What are the most Natural PEMF Waveforms, Frequencies, and Intensities?

Many people may not know, that the earth in fact has its own natural magnetic field.

The Earth’s natural magnetic field may not pulse in the same synchronized manner as with PEMF Therapy, however it is naturally, & constantly fluctuating.

We as human beings, and all other living creatures have evolved and are fundamentally tied to these magnetic fields of the earth.

Due to the very low intensity of the Earth’s magnetic fields, they can be easily blocked and drowned out by the electronics in our homes. (check out more on EMF Protection)

You may notice how hanging out in nature, on a grassy field, on the beach, in the forest, you’ll experience a natural and incredibly healthy calming, this is, in part due to the Earth’s fluctuating magnetic fields.

earths magnetic field schumann frequency pemf
North to South Pole Magnetic Field of the Earth

Earth Based PEMF

This natural calming of the Earth’s magnetic field is similar to PEMF benefits which we can get from using a PEMF machine or mat.

The magnetic field of the Earth is highly varied, fluctuating constantly, but almost exclusively in the range of 0-30Hz.

Many studies show that PEMF therapy within this Earth based frequency band appear to provide the most benefits, and that the Best PEMF therapy is found within this range.

The Earth’s magnetic field also forms something called resonance frequencies.

Resonance frequencies are certain frequency levels within the Earth’s frequency band where the magnetic field tends to gravitate towards, or in other words, there are higher concentrations of frequencies at these resonance levels.

Of all the entire frequency range band of the Earth’s magnetic field, there is one in particular which stands out among the range between 0-30Hz.

This frequency is called the Schumann frequency, named after the man who discovered its existence.

Schumann Frequency

This resonance frequency, the Schumann Frequency resonates at 7.83Hz.

This means that out of the 0-30 Hz Earth based frequency range, 7.83Hz is the strongest, and the frequency which we are therefore most exposed to naturally by the Earth.

There are higher resonance bands of frequency within the Earth spectrum range and these include at 14.1Hz, 20.3 Hz, 27.3 Hz and a minor outlier at 33.8Hz, however none of these come close to the level of strength of the Schumann frequency, 7.83 Hz.

There is often discussion by different PEMF brands concerning what is the best frequency to use for PEMF, and we don’t think this is a single straight forward answer.

We wrote an article which includes research based discussion of What is the Best Frequency for PEMF Therapy?

Earth Based Waveform

Though the waveforms of the Earth’s magnetic field are highly irregular, they most closely resemble a sine wave within the resonance, Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz.

The sine wave is a popular waveform configuration for PEMF devices and PEMF machines, however there are countless other waveform formations which could be used in PEMF therapy such as square waves or sawtooth waves.

Just like with the frequency discussion we have included a research based discussion on our page concerning What is the Best Waveform for PEMF Therapy?

Earth Magnetic Field Intensity

As for the intensity of the earth’s magnetic field, it is relatively quite low, primarily between 0.25-0.65 Gauss.

Commonly agreed upon in the realm of PEMF therapy is that the range of 1-10 Gauss is the effective range of intensity for therapeutic PEMF.

This seems consistent as the intention of PEMF is to energize the cells within a short therapeutic session, doing so with a natural form PEMF at a slightly higher energy application than we would normally receive from the earth’s natural magnetic field seems like an effective way to accomplish this.

Many PEMF devices offer intensity which is far, far beyond the 10 Gauss level and some like the MagnaWave consider that the higher the intensity, the better, as it “simply” allows achieving of results faster.

Although this is an on going discussion as there is no “International PEMF Institution” to set out guidelines and rules, we can learn something from the currently available research, and from the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection which is an international body setting out safety guidelines for the electronics we use in our everyday lives and at the work place.

On our page What is the Best PEMF Therapy we discuss currently available research and what it can tell us about what the best PEMF intensity is, check it out if you’re curious to learn more.

We’re also wrote a page summarizing our findings on whether or not High Intensity PEMF is Dangerous or Safe, check it out to read more on this!

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