Richway Amethyst Biomat Mini 7000MX Review

Biomat Mini 7000MX Review Summary

In this Biomat Mini review we’re going to get into the important details such as its amethyst crystals, certifications, warranty, price, where to buy and what else to know.

The Biomat Mini is the miniaturized version of the full size Biomat 7000MX Professional.

It’s a great option for someone looking for a more portable and less expensive version of the Biomat Professional, check out our Biomat Professional Review for more info.

amethyst biomat
Biomat Mini

There are other far infrared mat options on the market, so we’ve compared in the table below the top competitor brand to the Biomat Mini for a good side by side comparison.




Key Points

Total Score


amethyst biomat

Biomat Mini

Sizing: 20″ x 34″ x 1″



Key Points


Return Policy
• 30 Day Partial (past 15 days refund is 50%)

• 3 Year (limited, customer pays “repair” fees after 1 year)
• Customer pays shipping

Total Score

See How Biomat Compares


Sizing: 20″ x 32″ x 1.2″



Key Points


Return Policy
90 Day Full

• 1.25 Year
5 Year Extended Controller Warranty
5 Year Extended Limited Warranty

Total Score

Check out product page here

See other far infrared pads compared, 

How Was Biomat Mini Popularized

The Mini Biomat 7000MX, just like the Biomat Professional, is made by the Richway company.

Richway popularized the Biomat brand through an MLM marketing structure, MLM stands for multi-level marketing.

What this means is that Richway manufacturers the mats, but they are distributed by many third party distributors.

Wikipedia gives a good description of how an MLM structure functions and we go into more detail on our Biomat review page.

The multi-level marketing structure of the Biomat expanded to countless third party distributors, all promoting the Biomat products, taking us to the current day in which the Biomat is now quite a well known product.

What to look out for with the Biomat Mini

The Biomat Mini, is a far infrared mat, and it’s important to know that there are multiple ways to generate the far infrared therapy in a mat like the Biomat Mini.

The Biomat 7000MX Professional, and Biomat 7000MX Mini use primarily amethyst crystal to generate the far infrared, however they also use a thin layer of powdered tourmaline and other minerals they call the TOCA layer.

Read more about the TOCA layer on our in depth Biomat Review page, and further down on this page.

Other brands will combine multiple crystals known for their healing properties into their far infrared mats, such as amethyst, tourmaline, jade and sometimes even quartz; some will even include obsidian for its grounding properties although it doesn’t add to the far infrared generated.

It’s important to look out for this if you’re looking to consider multiple crystals for your far infrared mat.

What to look out for with Biomat Mini Vendors

It’s important to know that there is more than one vendor of the Biomat products, as we mentioned in the method with which Biomat was popularized, there are nearly countless vendors and stores.

What this means for us as a consumer, is that we should be a little more careful where we go to purchase.

If you’re looking to purchase online there are many different stores out there selling the Biomat products, as you can find with a simple Google search.

What’s important to consider is that these stores are independent vendors, meaning they’re all going to provide their own level of customer support and aren’t regulated to any particular standard.

Try to search out a few different options and compare customer reviews if you can to make sure you find a vendor offering the best customer service possible.

Biomat Mini Mat Construction

The Biomat Mini is constructed almost identically to the Biomat Professional, except for the size of the mat of course hence the name Mini Biomat.

It is important to note that, the older versions of the Mini Biomat did not include the TOCA (TOurmaline CAtch power) layer like the Biomat Professional did, so be wary of vendors, it’s possible they would try to sell you some “new” old stock of the Biomat Mini which may not include the TOCA layer.

The Mini Biomat is constructed of 17 layers total, the top, a cotton layer for comfort, and the next layer a silicone urethane layer for waterproofing (against sweat).

After these top layers the most important layers are the EMF shielding layer, and the amethyst and TOCA layers which produce the far infrared therapy and negative ions.

Any Biomat website will show you the breakdown of the additional layers of construction of the Mini Biomat but we’ve mentioned all layers of construction of primary importance.

Biomat Mini Therapies

Far infrared Therapy

Far infrared therapy is the primary therapy of the Biomat Mini and is generated almost exclusively by the amethyst crystals of the mat, however there is both amethyst and tourmaline in the mat.

The far infrared is the therapy that you will most noticeably feel a difference from, this is because its heat is felt immediately (once the mat is warmed up).

far infrared heat blood flow depiction
Far Infrared Rays

The warmth from far infrared penetrates the skin more deeply than say a hot water bottle and it can be almost right away be felt to provide some temporary pain relief, especially with muscle recovery.

I wrote more about my own experience with my infrared mat and the benefits you can experience on this page, Infrared Mat Benefits, and more questions answered on our Far Infrared Mat FAQ.

Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst crystal generates far infrared wavelengths in the range of 6.5 – 12 microns, which is in the mid to upper range of the far infrared spectrum.

Typically amethyst is the favorite crystal when it comes to far infrared generation, it’s thought to replicate the far infrared wavelength received from the human touch most closely.

There is still some argument around which is the most effective crystal however, earlier versions of the Biomat actually included jade crystal in their construction and it was only removed in more recent years.

Although the amethyst crystals of the Biomat Mini are not certified by the International Gemological Institute like those we see used in Healthy Wave far infrared mats, they appear to also be of high quality.

Why No Jade Crystal in Biomat Mini

What is the best far infrared crystal is still an open discussion in the world of far infrared mats.

As mentioned above, the Biomat used to include, in older versions, jade in its construction and only in more recent years has it been removed.

You can see by the fact that some other far infrared mats are exclusively jade that there are still those who believe jade to be the more effective far infrared crystal.

This is not really a discussion which has been resolved, unless you try both a jade and amethyst mat and see if you notice a difference for yourself.

The only alternative is then to look for a mat which combines both crystals so you can have the best of both worlds, check out our best infrared mat review page for a comparison table.

Biomat Mini (TOCA) Tourmaline Layer

The Biomat Mini (in the newest version) like the Biomat Professional 7000MX uses something called the TOCA layer.

This stands for the TOurmaline CAtch power layer, which is a layer composed of powdered tourmaline and minerals infused into the fabric of one of the layers of the mat.

Tourmaline is known to produce slightly more negative ions than amethyst crystal does which is why some far infrared mats will include it.

The addition of the powdered minerals is presumably to add to the negative ion generation of the mat, however we found this to be a little odd because the ions generated by this layer are 1500cc per square inch, which is the same as amethyst.

You can read more about the TOCA layer on both our main Biomat Review page.

EMF Generation & EMF Protection

You may have heard of electromagnetic field radiation before, especially on the topic of 5G.

EMF’s are something generated by all electronics, from your cell phone, to TV, to even the light bulbs in the lamp.

Depending on the power running through the device there will be a variable level of EMF generated.

Because our bodies run off of electromagnetic signals through our neurons and nerves, it is thought that EMFs from electronics can be detrimental depending on dosage level.

This is why, when using the Biomat or Biomat Mini, which both generate EMFs just like any other far infrared mat does, it’s important to be protected from EMFs.

The Biomat, like most other far infrared mats, includes a layer of EMF shielding which blocks EMFs during mat usage.

Negative Ion Therapy

Negative ions are the second therapy generated by the Biomat Mini.

They are emitted from amethyst, jade, and tourmaline crystals when these crystals are heated to produce far infrared.

Negative ions are mainly however found in abundance near water, especially moving water like waterfalls and rivers, and also abundantly found in forests.

Basically the more water or nature around, the more negative ions you’ll find.

Negative ions help our bodies from oxidizing by providing the extra negative electrons which would otherwise be taken from our cells by free radicals.

The result is a calming and refreshing effect, this is what we’re feeling after a refreshing nature walk by water, or after we get out of the shower.

What Produces the Negative Ions

In the Biomat 7000MX Mini the amethyst crystals are the main generator of negative ions.

In the more recent years design of the Biomat Mini, the included TOCA layer also produces negative ions with its powdered tourmaline & other unnamed minerals.

When amethyst or tourmaline is heated to produce far infrared heat, it simultaneously releases negative ions to the surrounding air.

The amethyst crystal will produce around 1500 ions per square inch while the tourmaline typically produces a little bit more (however in the Biomat Mini it is included in much lower quantity than the amethyst).

Learn more about negative ions on our page, Benefits of Negative Ions.

Biomat Mini Price & Specifications

The price of the Biomat Mini is $780 USD.

Biomat Mini Therapies:

  • Far Infrared Therapy
  • Negative Ion Therapy

Biomat Mini Size:

  • 20” x 34” x 1”

Biomat Mini Net Weight:

  • The Biomat Mini weighs 8.2lbs


  • Amethyst Crystal
  • TOCA Layer (powdered Tourmaline & minerals, double check as only in new versions)

Check our main Biomat review page for a summary of the main other related products available from Biomat, like the Biobelt.

One of the related products which is less commonly mentioned is the Quantum Energy Cotton Pad.

The Quantum Energy pad isn’t powered like the Biomat Mini and Pro mats, its just a cotton pad with crystals included to facilitate the transfer of infrared heat from the Biomat while providing a comfortable cotton cover for the mat.

Certifications, Production, Distribution


  • FDA Clearance 
    • (Biomat is cleared as a safe device through the FDA’s 510(K) form which is the standard form used to clear devices like this as safe for use by the FDA)
  • Intertek Company Approval
    • Intertek is an international company which can inspect & certify electronic products to make sure they’re safe for use by the public
    • Intertek has reviewed the Biomat and Biomat Mini and according to their report they are safe electronic products

Production & Distribution

The manufacturing & production of the whole Biomat line of products including the Biomat Mini is done in Seoul, South Korea.

You may have noticed something about Biomat being from Hawaii however, and this is because the official Richway Biomat company is located in Hawaii.

As we discussed above, the marketing model of the Biomat company is via MLM (multi-level marketing), this also allows for the distribution of the Biomat.

As anyone can sign up to be a distributor of the Biomat they can operate in a couple different ways, one is by selling Biomats one by one and having the head office ship them to the customer, and the other is to buy a bulk bunch of Biomats and then sell them one by one.

There are two things to look out for with this distribution method, one is that the customer service will vary from distributor to distributor, so make sure you’re working with someone who will take care of you.

The other thing to look out for is if a distributor has old stock which they purchased in bulk.

It’s possible that if a distributor is trying to clear out (new) old stock, you could receive for instance the older model of the Biomat Mini instead of the newer one which includes the TOCA layer.

We have more information on this on our Biomat Review page, be sure to check it out also.

Warranty & Guarantee

The warranty and guarantee are always our top factors to look out for with any far infrared mat, including the Biomat and Biomat Mini.

The reason for this is because you can often tell something about the quality of a product based on a brand’s guarantee and warranty offered.

Biomat Mini Guarantee

The Biomat Mini offers a 7 day full refund, like the Biomat Mat Professional, but past 7 days you wont get the full amount back.

Bullet points as follows on the Biomat Mini guarantee:

  • 0-7 days – Full refund
  • 8-14 days – 70% refund
  • 15-30 days – 50% refund
  • 31 days onward – No refund
  • Customer pays all shipping

From 7 to 15 days, you’ll have a diminished refund, and past 15 days the refund is 50%, and past the 31 day mark the refund is zero.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the shipping is never covered in these instances so just remember you’ll be covering the shipping cost and that wont be refunded.

The Biomat Mini offers a 7 day full refund, like the Biomat Professional, but past 7 days you wont get the full amount back.

From 7 to 15 days, you’ll have a diminished refund, and past 15 days the refund is 50%, and past the 31 day mark the refund is zero.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the shipping is never covered in these instances so just remember you’ll be covering the shipping cost and that wont be refunded.

Biomat Mini Warranty

The thing to know about the warranty on the Biomat Mini, like the rest of the Biomat line up, is that it’s a limited warranty.

It’s a 3 year warranty total, but past the first year, there will be repair fees. (this doesn’t really seem like a warranty to us, more like, a 1 year warranty and then a repair service thereafter)

The other thing to note is that even within the first year, if you do have an issue, the warranty includes a repair, not a replacement.

This isn’t a deal breaker, but typically we want to see a replacement when anything goes wrong so early in the product’s lifespan.

This is because occasionally you may have got that “lemon” off the production line and may keep having issues with it.

Some other brands will just replace your product anytime within their warranty period so you don’t need to worry about this and potentially paying more repair fees in the future; a few thoughts to consider before hitting add to cart.

Where to Buy Biomat Mini

The Biomat’s distribution method allows for there to be many, many different distributors, and this includes for the Biomat Mini.

If you do a quick Google search for “Biomat Mini” you’ll find numerous places to purchase one of these mats.

We recommend you really do your diligence and make sure to find a distributor which is trustworthy and will provide good customer service as they aren’t all held to the same standards.

If you’re thinking of going with a used product we would recommend checking eBay, as they have customer protection policies in place to protect customers in case of a faulty product.

You can check out eBay here.

If you’re still researching out your different options we recommend you check out our best infrared mat review table to see the other available brands and what they have to offer.

Check out the reviews, 

We hope this review’s been helpful and informative to you, and if it has, drop us a comment below or share it with your friends!

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