What is Biomat by Richway & What Are The Biomat Benefits like Far Infrared, Negative Ions & Amethyst Crystal Therapy?

What is Biomat?

The Biomat, also called an amethyst Biomat, is a therapeutic, pain relieving, far infrared heating mat and is made mostly of amethyst crystal by the Richway company.

It plugs into the wall and heats up its’ amethyst crystals which will then emit far infrared rays and negative ions.

When laying on the mat the infrared ray’s heat will penetrate a few inches into the body improving circulation, muscle recovery and offering some pain relief like a hot water bottle would but on a much deeper scale.

biomat 7000mx pro mat and controller
Biomat Professional 7000MX

The Biomat comes in multiple shapes and sizes and is only one in a list of a few best far infrared mat products currently available.

Check out our comprehensive review of the Biomat’s therapies, quality, value, warranty & more on our Biomat review page.

Biomat Benefits

The benefits which we can receive from mats like the Biomat compromise quite a list including the following Biomat benefits

Check our page on far infrared therapy benefits and the benefits of negative ions which encompass the Biomat benefits created from the Biomat’s therapies.

Biomat Technology

The technology of the Biomat is centered around the crystals and their ability to emit far infrared rays when heated.

In the most basic sense, the Biomat technology, like other far infrared mats, takes electricity from the wall and transforms it into therapeutic heat.

The Biomat mat is constructed of 17 layers to create the far infrared heat, while blocking harmful EMF radiation, and providing a more comfortable cotton & silicone top layer.

It’s controlled with a controller similar to a tablet computer allowing you to adjust the temperature and timing of the treatment.

For a full detail on the breakdown of the construction of the Biomat and how it works, check out our Biomat review page.

What is Biomat Therapy?

If you’re wondering what actually is Biomat therapy, it is a combination of more than just a single modality.

Biomat therapy is a combination of far infrared, negative ion, and crystal therapy.

Far infrared is a form of heat therapy which can reach deeper levels of the body tissue which provides noticeable greater results than other forms of heat.

Negative ion therapy is something which we may be less familiar with, but if you’ve heard the term “anti-oxidizing”, these ions are in essence anti-oxidizers for our bodies.

Crystal therapy in the Biomat consists of its high quality amethyst crystals which have long been known for their mind & emotional therapeutic properties.

We get into more details on all these below, or read more about how the Biomat applies these therapies, mat size options & crystals, warranty, shipping on our Biomat Review page.

What Does a Biomat Do?

It’s understandable if you’re wondering what the Biomat actually does, because it isn’t visible to the naked eye, so what does a Biomat do?

Very bluntly, what the Biomat does is heat up amethyst crystals using electricity, controlled by its controller, and maintains the temperature of the crystals to its setting & for as long as it is set for.

When we talk about the benefits from the Biomat and the therapies it provides, these are really all from the amethyst crystals.

biomat professional 7000
Biomat Professional 7000MX with Controller

So one could say that the Biomat doesn’t actually “do” much, all the Biomat actually does is heat its amethyst crystals, and from there the amethyst crystals create all the therapeutic benefits we get from the Biomat.

Typical benefits of heat therapy are relief from minor muscular back pain, minor joint pain, pain associated with arthritis however despite this the Biomat is not considered a medical device, rather a therapeutic one.

If you’re wondering what the Biomat can do for you, check out the list of benefits of the Biomat which we listed above, or our pages benefits of far infrared and benefits of negative ions.

Does the Biomat Really Work?

Does the Biomat really work is a question which is very much dependent on what you want it to work for.

The Biomat certainly works for many people and the therapies of the Biomat certainly work and can help with many ailments, however of course it is not a miracle cure for every ailment we may have.

Many people may not know that there are other mats to choose from, like the Biomat, and some which also include PEMF therapy (for a lower price & with a better guarantee).

PEMF therapy is shown to work for many ailments and helps to improve circulation, a primary reason many consider a far infrared mat, read more about it on our website and check out our best far infrared mats reviewed table.

How Does a Biomat Work?

How a Biomat works is really quite simple, it is the simple mechanism of applying energy to the amethyst crystals inside the mat which then emit far infrared rays and negative ion therapy.

How does a Biomat work to apply its therapies to our bodies is via the properties of far infrared therapy, negative ion therapy and crystal therapy of the amethyst crystals.

Keep reading to find out about how all these therapies work to benefit our bodies.

Far Infrared

Far infrared heat may sound like something very technical or specialized, but in truth we’re receiving far infrared rays from the sun and even from each other when touching one another’s skin.

What is Far Infrared, Where does it Come From?

There is so much of our world which isn’t visible, and really only a small bandwidth of light is visible to us, but the electromagnetic spectrum which comprises what we can see is really so much larger.

This electromagnetic spectrum comprises PEMF therapy, communications like our radios and cell phones, infrared heat, right up to what we try to avoid, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma radiation.

Far infrared light is below the visible light which we can see, and it carries heat, we all know the feeling of the warm sun on our skin even when it’s a cold day outside.

This is far infrared light, it’s able to travel through space and even the cold air to deliver warmth to us right on our skin.

This light can even penetrate the skin to some depth, heating us as if from the inside out.

You could almost call this kind of heat, organic heat, from the sun, from our bodies, from the stones which hold the heat from the sun far into the evening or even from crystals like in the Biomat.

far infrared heat blood flow depiction
Far Infrared Heat & Circulation

How is Far Infrared Created in Biomat?

Far infrared rays to be used as a therapy in the Biomat is created through the amethyst crystals in the mat.

Amethyst, the beautiful purple crystal which we may be familiar with, has a remarkable property that when heated, will emit far infrared heat rays.

These far infrared heat rays from the amethyst can work to heat the body and provide us the therapeutic benefits, read more on how they work in the Biomat on our Biomat review page.

What Are the Health Benefits of Far Infrared?

Benefits we can receive from far infrared rays are primarily due to it’s modality as a heat therapy.

We can compare this to a sauna, or far infrared sauna, which heats the body to a deep level more than a simple heating blanket could for instance.

This heat therapy provides a long list of benefits like we list above the benefits of the Biomat, and on our page benefits of far infrared therapy.

Some of the common benefits people receive from this heat therapy are a temporary relief of aches and pains including muscle pain, joint pain and stiffness, minor muscular back pain, relief from stress and fatigue, and better sleep.

Negative Ions

These ions can be a fairly odd concept, maybe just because of the fact that despite their name, they are very much the opposite, a positive influence on the body.

What are Negative Ions, Where are they From?

Ions are molecules which have either gained or lost an electron when they break up with their neighboring molecule through movement, sunlight, radiation or otherwise.

When the molecules break up with each other some may be left with more negative charge electrons creating a negative ion.

They can be found anywhere, but are particularly prevalent around moving water, you may notice how refreshed you feel at the beach or by a fast moving river or waterfall.

Negative ions can measure in the numbers of tens of thousands on the beach or near a river, in comparison with a house or office building which can measure as low as zero ions.

How are they Created in Biomat?

These ions are created in the Biomat when the crystals are heated, they simultaneously emit these ions.

Some Biomats also include what they call a TOCA layer, (tourmaline CAtch power), which will also emit these ions.

In fact some speculate that tourmaline crystal emits a higher concentration of these ions than amethyst does.

We wrote about this topic in further detail on our Biomat 7000MX review page if you’re looking for further reading.

negative ions depiction
Negative Ions from Amethyst (Healthy Wave Mat in photo)

Why are they Called Negative Ions?

They got their name from the fact that all molecules have a balance between positive charges, cations, and negative charges anions.

Electrons are anions, negative charges, and Protons are cations, positive charges.

When a molecule has more electrons than it does protons it will have a net negative charge.

How do Negative Ions Affect the Cells?

You may have heard of “free radicals”, free radicals are the opposite of negative ions, they are molecules which are lacking electrons.

When a molecule is lacking an electron, it will have a positive net charge and will actually try and pick up an electron from any other molecules in its proximity.

This is why people refer to the “oxidative” properties of free radicals and how they aren’t good for you.

Oxidizing something means literally to break down that other nearby molecule and remove its electron. 

Oxidation is part of the Redox cycle, this website has an excellent explanation, ORP & Redox Potential

When we’re in the presence of many free radicals, for instance in our homes or office settings, these free radicals can break down the molecules of our cells and remove their electrons.

Ions with a negative charge will do quite the opposite, they have extra electrons to give away and if any of our body’s cell’s molecules are imbalanced and lacking electrons, these ions can actually come in and balance the charge of the molecules building our cells.

Balancing the charge of the molecules building our body’s cells helps repair damage of the breakdown of those cells and keeps them functioning at optimum levels.

Benefits of Negative Ions

Benefits from these ions comprise a list much like the benefits of far infrared, and as the ions are generated by the Biomat simultaneously with far infrared the benefits of both are received at the same time.

To list a couple that have been noted in studies, these ions can help with the following: 

Check out our page on the Benefits of Negative Ions.


The Biomat uses high grade amethyst in the construction of its mat which ensures high quality far infrared and negative ions generated.

Amethyst is a variation of the very well known quartz crystal and can take the color of anywhere from a light pinkish hue to a deep purple.

It’s one of few crystals which has been esteemed throughout the ages for its beauty and its innate effect on our minds and emotions.

Key Benefits of Amethyst

Amethyst is known to have many benefits to our mind, bodies and emotional health.

Some of these include: 

  • Improved well being through body stress reduction
  • Reduces Irritability
  • Reduces insomnia & helps sleep
  • Clears the mind & promotes sobriety of the mind
  • Stress & Anxiety Reducing, emotional healing
  • Chakra Healing & Balancing, including Third Eye & Crown Chakras
amethyst crystal
Purple Amethyst Crystal

And of course when the crystal is heated we can receive the benefits of the far infrared rays and the ions it generates.

What is a Biomat Session?

If you’re new to Biomat, you may be asking what is a Biomat session?

A Biomat session is spending anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minutes on a Biomat receiving the benefits of far infrared & negative ion therapy.

These Biomat sessions are often offered by local massage & health therapy clinics and frequently a Biomat session will be combined with massage therapy.

Combining massage therapy with a Biomat session is a highly enjoyable way to receive a massage, especially due to the heat therapy further aiding in muscle relaxation & recovery.

Is Biomat Safe?

The Biomat is a fully safe device for use by any individual regardless of age, physical condition, gender, or medical condition.

This being said however it is important to maintain hydration when using the Biomat and know that Biomat isn’t a medical device, simply a therapeutic device.

The far infrared heat of the Biomat can quickly dehydrate our bodies and maintaining hydration is key to enjoying your use of the Biomat.

How to Use Biomat

The simple, 1, 2, 3’s, on how to use Biomat are as follows,

  • Plug the controller into the wall
  • Plug the cable from the controller into the Biomat
  • Switch the main power switch on on the Biomat controller
  • Press the smaller Power On / Off button to power up
  • Press the Temperature Up button till you reach desired temperature setting
  • Press the Timer button to set the desired duration
  • Wait for the Biomat to heat up and enjoy

The Biomat and other best far infrared mats are ideally used almost daily to continuously receive their benefits.

This is easy to do as you can use the mat while doing any number of things you may do on your downtime like reading a book or watching a show on television.

The controller pictured here is quite simple to use, 4 buttons total:

  • Temperature Up
  • Temperature Down
  • Timer
  • Power On/Off

There are 4 presets for the time:

  • 2 hours
  • 4 hours
  • 8 hours
  • 12 hours
How to Use Biomat
Biomat 7000MX Controller How to Use

Of course you can spend as little or as long as you want on the mat, but the timer helps if you want to set it to run overnight, just be careful not to dehydrate yourself too drastically. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

The temperature shows in both celsius and fahrenheit with a top temperature of 70 C or 158 F.

You can see the three lights at the top, 

  • Infrared ray active
    • This means that the Biomat is heating or heated up
  • EMF AutoBlock
    • This means that the EMF blocking of the mat is running
  • Alarm
    • This lights up if something is amiss, typically only when the controller is turned on but the mat isn’t plugged in

If you have any other questions on how to use the mat feel free to drop a comment on this page!

How Long Should You Lay On a Biomat?

If you’re wondering how long you should lay on your Biomat, then you should know that you can receive its benefits in as little as 10 minutes.

However the length of time you spend laying on your Biomat should also correspond quite directly with the temperature which you have it set to.

With a higher temperature you’ll be able to receive its benefits more quickly, however you will likely dehydrate faster than you would on a lower temperature.

There really is no limit to how long you should lay on a Biomat for, however it is important to keep hydrated during the process.

This means that at a lower temperature you can likely comfortably and without becoming dehydrated lay on the mat longer than you could at a high temperature.

It’s really up to you how long you lay on the Biomat, what temperature do you like, do you want to sweat like in a sauna or just a mild session?

Just make sure to keep hydrated throughout the process, and be careful to use a lower setting if you plan to sleep on the Biomat as you will likely wake up very dehydrated!

Flower of Life Sacred Geometry in the Biomat

Biomat Flower of life geometry
Biomat Mat Cover with Flower of Life Geometry

The Flower of Life is a geometrical representation of the cycle of life or the cycle of creation found in all nature.

The geometry of the Flower of Life has been incorporated into one of the 17 layers of the Biomat mat, as well as the Hideo pattern, another variation of the sacred geometry, is visibly integrated on the cotton cover of the Biomat.

The Flower of Life geometry is a universal and powerful geometry composed of 19 circles, it is based on the Fibonacci numbers, a mathematical formula which describes & creates an incredibly beautiful pattern.

These patterns are miraculously found throughout history and throughout our natural world, whether the petals of a beautiful flower, or the spiral in the shell of a crustacean these are all remarkable variations of the Fibonacci number equation, the Flower of Life.

The places we find this spiral Fibonacci natural design are endless, pinecones, cacti in the desert, the middle between the petals of a sunflower, a spider’s web, even our very own fingerprints are representative of the Fibonacci sequence found in nature.


The Biomat comes in multiple sizes & shapes and we’ve reviewed a number of these for you below, or check out how the Biomat compares to other mats like it on our page, Best Far Infrared Mats.

A number of the specifications across all sizes will be the same so we will list these here:

  • Crystal Used: Amethyst & “TOCA” Layer
  • Amethyst: Natural, Clear, Violet, all tumbled
  • Voltage: 120 VAC
  • Temperature: 35C – 70C or 95F – 158F
  • Weight: varies directly with mat size, due to amethyst content
  • Foldable: Yes, only at certain folding creases

How Much Does a Biomat Cost?

How much a Biomat costs is going to depend on what size of product you choose and there are actually a number of them.

There are multiple places to shop for Biomats because there is more than one distributor; most distributor policies will be the same but because they’re different distributors customer service will likely vary between them all.

The most popular are the Biomat 7000MX Professional, the Biomat Mini and the BioBelt.

The Biomat 7000MX Professional costs $1,695 USD.

The Biomat Mini costs $670 USD, and the BioBelt costs $550 USD.

All of these models, the 7000MX Professional, Biomat Mini, and BioBelt all include the 3 therapies, far infrared, negative ion and crystal, however the BioBelt does not include a TOCA tourmaline layer like the 7000MX and the Mini.

Find out more on each of these 3 most popular models on our review pages for each, or check out our top FIR mat review page to see the Biomat compared to other top FIR mat brands.

Richway also sells a product called the Quantum Energy Pad.

The pad isn’t like a Biomat that plugs into the wall, it is more similar to a mattress topper which is a extra layer of padding for your bed.

In this way the Quantum Energy pad is meant to either be used on on your bed, or on top of the Biomat while you’re using it.

The pad contains tourmaline crystal and other materials which can transmit the heat from the Biomat underneath.

Quantum Energy pads come in different sizes, but the Professional mat size costs $400 USD.

Biomat Sizes to Choose From

We hope you enjoyed and found this this overview of the Biomat highly informing & if it helped you please share it with your friends and let us know in the comments!

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