day personal use, for protection from cell phones, Wifi, and larger pieces for around electronics for protection of the whole home, family & children.

Restore Natural Earth Based Electromagnetic Energy Levels

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Healthy Wave Pro Far Infrared PEMF & Red Light Therapy Mat

What Do We Know About EMF's

What Can We Predict

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What Can We Do About 5G & Harmful EMF's?

The number one important thing we can do about this is to be well informed on the dangers of EMF‘s, with this knowledge we can do what we can to limit our EMF exposure which is now more important than ever with high frequency 5G technology.

In today’s day and age however it is next to impossible to eliminate all the essential electronics we use everyday including Wifi, and thankfully there are some tools at our disposal to help protect ourselves from these EMF’s like EMF protection products.

We can protect ourselves from EMF’s and maintain our health through this move to 5G & an increase in EMF’s in our everyday environments and even restore our natural earth oriented electromagnetic energy levels using EMF protection products like EMF protectors, and natural energy PEMF therapy.

Lets examine the following facts, research & what we can do about them.

What we need to know,

5G & Harmful EMF's

Harmful EMF exposure can be found everywhere in our daily lives and are now a greater concern with the introduction of 5G very high frequencies.

Every electronic device, most all technology really, which we use will emit its’ own EMF of varying frequency and strength including high voltage power lines. The higher the frequency and power of these signals the more damaging they can be, including all Wifi devices.

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The highest frequency devices are communication devices because the frequencies which they transmit information are particularly high. These include cell towers, cell phones, and even the Wifi in your home for wireless internet, these are what we want to shield ourselves from.

This is where the frequent conversation around cell phone radiation started and prompted the development of radiation protection and anti radiation devices.

Any and all of these harmful EMF’s can disrupt our body’s cells natural magnetic fields and operation and cause these cells to degenerate & malfunction causing numerous biological effects especially in people sensitive to EMF’s. Some of the first things people can notice are higher stress, fatigue, loss of sleep, aches & pains, brain fog and depression among other symptoms.

Tools, what’s available to us

EMF Protectors & Guards

What can we do to reduce the effects that these harmful EMF’s will have?

  • Avoidance (reduce use of cell phones, electronic technology etc.)
  • Use EMF protectors & guards, wear them, use on all cell phones, and use around the house
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Shieldite EMF Protection Devices

If you’re not using your cell phone don’t leave it in your pocket, instead on the other side of the room. Or when you’re not watching television, turn it off, don’t have it playing all day in the background.

Use devices like Shieldite developed for EMF protection and now our new number 1 rated best EMF protection product, & make sure to ground your EMF protection devices often to maximize their shield strength. There are many options for EMF shielding, & EMF protection from cell phone radiation and anti radiation shielding for around the house so be sure to browse the shop and find the best fits for yourself.

What we need to know,

Natural, Good EMF Energy

Most people hear the word EMF and think that all EMF’s are harmful, when in fact this is not the case.

Both the Earth, and the Sun produce EMF’s and it is this natural EMF energy which has created the perfect environment here on Earth for life to thrive.

good emfs

Each cell in our bodies operates within a low frequency range of 0-30Hz and the Earth operates within this frequency band also, having a magnetic resonance frequency called the Schumann Frequency at 7.83Hz.

The problem with EMF’s produced by electronics in our modern world is that these are very high frequency EMF’s (kHz, 103 Hz), (MHz, 106 Hz), (GHz, 109 Hz) which our bodies are unused to, unable to function with and will degenerate the cells of our bodies by disrupting their natural voltage states.

Low intensity, low frequency within the Earth’s EMF frequency band have been found to be beneficial to humans in helping to align our bodies with the natural circadian rhythms & re-balancing the voltage of our cells providing a wide range of benefits.

Tools, what’s available to us

Earth Based Frequency PEMF Therapy

We are able to harness the power of these good EMF’s found in nature produced by the Earth and the Sun by using PEMF, pulsed electromagnetic field energy.

Extremely low electromagnetic fields can be pulsed with PEMF to mimic these natural frequencies of the Earth and when applied have been shown to create a positive effect in the body.

Low intensity, low frequency electromagnetic fields when pulsed can stimulate the magnetic fields of the body’s cells bringing them back into a natural state of balance & reversing the harm & cell voltage disruption caused by high frequency bad EMF’s.

PEMF therapy is one of the quickest, smart ways to reverse the damage caused by bad EMF’s and to maintain healthy cell voltage day to day.

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Natural Earth PEMF Energy Therapy Mat

What we need to know,

Harmful Positive Ions from Electronics

Positive ions, despite their name can have a negative effect on our physiology, they are the counter part to beneficial negative ions, the natural anti-oxidants of the air.

When harmful high frequency EMF’s are generated by electronics, positive ions are also created as a by product and add to the negative effects experienced by bad EMF’s.

Positive ions are what create free radicals, oxidants, in our bodies which increase acidity and throw off the balance of our blood & systems, ideally we want to shield ourselves from them.

Shieldite EMF protectors will actually act as a magnet for positive ions when placed near electronics in the home, the grounding effect of Shieldite absorbs these positive ions & discharges them into the Earth acting as a shield.

Negative ions in the air can also neutralize these positive ions and have an energizing effect on our bodies. Interestingly negative ions are generated as a by product by amethyst & jade crystals when heated to create far infrared heat.

Boosting Immune System Against Viruses

It’s no secret that good health & a balanced system are keys to a strong immune system and fighting off any viruses, colds or the flu that comes around every season along with the well known benefits of Vitamin C.

Less known is the benefits of far infrared heat therapy on the strength of our immune systems.

Far infrared heat goes to heat our bodies to their core, it’s like the heat from the sun, not just superficial, it penetrates the skin up to a few inches warming us from the inside out.

Heating our bodies to the core, raising our core temperature simulates and trains our body’s response of a fever against viruses & bacteria, colds and flues.

It’s even found that far infrared heat increases the levels of white blood cells in our bodies which go directly to fighting off these viruses & pathogens. This can be seen in this study on PubMed, “Far infrared increased number of white blood cells.”

The list of benefits of far infrared therapy goes further, but specifically towards the strength of our immune system it works to detoxify your body through sweat, this study on Pubmed reveals that sweat from far infrared can purify the body from toxic substances like arsenic, cadmium, lead & more.

It’s also been shown to contribute to the overall health & immune system of those with cardiovascular disease, diabetes & kidney disease as shown in this PubMed study, “Far-infrared therapy for cardiovascular, autoimmune, and other chronic health problems.”

Tools, what’s available to us

Negative Ions & Far Infrared Therapy

Shieldite EMF pendants, blocks and pyramids for around the house can all absorb positive ions prevalent in our indoor environments, this is especially the case when they are grounded to a wall outlet like a pyramid or cube you can place near to electronics like a TV.

Anti-oxidant negative ions can be found in prevalence in our outdoor nature environments and especially near running water like rivers, and the ocean; it’s very beneficial to spend time in these outdoor environments.

Negative ions are also naturally produced by amethyst and jade healing crystals when they are heated, at a rate of up to & over 1500 negative ions per cubic inch per minute.

pemf & far infrared therapy
Natural Earth PEMF Energy Therapy with Far Infrared Therapy

One of the reasons our most recommended Earth oriented frequency PEMF therapy product is from the Healthy Wave Store is because they are the only new PEMF products which include amethyst & jade healing crystals in the mat for far infrared therapy.

This means that while you use the PEMF therapy to restore & re-balance the cell voltages in your body, you can also receive the benefits of negative ions generated by the amethyst & jade crystals in the mat.

Healthy Wave Mats can be therefore used to simultaneously:

  • Recharge & balance your cell voltages harmed by bad EMF’s with Earth centered PEMF therapy
  • Receive the calming & anti-oxidant benefits of negative ions while neutralizing harmful positive ions
  • Boost your body’s immune system with far infrared heat therapy 

Healthy Wave PEMF & far infrared negative ion therapy mats all come with a 45 day 100% money back guarantee policy, one more reason we recommend them so highly, check them out at the Healthy Wave Store.

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