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Is the Biomat the best infrared mat out there? Is the Biomat the same as PEMF?

Where can you go to try out a Biomat? Do you want to know how to use a Biomat?

Or maybe questions about Biomat pricing, warranty or returns?

We answer all of these questions and more on Health Mat Review, including a directory of over 150 locations in the USA where you can go to try out a Biomat session.

Biomat Reviews

Biomat Mini Review

amethyst biomat

Our review page on the Biomat Mini, sizing, warranty, weight, pricing, what to consider & more, you’ll find it here.

Biomat 7000MX Professional Review

biomat 7000mx pro mat and controller

This is our main review resource on the Biomat, you’ll find a lot of information here including in depth look at Biomat crystals, return policies, warranty, how to use the Biomat and an extensive FAQ.

Bio-Belt Review


Thinking of a Bio-Belt to use while at your desk or around the house? Check out our Bio-Belt review first!

Biomat Directory

Richway Biomat Near Me Directory

We noticed people were looking for somewhere to test out a Biomat before purchasing without any pressure to purchase afterward and so we built a directory of over 150 locations where you can check in your state for locations that have a Biomat which you can pay for a session to use, for example at a massage therapy location or physiotherapist.

Biomat Comparisons

Our Biomat Comparison Pages

We hope you enjoyed and found our resources for the Biomat highly informing & if it helped you please share it with your friends and let us know in the comments!

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