Bemer Mat Review

Bemer Mat Summary

In this Bemer mat review we will examine the Bemer mat’s PEMF therapy including the waveform, intensity, frequency of the therapy.

In addition we will also examine the Bemer mat’s certifications, warranties, what you should know, and available devices & pricing.

Bemer PEMF Therapy

Bemer Therapies

Product Details

Total Score

Bemer PEMF Therapy

1  – Waveform Types

2  – Frequency Levels

0.35  – Mat Intensity (Gauss)

 – Pulse Duration Levels

Bemer Therapies

*not included in mat, but B.Light device with Pro set is a red light therapy applicator

Product Details

Starting Price
• $4,290

Return Policy
• 30 Day Partial

• Mat – 3 Year
• Controller – 6 Month

Sizes Available
• 2 Options

Total Score


How Does Bemer Mat Compare!

Summary continued,

The Bemer Life Group is likely the most well known in the field of pulsed electro magnetic field therapy or PEMF. 

They’ve been around since 1990 and have been largely popularized through the years through MLM (multi-level marketed) distributors.

The Bemer Group is out of Liechtenstein, and “Bemer” stands for Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation.

Many people also compare the Biomat to the Bemer, you can see our comparison between them on this page, Bemer vs Biomat.

bemer therapy mat and controller
Bemer Controller & Mat

Where are Bemer Products Found?

MLM, or multi-level marketing, means that Bemer Group produces the products but they are also sold through various third parties that you will find locally or online.

Bemer now has a line up of PEMF products which are sold both on the Bemer Group homepage website and through their MLM distributor network.

You can also find a good selection of new and used Bemer mats on eBay.

We would recommend this over buying a locally used Bemer mat as eBay and Paypal offer buyer protection.

Which Bemer Product Are We Reviewing?

Note that for the purposes of this Bemer therapy review we will be considering the Bemer Pro and Classic mat offerings. The Bemer Pro is considered the Bemer flagship product.

The Bemer Pro and Bemer Classic are the new Bemer models which were formerly known as the Bemer 3000.

What's the difference between Bemer PRO & Bemer Classic?

The primary difference between the Bemer Pro and Bemer Classic is the mat controller and accessories which they come with.

In fact we haven’t been able to tell any difference between the B.Body Classic mat and B.Body Pro mat, other than the Pro mat is made using Alcantara which helps with durability and stain protection.

Otherwise the mats have the same PEMF therapy, flux densities, weights, and size. 

The controllers however differ between the Classic and the Pro along with accessories included. The Bemer Pro set includes more PEMF applicators than the Classic bundle does.

Full Review Video of the Bemer Mat!

In our review video above we will cover all of the topics noted to the right with the time stamps.

Or watch from the beginning to see the full review!

Video Topic Time Stamps:

1:23 – Background
1:49 – Product Types & Sizes
3:09 – Bemer Mat Therapy
3:54 – Bemer Mat Therapy – Waveform
5:15 – Bemer Mat Therapy – Frequency
7:48 – Bemer Mat Therapy – Intensity
11:07 – Does Bemer Mat PEMF Work? (Watch us test it!)
13:00 – Bemer Mat Intensity Check (Watch us test it!)
14:16 – Does Bemer have the Best PEMF?
18:39 – Certifications
20:35 – FDA Certifications
22:46 – Pricing
23:08 – Guarantee
24:53 – Warranty
25:49 – Where to Buy & Where to Find
26:28 – Considerations & Other Things to Know
27:23 – Combining PEMF with Other Therapies

Check out the reviews,

Bemer Therapy

Bemer therapy is the name given to describe the specific PEMF therapy configuration generated by the Bemer PEMF device and controller.

People often also refer to Bemer therapy as physical Bemer vascular therapy or even micro circulation therapy.

Pain relief and circulation improvement through the blood vessels are often reported as the benefits of Bemer therapy and explain also why it’s referred to as vascular therapy.

What the Research Indicates

There are some publicly available studies which have been done using Bemer therapy and the results show either positively, inconclusively or ineffective.

The large amount of research from the PubMed showed interestingly that there is no evidence to suggest the patented Bemer waveform is more effective than any other form of PEMF.

The Pubmed research indicates that a therapeutic PEMF intensity of 1 – 10 Gauss and frequencies from 1-30 Hz are thus far found to be the most effective. (Bemer intensity: 0.035 – 0.35 Gauss, frequency: 10Hz OR 33Hz)

You can find the Bemer Pubmed studies, as well as a long list of other positively indicating PEMF studies on our page, What is the Best PEMF Therapy? 

We think it noteworthy to mention there is a brand of PEMF mat which closely aligns with the indications of the Pubmed research.

This is the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave PEMF Mat, which uses a variable intensity of up to 3 Gauss and variable frequency between 1-25Hz, in addition to multiple waveforms and further PEMF customization.

Bemer Vasomotion Micro Circulation

While researching the Bemer mat to put together this review page, we frequently came across a term called Vasomotion.

The Bemer marketing message is that nobody does vasomotion better than Bemer, and this is why they sometimes refer to it as Bemer Vascular Therapy.

Vasomotion is also known as angiokinesis and is what facilitates micro circulation in the body’s arteries and veins.

Micro circulation is the movement of blood on the microscopic level, the final runs of arteries and veins which bring blood to the very fringes of our body, the furthest reaches from our main arteries and veins.

We decided to try and find out as much as we could about the Bemer vasomotion as it is so highly touted, and it did not take us long to find a study which actually found Bemer to be ineffective in enhancing micro circulation.

The study of Bemer PEMF on PubMed, Effects of low-dosed and high-dosed low-frequency electromagnetic fields on Microcirculation, found that,

“With both pulsed low-dosed magnetic field and pulsed high-dosed magnetic field, just as with the sham treatment, a minor drop in temperature and decrease in microcirculation took place”, and

“It was concluded that a local application of a pulsed low-frequency magnetic field to the foot did not enhance temperature or cutaneous microcirculation.”

In this study it’s necessary to read between the lines to determine that it is a Bemer which they are testing, we paid for the full text source of the study so we could find confirmation of the device they used; however even in the free study summary they give details of the PEMF used, 100uT at 30Hz, which is Bemer’s PEMF configuration.

Looking further we were able to find numerous other PEMF research studies which improved circulation and microcirculation and one highly interesting literature review of multiple PEMF studies (non Bemer) which improved blood flow,

A Literature Review: The Effects of Magnetic Field Exposure on Blood Flow and Blood Vessels in the Microvasculature

We also found a study performed by the inventor of the Bemer, Dr. Klopp, which supported Bemer’s marketing claims of vasomotion improvement, Dr. Klopp Vasomotion PEMF Study.

We’re hesitant to put too much confidence in this study due to the contradictory independent studies seen, and the fact that it was indeed performed by the inventor of the Bemer and not an independent research group; however it does demonstrate positive results.

Bemer Nasa Agreement

The Bemer Nasa agreement is another interesting topic which we came across often in our researching of the Bemer mat.

The topic of the agreement with Nasa is made to sound like it is a highly official joint research project and with mention of Nasa on the Bemer website how could anyone think there is any half truth to it with Bemer risking litigation if it were untrue.

You can actually go find the Bemer agreement with Nasa, it is on Nasa’s website, and the agreement expired on March 3, 2020.

We’re not sure what ever came of the research, however you can find it on row 595 of the Nasa Agreements List.

You can see on the list that Bemer paid a non-reimbursable $10,587 to collaborate with Nasa; its interesting to see on the list that Nasa collaborates with hundreds and hundreds of different organizations on all manner of research including many highschools around the country.

You can see all of these by scrolling around the Agreements List document.

Nasa PEMF Study

Often also referenced in the PEMF world is the Nasa PEMF Study, a highly interesting study performed independently by Nasa and finding highly positive results from PEMF therapy using a 10Hz, Square Wave between 10-200 mGauss.

You can check out the PEMF configuration of the study yourself on page 4 of the study, 10 of 37 of the PDF, Nasa PEMF Study.

Many PEMF devices reference the Nasa study including Bemer to show that PEMF is an effective therapy, oddly enough, none of them actually provide a 10hz, square wave PEMF like used in the Nasa study.

Another mat we review on our website, the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat, actually provides square and sine wave PEMF from 1-25Hz, with an adjustable intensity up to 3 Gauss; meaning you can actually configure a 10Hz, Square wave, the exact PEMF therapy used in the original Nasa study using the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat.

To us this is actually very cool that a PEMF mat can be configured to provide the same signal as used in the Nasa study; no other PEMF mats or devices have done this to date despite how often the Nasa study is used as part of a marketing pitch.

PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field)

The Bemer mat incorporates a single therapy known as PEMF, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

What defines this therapy is the structure of the PEMF waveform, along with its frequency and intensity, read on below.

PEMF Waveform

The defining attribute of the PEMF of the Bemer mat is the waveform that it uses.

Bemer has patented the waveform which they use which is a cascading sine wave pulsetrain which repeats 33 times per second.

The waveform is controlled by the B.Box controller.

The polarity of the waveform on the Bemer reverses every two minutes. 

Polarity reversal is widely agreed upon as effective & most PEMF mats utilize a polarity reversal with their own style of waveform.

When we scoured through the PubMed PEMF research we did not find any studies which tested a cascading sine wave pulse train, except for the Bemer specific studies.

The PEMF research which widely indicated positive results used either a Sine wave, or a Square wave at an intensity of 1 – 10 Gauss and frequency between 1-30 Hz.

PEMF Frequency

Within the Bemer sine wave pulse train waveform there are 40 sine waves that gradually increase in both frequency and amplitude; this combination results in over 1200 pulses per second.

There is also a sleep setting which runs at 10 Hz, resulting in a much larger, or “longer” waveform.

This means you have 2 frequency settings to run the Bemer at, 33Hz or 10Hz

PEMF Intensity

The intensity ranges for the Bemer mat differ for the mat vs. point applicators available to plug into the box controller.

For the Bemer mats, the intensity range is from 3.5 to 35 microTesla (0.035 to 0.35 Gauss).

The Bemer point applicators run up to 100 microTesla and up to 150 microTesla with the Plus signal; this applies to the B.Spot and B.Pad. (0.1 to 1.5 Gauss)

What are the most effective PEMF waveforms, intensity & frequency?

Most PEMF therapy brands claim their waveform is the most effective, but how do we know if that’s really the case?

There is in fact hundreds of studies on PEMF publicly available on the PubMed website, but oddly enough most PEMF brands do not reference any of these studies.

We compiled 56 of the most relevant PEMF studies we could find and summarized the information for you on our page, What is the Best PEMF Therapy?

The PEMF research available on PubMed doesn’t indicate that one certain PEMF therapy brand and their waveform is the best, surprise, surprise.

What the research indicates, is that a PEMF intensity of between 1-10 Gauss, and between a 1-30Hz frequency provides repeatedly positive results. (studies were done using a regular sine wave)

We should note there is now one brand offering a PEMF product that allows 1-25Hz frequency modulation at a 3 Gauss variable intensity, using a sine wave like the PubMed studies, this is the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave PEMF Mat.

What is the most natural PEMF waveform, frequency, & intensity?

Some things we do know are that, each cell of the human body has its own small electromagnetic field and these tend to be between the range of 0-30Hz.

The Earth has a magnetic field of its own which is highly varying and has a fundamental resonance frequency around 7.83Hz referred to as the Schumann Frequency, this is a relatively low frequency meaning it has a larger waveform associated with it.

earth ionosphere schumann resonance
Earth's Ionosphere with Schumann Resonance

It would make sense to hypothesize therefore that the most natural PEMF would be at this 7.83Hz Schumann Frequency.

Read more on our page specifically about Natural Earth based PEMF.

A common misstatement is that the Earth’s frequency is a sinusoidal wave, the Earth has in fact a highly variable waveform which is constantly changing and resonates at the Schumann Frequency.

The intensity of the earth’s magnetic field is only in the range of 30-60 microTesla, 0.3-0.6 Gauss.

Thus far the common agreement appears to be that between 0-30Hz is the most effective range for frequency. The common agreement around intensity is that a very high intensity does not yield better results, most PubMed studies show that intensity in the range of 1-10 Gauss is effective.

See our detailed review of PubMed PEMF studies on our page,What is the Best PEMF Therapy?

PEMF Considerations

A 20 minute session of PEMF is recommended once per day to receive the benefits of the therapy. 

A longer duration is not harmful, but also not necessary as you will receive the maximum benefits of PEMF in just a 20 minute period.

 One important thing to note is that individuals with pacemakers and pregnant women should not use PEMF therapy, it doesn’t say this when visiting the BEMER website so be sure to consult your own physician and make your own choices.

Red Light Therapy Applicator (Phototherapy)

The Bemer mat Pro package also includes something they call the B.LIGHT.

This is a red light therapy applicator and is not PEMF and is not integrated into the mat.

This applicator can be used separately for point application of red light therapy or phototherapy as it is also known, but note this accessory comes only with the Pro Set.

We reviewed 56 of the most pertinent PEMF Research Articles to determine the best waveform, intensity & frequency

Therapies Not Included

The Bemer mat is a PEMF only device; you may notice between other mats reviewed on this site that the Bemer has a more intricate controller, this is the focus of the Bemer mat to provide PEMF therapy only and a sleek visual controller for its use. 

This is kind of like a vehicle with high-line trim package, both will get you there but one looks shinier than the other along the way. 

Not Included in Bemer Mat:

  • Far Infrared Therapy
  • Negative Ions
  • Crystal Therapy

Combining PEMF with Far Infrared Therapy

Combining PEMF with far infrared therapy can be an effective way to maximize therapeutic benefits.

There is a relatively simple explanation for this.

PEMF will raise the energy of your cells within range of the therapy increasing their ability to heal.

Far infrared therapy will increase blood flow throughout the body.

By allowing the body to bring as much blood flow through the areas receiving the benefit of PEMF as possible, these benefits will effectively be transported throughout the rest of your body.

Some PEMF mats are built to include far infrared therapy, you can see which ones in our comparison table, Top PEMF Mats Review.

Bemer Classic Vs Pro - Prices & What Differences to Know

There are 2 main product packages, the Pro and the Classic. These kits include what you need to get started with the Bemer product line. There are also other types of applicators available, but the first thing you need is a controller. Alternatively you could buy a controller separately and only one of the applicator accessories to use with it.

The therapies offered by the classic and Pro mat controllers appear to be the same, the difference is the control interface. The Classic and Pro mat also appear to be nearly the same, the difference by their specification being that the Pro uses Alcantara in its construction which is harder to stain and more resilient material.

Some people may consider the price points of the Bemer packages to be rather high.

This is often the case with MLM or multi-level marketed products. Because there are so many levels in the sales process of an MLM group, their product prices tend to be higher than average. Rather than like with a standard direct from business to consumer model, the MLM model incorporates many more people into the sales process, all of whom need to be paid.

It is these additional layers between the business and the end consumer that account for the majority of the cost inflation of MLM or multi-level marketed products.

Prices on new and used mats can be seen on eBay as well, however pay close attention as the warranty will vary widely on these products. Check it out here on eBay.


Size – 23.6” W x 70.8” L – $5,990.00

  • Includes:
    • Box Professional – professional mat controller
    • Body Pro – the pro mat
    • Spot – spot applicator, fixing strap (to hold the mat on a bed)
    • Grip – a grip/handle for using the B.Spot and B.Light
    • Pad – a wearable pad to apply PEMF to localized spots on your body, good for travel
    • Scan – to test the mat’s signal
    • Light – red light therapy applicator
    • Wall mount, foot protection, car power cable

BEMER Classic Set

Size – 23.6” W x 70.8” L – $4,290.00

  • Includes:
    • Box Classic – classic mat controller
    • Body Classic – the classic mat
    • Spot – spot applicator, fixing strap (to hold the mat on a bed)
    • Grip – a grip/handle for using the B.Spot and B.Light
    • Scan – to test the mat’s signal


Size – 17.7” W x 15” L – $590.00

  • The B.Sit is a good accessory for individuals who sit frequently and wish to use their BEMER


Size – 43.7” L x 5.1” W  – $319.00

  • The B.Pad is a good accessory for individuals who want localized application and is a good travel accessory

Certifications, Production, Distribution

MDC Marking

The Bemer products have been certified by MDC and also have the CE marking.

MDC is an independent review company which works in the medical field to check whether devices are safe for use; companies pay for MDC to review their products to show that they are safe for use.

CE Marking

The CE means “European Conformity” (in French, conformity European hence CE), any product with the CE marking means that the product falls within the directives of the EU for safe use.

Within the CE marking, Bemer complies with ISO 13485 which is a European standard for safety and quality standards generally for medical devices. 

The interesting fact about the CE marking, is that businesses can put this marking on their product without actually ever having their product tested. When they put the CE marking on their product they are simply declaring themselves that it falls within these regulatory guidelines, but it does not mean that the product was ever test.

The only way to verify if the product was actually tested by the CE is that the CE marking on the product will then have a number stamped with the marking. This is the review or certification number pertaining to when the product was actually reviewed and tested.

Bemer FDA Approval

Bemer products are FDA registered (not FDA approved) as a Class 1 medical devices with 510(K) clearance.

It’s important to differentiate between FDA Approval and FDA Registration.

When a device is “registered” this means it simply fits into a category of devices the FDA has already decided is safe.

When a device (or pharmaceutical drug) undergoes “approval”, this means the device is entirely new and needs a new category unto itself (this approval process can cost in the millions).

Bemer’s Class 1 with 510(K) clearance simply means that the device has received its PMN (pre-market notification) and is cleared for sale in the USA, ie. registered and falling into a pre-existing category of devices.

The categories progress from Class 1 to 3 for most stringent regulation by the FDA.

The 510(K) form is intended to determine whether or not a product or device falls into a category of devices already deemed safe by the FDA.

In this case the FDA has determined that the Bemer mat falls into the category of devices, “Powered Muscle Stimulator”.

You can view this 510(K) form on the FDA website Bemer 510(k) Premarket Notification, and we’ve also taken a snap shot below for you.

This being said the Class 1 with 510(K) still means the product is reviewed and deemed safe for sale to the public by the FDA.

bemer FDA 510K form
Bemer FDA 510(K) Form

Bemer FDA Import Alert

The FDA keeps a list of devices and items which will automatically be detained when being brought in to the USA and it is updated often, this list was updated just on March 10, 2020.

Typically products with their 510(K) form are exempt from this situation, however recently Bemer was added to this list despite having their 510(K) form which is now listed as being possibly insufficient to overcome the appearance of violation.

To see this list check it out here, FDA Import Alert 89-08, go to the page and then use the CTRL + F function to make a search for the term Bemer to find it on the listing.

We’ve also taken a snap shot of the list description and the Bemer section here for you.

FDA import list
Bemer FDA Import Alert list
Current Bemer status with FDA, detention on entry

Production & Distribution

The mats & signal generators are manufactured in Liechtenstein, Switzerland by the Bemer Group, this appears to be the location of the company headquarters as well.

The Bemer Life Group has been primarily distributed since their conception via an MLM structure (multi-level marketed).

This means that any individual purchasing a mat, can for a relatively small surcharge can become a distributor of the product themselves.

These distributors will then have specialized logins for the Bemer website to sell to their friends and others and once a sale is made these distributors will receive a commission.

Via the structure of an MLM organization, this means that not only the end level distributor will receive a commission, but also all levels above this person will also receive a share of commission.

This is the leading factor when it comes to the high price levels of MLM distributed products, there are so many levels of individuals taking a commission between the end user and the business that prices must be inflated to pay all the “middle-men”.

Currently you can visit the Bemer Group homepage to purchase a mat for yourself or go through one of the MLM distributors.

Often times if you go to one of the distributor webpages through a simple google search you’ll find that the checkout page is actually a sub-page of the official Bemer Groups website. You may also be able to purchase Bemer in person from a distributor or used on other websites.

Be careful if you’re buying a used mat to check its functionality (you could check this using the B.Scan). Or purchase on eBay used for their buyer protection.

Warranty & Guarantee


When considering any large purchase the warranty and return policies of the product are of utmost importance.

The Bemer Group lists their full terms and conditions at the bottom of their official webpage, we recommend before making a purchase you read through the entirety to make sure you know what guarantees you’ll receive for your purchase.

Warranty - What You Should Know

All registered Bemer products have a 3 year warranty with the exception of the battery and the B.Light, these items have a 6 month warranty.

The 3 year warranty includes the B.Box controller which is good to see as the B.Box is the mat controller & signal generator which is typically the most complex and expensive part of the system. The mat itself is a very simple construction of fabric and wire, not much at all which could fail or go wrong.

Some PEMF products offer a worse warranty period on the controller than the rest of the system and for the reason above it’s always important to consider the warranty on the controller.

Other PEMF products offer an even longer warranty on the controller than on the rest of the product which lends a lot of confidence in the quality of the product, in the case of Healthy Wave Multi-Wave, a 5 year controller warranty and 2 year mat warranty.

Guarantee Return Policy

There is a 30-day money back guarantee return policy for the Bemer Classic and Bemer Pro-Set products but only when they have been purchased directly through the Bemer Group website.

If the product was purchased on the official website, then provided conditions are met there is a 30 day guarantee.

Some of these conditions include,

  • Return request made within 30 days
  • Product in original packaging
  • All additional items included (accessories) with shipment to be included
  • A copy of the original invoice.

If these conditions are met then the mat can be returned for a refund, minus all shipping and handling and minus a 10% re-stocking fee.

If the items are at all damaged then there is no refund.

The terms & conditions document on the Bemer website is particularly challenging to find, so we’re excerpted the Return Policy portion for you here and you can see the conditions listed above.

The language used where we have underlined in purple opens the door to confusion around whether or not product returns are permitted if the original packaging has been opened.

We called Bemer headquarters to clarify this for our readers and they were clear in their answer that the product can be returned after the box has been opened so long as all the components are there, and you meet the rest of the required return conditions.

Bemer return policy
Bemer Return Policy from Bemer Website

Guarantee - What You Should Know

The independent MLM distributors of the Bemer product are called IBD’s (Independent Bemer Distributors).

And something very important to note is that if you become an IBD within the 30 day purchase period, then the money back guarantee is no longer applicable.

Something else important to note, is that purchases made through one of the MLM distributors, IBD’s, do not receive the same 30 day guarantee that Bemer Group offers if made through the IBD’s private inventory. We caution anyone making purchases from an IBD to do their due diligence as support, warranties, and guarantees can vary from vendor to vendor.

You can see these conditions in the excerpt of the Return Policy pictured above.

Another important thing to note that if a Bemer mat is purchased through an IBD then it is the end customer’s responsibility to register the product with Bemer for warranty purposes. If the mat is purchased direct from the Bemer Group website then it is automatically registered.

Where to Buy

There are numerous avenues to purchase a Bemer product due to all of the IBD’s or independent distributors.

 A Google search will likely turn up used Bemer products for sale as well as health & wellness centres located locally where you can go to try out the technology. (if you’re a local center or clinic that provides Bemer Therapy, email us to be featured on our locations page!)

If you intend to purchase a second hand mat, our recommendation would be to purchase from eBay.

This is for the customer protection they offer that you wont find buying locally from Craigslist for example.

Many of the health centres which have Bemer products for use by their customers are also IBD’s selling the Bemer technology. 

As mentioned before we recommend doing your due diligence when it comes to evaluating the support you’ll get from any of the many distributors before purchase.

Our recommendation would be to buy your Bemer device from the official Bemer Group website or in good condition from eBay. 

Purchasing from the official Bemer website ensures that you’re covered under their 30 day return policy (provided conditions are met), and the product is also automatically registered for the warranty with no further registration actions required on your part. 

You can follow this link to the official website, Bemer Group, or this link to check out Bemer products for sale on eBay.

Thanks for making this far down the review, it took longer than you might think to research, assemble & present so we hope you’ve enjoyed it and it helps answer your questions!

If you did enjoy it, drop us a comment or please consider sharing the article with friends & family!

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4 thoughts on “Bemer Mat Review”

  1. I just had an aortic value replacement. Can I use the beamer. Could I use it only on my head (for cognition) or lower extremities if not safe for total body.

    • Hi Myrna!

      to our knowledge, the only time that you should be concerned with using a PEMF mat is when you have a pacemaker (because of the electronics inside it).

      Funny that most PEMF manufacturers don’t mention this warning!

      We think it should be just fine to use for the whole body in your case, but as always, please refer to your medical professional for advice and don’t take our opinion here as a replacement for your medical professional’s advice.

      Thanks for the comment!

    • Hi Barry!

      We recommend you check out the Bemer Life Group’s home page for more information on this, they’ll be happy to help you there!


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