Richway Amethyst Biomat Professional 7000MX Review

Richway Biomat Review Summary

In this Richway Biomat review we will be investigating its’ amethyst crystals, certifications, warranty, guarantees, pricing, available products Biomat Professional 7000mx, Biomat Mini & where to buy Biomat.

The Biomat is likely the most widely known far infrared mat in the far infrared health mat market, and is produced by RichWay International, established in 1997.

The amethyst Biomat was popularized through person to person marketing, also known as MLM or multi-level marketing, and appears to have built the brand on a good product.

biomat 7000mx pro mat and controller
Biomat 7000MX Professional with controller

Biomat Therapies

Biomat Crystals

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Biomat Therapies

Biomat Crystals

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How Does Biomat Compare!

How Was Richway Biomat Popularized?

The amethyst Biomat is the company’s flagship product and has been largely popularized through the years through MLM, multi-level marketing distribution (this means RichWay produces the Biomat, but it is sold through many third parties).

A quick Google search will find you a more detailed description of how an MLM structure functions.

You can find a good selection of new & used Biomat products on eBay which offers buyer protection through PayPal, check it out here on Biomat on eBay.

Many people may have also heard of Bemer or Healthy Wave and are trying to choose between the Biomat and the Bemer or Healthy Wave, read our comparison between these on our page, Biomat vs Bemer, and Healthy Wave Inframat Pro vs Biomat.

What Richway Biomat Mat Product Are We Reviewing?

Note that we will be considering the Biomat 7000MX Professional model for the purposes of this product overview page. 

Richway International has multiple products available within the amethyst Biomat line, and the Professional 7000MX is considered best bang for your buck / the original model, but we will also examine the Biomat Mini as both incorporate the full range of their offered therapies.

biomat professional 7000
Biomat Professional 7000mx with Controller

What to Look Out for with Biomat Crystals?

Not all of Richway Biomat models include tourmaline like the Professional 7000MX, and Biomat Mini model, so be sure to investigate this if you’re looking for the added benefits of the tourmaline in addition to amethyst crystal in your far infrared mat purchase. 

You can also check out our Far Infrared Mat Review Table to see what other products include additional crystals.

Biomat Mat Construction

The Biomat Professional 7000MX uses a silicone urethane layer for waterproofing (against sweat), and uses a cotton top layer for comfort. 

These layers are part of a 17 layer construction which combines infrared rays, and negative ion therapies with EMF (electromagnetic frequency) protection

Most any Biomat distributor’s website will list all 17 layers of construction in detail, the most important layers of note being amethyst & tourmaline providing the infrared ray & negative ion therapies, the rest being waterproofing, insulation, padding etc.

What to Look Out for with Amethyst Biomat Vendors?

There is some variance in customer service & warranty of Richway International’s Biomat product line, and this is because there are many different vendors, and not all are the same. 

A quick Google search will reveal some of the many stores/websites/individuals that sell the Biomat. 

Not all the vendors advertise or sell the entire line of Biomat’s products, some focus only on the 7000MX Biomat Professional model, Biomat Mini, some on a couple more, and some on the full product range. 

Depending on the vendor you may experience different levels of customer service, and likely a variance in the support for the product. 

You may also not catch a glimpse of the entire product range for your consideration if looking at only one vendor so we suggest exploring a number of vendors before purchase. Read on below for more information.

Richway Biomat Mat Therapies

Far Infrared (FIR)

High grade amethyst crystals are used in the full line of Biomat products to generate the far infrared ray therapy. 

The higher the level of far infrared wavelength generated by the crystal, the greater the ability to penetrate body tissue more deeply than shorter wavelengths.

far infrared heat blood flow depiction
Far Infrared Rays

A wavelength of 6.5-12 microns would be in the mid to upper infared ray range, and this is the range generated by the amethyst crystal. 

A deeper penetration of tissue is ideal to stimulate the cells of the body on this deeper level to fully achieve the benefits of blood circulation, muscle pain relief, joint pain relief, arthritis relief, better sleep, more energy & relaxation available.

Why Doesn't Biomat Use Jade Crystal?

 Interestingly, the Biomat company stopped using Jade as one of its far infrared generating stones in the Biomat line of products. 

Depending on the website you visit, the reason given for doing this is that the amethyst crystal is 200 times more effective than the jade crystal. 

However, others on the internet will argue that jade exhibits more healing properties than amethyst. 

Make your own decision, or find a mat using both crystals such as this one reviewed on our site, Healthy Wave mat

EMF Shielding

Something to take note of is that the electricity used to heat the amethyst crystals generates something called EMF, electromagnetic frequency

This is the same as emitted extensively from electronic devices like a cellphone. Many consider EMF harmful, and the Biomat product line includes a fibreglass layer as one of its 17 layers to block these electromagnetic frequency waves so the Biomat can be used safely.

Negative Ions

The Biomat product line uses tourmaline in some of the products, including the Biomat Professional 7000mx and Biomat Mini, as an additional crystal to produce negative ions. 

The amethyst crystals will also produce negative ions but to a lower degree than tourmaline usually around 1500 ions per square inch. 

Learn more on Negative Ion Benefits on our website.

Biomat Professional 7000MX & Biomat Mini TOCA Therapy

Tourmaline TOCA Layer

There are two versions of Biomat products which include tourmaline,

  • Alternating rows of amethyst and tourmaline crystals (older version of Biomat Mini)
  • Newer version called the TOCA layer (TOurmaline CAtch power, used in Biomat Professional & Biomat Mini heating pad)

The only mat using the alternating rows of amethyst and tourmaline is the Biomat Mini heating pad. However this style of mat appears to be an out of date version and the newer mats including the Biomat Mini now use the TOCA layer. 

The TOCA layer is an ionized fabric layer using powdered tourmaline and other minerals infused in the fabric which when energized in the mat produce 1500+ ions per square inch.

negative ions depiction

The new Biomat Professional 7000MX, the Biomat Mini, and the amethyst tourmaline pillow all utilize the TOCA layer. 

You may find researching tourmaline in the Richway Biomat to be challenging, this is because there are so many vendors online which have outdated and sometimes conflicting information even on very official webpages. 

If you are interested in the Benefits of Negative Ions produced by tourmaline we recommend that you be careful to verify which version of the mat you are purchasing, whether the newer, or outdated model.

Make sure to check whether tourmaline or the TOCA layer is included.

Prices & Mat Sizes

There are 5 main sizes of the Biomat product line, in the list below we’ve listed first the Professional 7000MX. 

There is a sixth product available which is the Bio-Belt, not a mat, but a belt you can wear around your midriff, this type product is useful while you’re sitting, working, or otherwise unable to lie horizontal. For use on a chair the Biomat Mini heating pad is also a useful size.

Remember that the larger the mat is, the heavier it will be. 

Think about how much amethyst stone is in these mats, and what you’d like to use it for (remember that a crystal is as heavy as a rock, lots of it can be hefty!). 

The King and Queen size mats are good options to put on top of your bed for some low intensity far infrared ray therapy through the night, but they will be difficult to move around, not so portable for a weekend trip! 

biomat professional 7000 case
Richway Biomat Professional 7000mx Suitcase & Controller Box

The majority of people tend to opt for the Biomat Professional 7000MX for the relative versatility of this mat compared to the other sizes. 

The 7000MX can always be put on top of your bed, and it is much easier to transport (though still not lightweight, 28lbs). 

But if you’re looking for the easiest mat to move around, consider the Biomat Mini heating pad, or one of the small (and numerous) versions of the Healthy Wave.

Make sure to check across the various (and many) vendors as there will be some minor variations in these prices. 

Do not miss what is included with each vendor, this is important because some may not include shipping in their pricing which leads to deceptive price points. 

A final purchasing point to consider which we will stress is that not all warranties are free replacement/repair, most have repair fees and we have not yet found one that has free return shipping

Biomat Professional 7000MX

  • Includes all the therapies on this page, infrared rays, negative ions & includes the tourmaline TOCA layer
  • Size : 28” x 74” x 1”
  • $1,695 USD (includes TOCA layer)


  • Includes all the therapies on this page, infrared rays, negative ions but no tourmaline TOCA layer
  • Size : 73” x 78” x 1”
  • $4,000 USD (doesn’t include TOCA layer)


  • Includes all the therapies on this page, infrared rays, negative ions but no tourmaline TOCA layer
  • Size : 55” x 78” x 1”
  • $3,500 USD (doesn’t include TOCA layer)


  • Includes all the therapies on this page, infrared rays, negative ions but no tourmaline TOCA layer
  • Size : 35” x 78” x 1”
  • $2,600 USD (doesn’t include TOCA layer)

Biomat Mini

  • Includes all the therapies on this page, infrared rays, negative ions & includes the tourmaline TOCA layer
  • (older version contains alternating rows of amethyst & tourmaline, newer version has TOCA layer)
  • Size : 20″ x 34″ x 1″
  • $670 USD (includes TOCA layer)


  • Includes all the therapies on this page, infrared rays, negative ions but no tourmaline TOCA layer
  • Size : 8” x 18” x 1”
  • $550 USD (doesn’t include TOCA layer)

Certifications, Production, Distribution

FDA Approval

Is the Biomat FDA approved? Yes the Biomat is FDA cleared through the FDA’s 510(K) form which is the standard for approving these types of devices.

The 510(K) form allows the FDA to determine that the device falls into a category of devices which has already been deemed safe for the public.


Richway International has also had some of the Biomat line of products certified by the Intertek company, including the Biomat Professional 7000MX & Biomat Mini

biomat professional, biomat mini controller
Biomat Professional Controller

Intertek is an international company which can inspect and certify that electronic products are safe for use by the public.

A simple google search will turn up multiple websites selling the Biomat which have a copy of the certificate from Intertek, these reports are not something that Intertek as a company has publicly available on their own website like the FDA has with approvals & certifications. 

According to the Intertek report, the Biomat products they have reviewed are safe electronic products.

Production & Distribution

The production and manufacturing of the whole Biomat product line is produced in Seoul, South Korea.

The official Richway Biomat company is based however in Hawaii.

Richway International uses an MLM (multi-level marketing) structure to sell, market, & distribute their Biomat line of products. 

For a small fee (relative to the cost of a Biomat product) someone can become their own independent distributor of the Biomat products and sell them to friends and family to make money themselves, this is how a multi-level marketing organization works. 

All distributors of the Biomat order their products through the same official Richway Biomat International website or through stock they keep themselves. 

Because of the MLM style of distribution of the Biomat, there are many, many websites online selling the products. 

As mentioned before, some websites are up to date, others are not, some offer better service, some offer worse.

Make sure you’re informed on which mat you are ordering.

Warranty & Guarantee

This is a very important topic to review in detail before purchasing any Biomat, including the Biomat Professional 7000MX, or Biomat Mini. 

As mentioned in the distribution section above, there are many, many vendors and distributors of the biomat products because they are a multi-level marketing company. 

This means every distributor can choose how to market, sell, and support the Biomat product.


A 3 year limited warranty is the standard from the umbrella Richway International company for the Biomat product line. 

This includes very little time to re-consider your purchase if you receive the product and wish to return it upon receipt and after first use. 

Most Biomat vendors will repair your mat, mat controller (if not through misuse) free within the first year of purchase (and will not simply replace it for you), but past the first year there will be fees.

Past the first 2 months of purchase, the customer will be responsible for return shipping fees to Biomat to have their mat repaired. 

The warranty becomes void if the mat every changes ownership, so be careful if you are buying this used from someone you don’t know.

Some vendors make available an up to 30 year” limited warranty where the customer is responsible for shipping & the fee to repair the product. 

This 30 year option seems more like a repair service department option than a warranty option because since you pay for the repair, what would stop you from taking your broken mat controller to an electronics specialist to fix it, likely for less and without paying shipping.

Return Guarantee

It may vary from vendor to vendor, but most have return policies that offer 7 days from delivery date to reconsider and ship back for a full refund. 

Past 7 days you will have a diminished refund, 50% past 15 days and up to zero refund at the 31 day mark even if unused. 

The customer also pays all shipping in these refund scenarios. 

To see a reviews on our site of a far infrared mat which has a 90 day 100% money back guarantee see our Far Infrared Mat Review Table.

biomat professional biomat mini controller box

Biomat Return Policy Summary:

  • 0-7 days – Full refund
  • 8-14 days – 70% refund
  • 15-30 days – 50% refund
  • 31 days onward – No refund
  • Customer pays all shipping

Where to Buy Biomat

There are numerous websites that will appear in a “Biomat” Google search. 

There are many online ordering services as well as local vendors that you can likely find for your area.

Some are better for Americans, Canadians or if you are ordering from Europe or other countries worldwide. 

Try a Google search for Biomat with your home country or hometown in the search to locate a more local supplier.

This may allow you to find better customer service or even a local re-seller who you can go meet in person with any issues you may have with your purchase.

If you are considering buying a used Biomat, we highly recommend that you purchase through eBay.

This is because eBay and Paypal will offer you buyer protection for defective products, if you purchase locally you wont have any such buyer protection.

Check out what Biomats are currently for sale here, Biomat on eBay.

usa warranty healthy wave
Where to Buy Biomat

We will re-state here to please do your homework on whichever Biomat supplier you go with regarding their warranties and guarantees because they are not all the same

Look for many independent positive reviews from other customers of whichever vendor you are considering.

Independent reviews or word of mouth references are the best options for finding the best supplier for your far infrared mat purchase.

If you are still considering and researching before making a purchase, we recommend checking out our review on the Healthy Wave Soft & Flexible mat, it’s highly similar to Biomat but provides a better guarantee/return policy & additional therapies for less.

Check out the reviews, 

We hope this review’s been helpful and informative to you, and if it has, drop us a comment below or share it with your friends!

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6 thoughts on “Richway Amethyst Biomat Professional 7000MX Review”

  1. Could I please have a price for a 7000mx, size 700×1850 in australian dollars including delivery. Also what time frame are we looking at. Thank you

    • Hi Janine,

      thanks for the comment!

      Biomat pricing with delivery is going to depend which Biomat distributor you go to.

      Health Mat Review is just a review website so we can’t price for you or send any products.

      I know that if you check the Healthy Wave mat website, our top recommended product, you can find pricing in Australian dollars, plus what shipping costs, all straight from their official webpage.

      Hope this helped!


  2. Hello. I have a Professional BioMat. I have been using it for the past 3 years. How long does a normal mat last? Thank you.

    • Hi Susanne!

      Great question.

      Personally I have only owned a Biomat for a few months now, so I don’t have years of personal experience with it to let you know.

      Maybe someone else reading this may have had a longer experience with Biomat and can comment back for us?

      That all said, I would think any far infrared mat of good quality like the Biomat, if well taken care of should last at least 5 to 10 years.

      Hope this helps 🙂

    • Hi Deb,

      thanks for the comment.

      If you have a question we might be able to help with please comment back here, however if you’re looking to speak with someone regarding a Biomat you should look for a distributor in your area.

      You should be able to find one in your area via a quick google search for Biomat.

      Hope this helps! 🙂


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