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Hi, my name’s Greg and I am the editor and create all the content here on Health Mat Review.

I started building this website a few years ago and continue to do so today, and speaking of which that means that the introduction video on this page is a little outdated at this point.

So that you may better understand my perspective and the info you can find on my website I’ll give you a little bit of background on myself and Health Mat Review.

I have a Bachelors of Applied Science in Mechatronics engineering, which is in a combination of mechanical, electrical, and controls engineering.

Beginning a few years ago I became interested in PEMF therapy because of my own back pain, and subsequently I got interested in how these PEMF devices and PEMF mats were engineered to output a PEMF signal.

On Health Mat Review I do my best to communicate my technical perspective as I evaluate the PEMF of different mats and devices to help you get a better understanding, and make it easier to choose the right device for you.

I’m also working hard to provide people with better access to PEMF, and PEMF information with the PEMF Therapy Near Me directory,  and the soon to come PEMF research database, both found right here on Health Mat Review.

The following is a slightly outdated video where I introduce Health Mat Review & what information we provide.

0:18 – About Us
0:58 – Why Was Health Mat Review Created
1:20 – What Health Mat Review Provides

You can get in touch with me at my email,

[email protected]

Or check out our contact us page.

If there are any topics that you want me to cover please drop a comment anywhere on the website, I’ll see it and reply!

I also made up a Youtube channel, Pinterest and Facebook account for Health Mat Review and you can check those out here,

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