Healthy Wave Mat Review

Healthy Wave Mat Summary

This Healthy Wave Mat Review digs in to the PEMF therapy, FIR therapy, red light therapy, and the warranty, guarantee, certifications and pricing.

We found the Healthy Wave Pro PEMF mat to be the best health mat of 2019, however it has slipped to #2 behind its “younger sibling” the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave PEMF Mat.

Both can be found on the  Healthy Wave Mat website.

For the purposes of this review we’ll be considering the full sized Healthy Wave Mat PRO PEMF Amethyst Far Infrared Mat

This is Healthy Wave’s original flagship product, far less than the Bemer & other PEMF mats in price point.

Quite comparable to the Biomat 7000MX in price point, however including variable frequency PEMF therapy in addition to only infrared heat like the Biomat.

healthy wave mat pro pemf with pillow
Full Sized Pro PEMF Mat

Note that: in the above photo the pillow pictured is sold separately, it’s the Healthy Wave 5 Therapy Infrared, PEMF, Red light Therapy Pillow

The main defining feature of this Pro PEMF mat model is that it incorporates not only far infrared heat therapy but a full set of therapies including,

  • PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy
    • selectable 1-30Hz frequency options
  • Far Infrared Therapy
  • Red Light Therapy, and
  • Negative Ion Therapy

As mentioned, this Pro model is now ranked second to its newer counterpart ranked as best mat for 2022, the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave PEMF Mat.


  • 1-30Hz frequency selections
  • Includes Schumann Resonance at 8Hz
  • Bi-phasic bursts of PEMF



Starting Price
• $109

Return Policy
• 90 Day Full

• Mat – 2 Year
• Controller – 5 Year

Sizes Available
• 7 Options

The Pro PEMF mat uses a combination of all 3 primary healing crystals, amethyst, jade, and tourmaline

This therapy & crystal combination really make this mat an all in one, holistic mat product for the latest mat therapies and at a far more affordable price than other mats offering only a single therapy such as PEMF, or far infrared and negative ion therapy. 

You can read more about FIR on our Benefits of FIR page or FAQ, along with Benefits of PEMF, and photo therapy (coming soon) on our website or on the Healthy Wave Mat website.

One remarkable thing about the Healthy Wave Mat PRO is that it offers PEMF therapy (pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy) for a fraction of the cost of its competition, and with a relatively advanced controller offering 30 different frequency settings

Other health mats offering PEMF therapy start between $4,000-$6,000.

It’s important to make clear that only the Healthy Wave Mat PRO PEMF model incorporates all 4 therapies as listed above in addition to using all 3 primary healing crystals. 

Note: As of 2020, the new Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave PEMF Mat is available and also includes all 4 therapies, (and advanced PEMF).

The rest of the mat products offered all come with far infrared & negative ion therapy, but may only use 1 or 2 of the 3 healing crystals and may or may not include PEMF or photo therapy (red light therapy). 

Just depends on the mat that is right for you!

You can see the whole collection on the Healthy Wave Mat website.

Healthy Wave Mat PRO Controller

The Healthy Wave Mat PRO controls its’ therapies via the Healthy Wave controller pictured here.

In the background you can see my Healthy Wave far infrared, PEMF, red light therapy pillow; a nice addition for the neck while using a Healthy Wave Mat or even on the couch.

You can see the controller is quite straightforward to use, buttons for 

  • Temp
  • Time
  • PEMF
  • Photon (red light therapy)
  • and plus minus + –

You simply click twice on the temp, time or PEMF which makes it blink and you use the plus minus to change the setting whether temperature, time (duration of the session) or PEMF frequency.

healthy wave mat pro controller
Healthy Wave Mat PRO Controller

The Photon button, which refers to the red light therapy lights, is simply an on/off button controlled with one click, and as with the other therapies can be off, or on, in addition to using the far infrared and PEMF simultaneously or one at a time.

In the next section we’ll review each of these therapies in the Healthy Wave PRO mat in closer detail.

Healthy Wave Mat Therapies

Far Infrared Heat (FIR)

Healthy Wave Mats make themselves stand out by using a unique combination of crystals which is unlike any other mat. The Healthy Wave Mat PRO mat utilizes a combination of the 3 main crystals known to generate the far infrared heat therapy.

The temperature can be fully controlled and there are even other mat variations such as Chakra mats, and chair mats available.

Far infrared heat therapy, like far infrared saunas, are one of the best ways to improve circulation in the body.

What Crystals are Used?

Each crystal produces a slight variance in the far infrared light spectrum generated. 

Using this combination of the 3 covers the spectrum of what is available in far infrared heat therapy from the current known most beneficial crystals used in far infrared mats, amethyst, jade, & tourmaline.

far infrared heat blood flow depiction

Which Crystal is Most Effective?

There are many arguments on the web of which crystal is the most effective, amethyst, jade or tourmaline. 

Make your own judgement on this or find a mat using a combination of the ones you think will be best for you. 

To date there has been no empirical evidence produced to demonstrate one crystal type as significantly better than another although amethyst produces a wavelength which is closest to that of the human body.

Is there EMF Protection?

As with other top brand mats on the market, the full list of products include EMF protection (electromagnetic frequency)

This is the randomized electromagnetic fields frequency produced by our everyday electronics producing excess positive ions and created by the electricity running through them and found in all far infrared heat mats. 

Spending an hour or two on a far infrared heat mat you want to ensure the mat you purchase includes EMF protection technology.

Negative Ions

The Healthy Wave Mat PRO PEMF model used to, in the past, use a total of 4 healing crystals, now the combination of the 4 is only available in the Healthy Wave Multiwave Mat. The current PRO version includes 3 healing crystals, the amethyst, jade and tourmaline.

Of these 4 previously used, 3 are used to optimize the negative ion generation process. This is the combination of the amethyst, jade, and tourmaline crystals (currently in the PRO version) along with a lesser known 4th called obsidian.

Negative ions are what make use feel so rejuvenated when we are near the ocean, rivers, or other bodies of water. Read more on the Benefits of Negative Ions.

Our everyday lives are over encumbered by positive ions which are emitted by all electronics, the typical household has an excess of positive ions in the air at any given time.

What Is Obsidian Crystal?

The obsidian is known as a grounding agent for negative energies in its surrounding area. 

It does not actually contribute to the production of far infrared heat (FIR) or negative ions but it has long been known as a healing stone, drawing all physical and mental negativity towards its jet black color.

As mentioned above, the obsidian crystal is now only available in the Healthy Wave Multiwave Mat, and not in the standard PRO mat reviewed on this page.

amethyst jade tourmaline crystals for far infrared and obsidian

What Produces the Negative Ions?

Each of the crystals amethyst, jade and tourmaline all produce negative ions, some to a greater extent than the others. 

There are many reputable sources providing review or reports that one crystal has better ion producing properties than another, but finding a combination of what you think are the most effective can be a way to avoid this argument.

How Many Negative Ions are Produced?

In the Healthy Wave Mats, (used all in combination in the PRO model), amethyst crystals produce 1500 negative ions per square inch using 3 grades of amethyst, jade crystals produce 700 negative ions per square inch, and tourmaline produces up to 1500+ negative ions per square inch.

Check out the Healthy Wave Mat website to see the different mat & crystal options.

Healthy Wave Mat PRO Therapies

The following therapies are included only in the Healthy Wave Mat PRO, and Multi-Wave (to see a full product list visit the Healthy Wave Mat website)

PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy)

PEMF is quickly becoming better known in the health markets. 

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a way in which magnetic frequencies can be applied to the body lending energy to the electrons of the molecules in your cells, restoring their potential & increasing their healing ability. 

You can read more about PEMF on a number of pages on our website including, PEMF Therapy, What is the Best PEMF Therapy, Natural Earth Based PEMF, Benefits of PEMF, and is High Intensity PEMF Safe?

Is there any Research out there?

Yes, many studies are freely available on the PubMed website.

We did an in depth review of the research available on the PubMed website here on our page, What is the Best PEMF Therapy?

Scroll further down to see a list of studies we’ve found with similar frequencies to those available with the Healthy Wave PRO, or click here, PEMF Research Studies within frequency range.

What kind of PEMF is Used in Healthy Wave Pro PEMF?

There are a number of variables which can be applied in PEMF, including frequency, strength, & waveform. 

The Healthy Wave Mat PRO PEMF technology features the following parameters,

  • Frequency: selectable 1-30Hz settings
  • Strength: 3000 Milligauss or 3 Gauss
  • Waveform: Sinusodial, bi-phasic

Any waveform could be used, but this magnetic waveform is the closest to that of the Earth’s natural magnetic field, and therefore the most compatible with the human body’s natural biological rhythms. 

The resonance frequency of the Earth is known as the Schumann frequency and centers around 8Hz, one of the available frequency settings with the Healthy Wave Mat PRO. Read more on Earth based PEMF on our page, Earth Based PEMF.

Earlier versions of the Healthy Wave Mat PRO as you may have seen on this website previously, had only a single frequency for the PEMF therapy and this was set to 8Hz, because it is the closest to the Schumann resonance frequency of the Earth. 

Healthy Wave appears to continually develop their products and the PRO mat was no exception, now offering the more advanced PEMF controller as it currently is with 30 selectable frequency settings, including the Schumann band at 8Hz (and even more advanced with the Healthy Wave Multiwave mat).

The Healthy Wave Mat PRO generates this waveform through multiple PEMF “bursts”, this will take the cells of the body through a full magnetic field polarity cycle (reverse polarity).  

Most PEMF studies have found reverse polarity to be effective & therefore it is found commonly in the majority of PEMF devices available today.

The above PEMF specifications apply to the Pro PEMF model however there is now a new PEMF mat available with even more advanced PEMF settings, the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave PEMF Mat (for those looking for a versatile PEMF device designed based only on modern PubMed research).

See more on the Healthy Wave Mat website on their different PEMF products and how PEMF functions in their mats.

How Does PEMF Work?

The cells of the human body each all have their own small electromagnetic field and these small fields tend to be in the range of 0-30Hz.

Overtime with aging and stress, the energy levels of the cells of the body can drop off.

PEMF works to re-energize the cells of the body restoring them to their fully functional higher energy levels. This promotes the miraculous power of the cells of the human body to heal themselves by bringing them back to full energy levels.

The magnetic field of the Earth itself is highly varying and has its fundamental resonance frequency around 7.83Hz which is referred to as the Schumann Frequency. The intensity of the magnetic field of the Earth is low and in the of 30-60 microTesla, or 0.3-0.6 Gauss.

There is a lot of research and discussion around what the most effective frequency, waveform, & intensity levels are for PEMF fields. 

Thus far much evidence points towards the range of 0-50Hz as the most effective for frequency, 1-10 Gauss as the most effective strength range, and hasn’t yet demonstrated one waveform as more effective than another. This is the therapeutic area of PEMF and has been shown to provide better oxygen delivery to the cell and improve circulation and can even help reduce inflammation.

What Else to Know?

Common agreement through most PubMed studies show that intensity in the range of 1-10 Gauss is effective and that a very high intensity does not yield better results

A 20 minute session of PEMF is recommended once per day to receive the benefits of the therapy. 

A longer duration is not harmful, but also not necessary as you will receive the maximum benefits of PEMF in just a 20 minute period.

In the Pro PEMF mat you can turn on and off the PEMF at any time, and use it with or without the far infrared heat therapy activated. 

One important thing to note is that individuals with pacemakers and pregnant women should not use PEMF therapy.

In our extensive review of many PEMF studies we found a list which can closely be replicated with the Healthy Wave Multiwave PEMF mat with the frequency, intensity and waveform settings.

The PEMF frequency settings of these studies can also be set on the Healthy Wave PRO mat and the intensity is similar in some cases at 3 Gauss.

PEMF Research Studies within Healthy Wave PRO Frequency Range

Red Light Therapy - Phototherapy

Phototherapy, also known as red light therapy is a therapy that has been in use since the 1970’s and has been acknowledged as a pain relief method by the FDA and other international organizations. 

It’s a therapy which is typically only found in mats in a higher price bracket than the Healthy Wave Mat PRO and typically with less reputable brands. You can see the comparison page on our website here (coming soon).

What is Phototherapy?

Phototherapy is also known as “low level (laser) light therapy”, “red light therapy”, “photon light therapy”, and as “cold laser therapy”. 

It is similar to far infrared therapy in that it is generated through a light waveform, however with phototherapy the waveform is much shorter than far infrared.

healthy wave mat photo therapy red light therapy

What kind of Phototherapy is Used?

With the Healthy Wave Mat PRO the waveform is in the range of 660 nanometres, and is visible as red light. 

This is because as studies have shown the most effective bandwidth of phototherapy is between 633 and 830 nanometres.

To be effective photon light therapy must be used directly on the skin as a short waveform of light does not penetrate body tissue to the depth in which far infrared light does.

What does Phototherapy do?

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the natural chemical in everyone’s body necessary for cellular regeneration. 

The production of ATP in the body is stimulated by the presence of nitric acid, and when the photons of low level light therapy are absorbed by the skin of the body, the body system forms this in to ATP stimulating nitric acid. 

The presence of this ATP allows the formation of newly regenerated cells which are able to destroy old cells which in turn further increases detoxification of the body.

healthy wave mat pro pemf far infrared photon negative ion mat
Red Light Therapy in the Pro PEMF Mat

Why Include Phototherapy?

The reason phototherapy is included the Healthy Wave Mat PRO is that phototherapy can magnify the effects of the mat’s other therapies and improves the far infrared heat, negative ions, and PEMF therapy. 

Overtime this can contribute to a greater overall well being and phototherapy can do this being completely non-invasive and without any adverse side effects on the body.

See the full list of phototherapy mats available here on the Healthy Wave Mat website.

Prices & Mat Sizes

The Healthy Wave Mat line of mats has numerous different sizes available. 

On their website you’re able to select a mat by size as well as even call in to their centre to get assistance in picking just the right mat for you. 

Their website also has numerous categories of mats to help you find what you’re looking for, categories include, crystal type (amethyst, jade, tourmaline), size of mat, body area (for instance belt mats, shoulder mats etc),  among others.


Make sure to consider the weight of the mat which you are choosing

Far infrared heating mats using any kind of crystal will be heavy, crystals are as heavy as a stone remember! The weight of each kind of mat is listed under the product description on the store website. 

You will likely also want to consider what your intended use of the mat will be, will you be travelling with it? Or will you have one for home use and one for travel use? Every Healthy Wave Mat comes with a mat carrying case for convenience and mobility.

Most Popular Products

We will only list 7 top sellers here as there is such a wide variety available. Check out the full line up and learn more on the the store website by following one of the product links below.

Our Recommended Top PEMF Mat

Healthy Wave Mat Pro Multi-Wave PEMF Amethyst Far Infrared Full Size – 74″ x 28″ – $2,495 (see product review page)

  • As reviewed on our website and including all therapies as reviewed on this page

As Reviewed On This Page

Healthy Wave Mat PRO PEMF Amethyst Jade Tourmaline Photon Far Infrared Mat – 74″ x 28″ – $1,499 (see product page)

  • As reviewed on this page with all therapies listed above

Other Popular Models

Healthy Wave Mat King Size PEMF Amethyst Jade Tourmaline Obsidian Photon/FIR – 80″ x 76″ – $2,999 (see product page)

  • All the same therapies as the PRO model except much larger, sized the same as a king size bed

Healthy Wave Mat Queen Size PEMF Amethyst Jade Tourmaline Obsidian Photon/FIR – 80″ x 60″ – $1,999 (see product page)

  • All the same therapies as the PRO model except much larger, sized the same as a queen size bed

Healthy Wave Mat PEMF Amethyst Jade Tourmaline & Photon Far Infrared Mat – 60″ x 24″ – $849 (see product page)

  • Same therapies as the PRO model except without the obsidian crystal therapy, also shorter and not as wide

Healthy Wave Mat Small SOFT Amethyst Tourmaline Obsidian Jade FIR Mat – 18″ x 18″ – $159 (see product page)

  • Has all the crystal therapies, far infrared, negative ions in a small mat (no PEMF or phototherapy)

Healthy Wave Mat Belt Amethyst Photon Far Infrared Heat– 54” x 8” – $244 (see product page)

  • A belt with far infrared, negative ion, and phototherapy (no additional crystals or PEMF)

Certifications, Production, Distribution


The Healthy Wave Mat line of far infrared & other health therapy mats like some other mats is cleared with the FDA.

This means that these products fall into a category of device classified by the FDA as approved for sale in the USA. The FDA issues the 510(K) form as their method to approve these type of devices. Read more about the 510(K) form here on the FDA website.

We’ve found this brand to be safety conscious and offer warnings in their products use where they are due, including for pregnant women, and for individuals using a pacemaker (especially these 2 types of people and the use of PEMF therapy).


The Healthy Wave Mat company is USA based and excellent management along with strict quality control are apparent when their mats are examined close up.

For individuals concerned with the quality of the far infrared mats on the market, these products make a good option with their 90 day 100% money back guarantee.

The majority of mats offer between 0-30 day money back policies and we have not yet found one which offers 100% money back after the first 7 days.

Distribution is processed through warehousing in the USA making for excellent delivery times and easier returns for repairs in warranty situations.

Warranty & Guarantee

With this brand the warranty is a bit more straightforward that when purchasing other mats.

This is due to the fact that they are an individual supplier of a product and not an MLM (multi-level marketing) style company with many re-sellers all providing various levels of support for the same product.


All of the Healthy Wave Mat products come with a 90 day trial satisfaction guarantee, the mat may be returned for any reason in the good condition and receive 100% of your money back. However the purchaser does pay the return shipping cost.

The majority of other mats on the market do not offer such a lengthy money back guarantee and also charge return shipping. Check out this information for yourself on the Shipping Info page. 


There is a full 1.25 year (15 month) USA warranty on all products, many competing products actually charge for repairs under their “warranty policies”. 

This means within the first year, if there is any issue or problem with the mat the mat will be replaced free of charge with shipping paid for by Healthy Wave (not just a free repair). 

This provides assurance that you wont be stuck with a “lemon” product as you’ll have the mat replaced with a brand new mat if there is any problem within the year.

One really unique thing provided with all products is a  full 5 year extended warranty on their mat controllers

The mat controllers are the most complicated component of any far infrared, PEMF or health mat and are therefore more prone to failure than any other part of the mat. 

This 5 year extended controller warranty is an awesome value add for anyone looking to own their mat long term

Many other far infrared mat brands will charge $100 or more for a replacement controller. Keep in mind that warranty is only held for the original purchaser of the mat and will not be held if it’s been resold, as with other brands of far infrared & health mats.

Where to Buy

The Healthy Wave Mat is designed by USA based company and can be purchased on their store’s website. 

On their website you’ll find out more info, see customer reviews, and see the full product line offering of far infrared, negative ion, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy), red light therapy and multiple crystal therapy mats. 

You can check out their site and the Healthy Wave Mat PRO model here on the Healthy Wave Mat website.

We are always improving the information on our website and if you have something you would like us to provide or include please leave a comment or get in touch on the Contact Us page!


below are some Healthy Wave Mat testimonials as imported from their website:

Broken Back

I crushed to 2 vertebrae in my lower back from a serious fall over 2 years ago so I suffered from a low level chronic pain all the time but would get a lot worse if I tried to do anything like vacuuming or bending over. Since using my Healthy Wave Mat PEMF I have no back pain at all although it will flare up if I attempt to do too much lifting. As long as I lay on the mat for 20 minutes/ day I feel great. When I skip 3-4 days in row I can start to feel the old pain creeping back in which is a good reminder to get back on the mat.
Susan B.

Lyme Disease

Hi, my name is Rebecca. I've struggled with my health for over 40 years now. After being diagnosed with chronic late stage Lyme disease in 2005 I realized Lyme was what had been making me sick for so long. I had a variety of diagnoses during that time, including fibromyalgia and depression. Over the years, my pain levels increased while my energy and zest for life all but disappeared. I tried everything from supplements to alternative body therapies, diets, and IVs to name a few but eventually my symptoms returned. I was recently introduced to the small Healthy Wave PEMF mat and I'm thrilled to say I've noticed a significant decrease in pain along with an increase in energy and well-being. What a change! I'm thrilled with the results. Normally I just try to get through each day as best I can. I water walk in the pool but that's the extent of my physical exercise. I just don't have the energy to walk a lot or work out at the gym. I spend 30 minutes, 2-3 times a day on the mat. It's really helping to reduce my body pain and give me more energy. For so many years now I have struggled with interrupted sleeps, waking up tired and staying that way all day. I'm now getting restorative sleeps which is huge for me. I highly recommend this mat. I have a small one that I can use lying down or sitting up. This has been the best investment I've ever made in my health. Do I still experience the ups and downs of chronic pain? Sometimes but using the mat regularly ensures that I'm able to function at a higher level on a daily basis and enjoy more of my life. I LOVE MY MAT.
Rebecca K.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have purchased an amethyst PEMF mat with the laser lights for about one month. I first tried the mat at my massage therapist's clinic, I lay on it for about 2 hours. That evening when I was home, I realized my body felt so good and my energy level was way up. BTW, I've been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis flare up for about a year, my energy level can be so low that I sometimes find it an effort even talking on the phone. So I was very impressed what I got out of it. I was determined that evening to buy one right away. I bought one that same week, the first night I got it, I lay on it for 2 hours before bedtime. That night I had the most amazing sound sleep that I never had in the whole year while suffering from the flare up. I was so impressed and happy I finally get some good deep sleep. I've continued using it and keep getting the benefits. I'd highly recommend it to anyone.
Alice Auyeung

See more testimonials like these on the Healthy Wave Mat website.

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      This way you could test out the Healthy Wave Mat for a whole month (EDIT for 2.5 months) and still have time to return it and get 100% of your money back. (just remember you’ll pay for the return shipping cost, which oddly enough is far less than the rental cost of any other mat)

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      (EDIT: OCT 2021, Healthy Wave now offers a 90 day return window on their products)


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