Biomat vs PEMF Therapy – A Full Comparison

If you’re trying to discern the difference between Biomat vs PEMF you’re in the right place.

First we should discern the nature of these two words, Biomat, is a brand name, whereas, PEMF is an acronym standing for pulsed electromagnetic field (therapy) which is a therapy that a number of different home products and clinics provide.

Biomat provides infrared therapy, also called far infrared therapy. 

Both infrared and PEMF can be found along the electromagnetic spectrum, but how similar or different are they really?

The most basic difference is that infrared is warm, it’s heat, when you lay on a Biomat you feel yourself warming up.

When you use PEMF, this is a magnetic field, you won’t see it, hear it, or feel it, but it will be there energizing the cells of your body.

A better comparison therefore may be to juxtapose infrared heat therapy with PEMF therapy.

Or perhaps to first evaluate what result you are looking for, and then learn about how infrared, PEMF therapy, or the combination of them both could get you there.

Biomat vs PEMF Therapy - Quick Comparison


biomat 7000mx pro amethyst mat and controller

Infrared Therapy

far infrared heat blood flow depiction

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PEMF Sine Wave Square Waves
Since & Square Waveforms, Common PEMF Waveforms
earths magnetic field schumann frequency pemf
Earth's Magnetic Field has it's own Resonance Frequency

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Biomat vs PEMF on the Energy Spectrum

biomat and bemer on the electromagnetic spectrum
Electromagnetic Spectrum Image Credit: Nasa (we added Biomat, Bemer, & Healthy Wave for visualization reference)

In the above image you can see the electromagnetic spectrum; we’ve taken this image from Nasa, as credited above and then overlaid some labels to help you visualize.

You can see there on the spectrum the “infrared” range of electromagnetism.

The light we receive from the sun contains not only the ultraviolet and visible light spectrum, but also the infrared spectrum and this is the part that we feel warming our skin from the inside out when we stand in the sun’s rays.

This infrared section of the spectrum is where the Biomat operates, providing far infrared heat through its high quality amethyst crystals, just like a similar product also noted with Biomat in the infrared section, the Healthy Wave Mat.

Further on the right hand side we see the PEMF section as we’ve noted.

This is further to right than radio waves, in the section of lowest frequency of the spectrum.

In this section we don’t feel the warmth like we do with infrared, yet a pulsed magnetic field will flux through our bodies energizing our cells as it does so.

Biomat vs Top Reviewed PEMF Products

The following is a quick comparison between the infrared Biomat, two Healthy Wave Mats which are infrared and PEMF combined, and the Bemer mat.

For a more in depth look at infrared mats, check out our Infrared Mat Reviews page, and to see more PEMF mats compared see our PEMF Mat Reviews page.


biomat 7000mx pro amethyst mat and controller

Healthy Wave Pro

healthy wave mat PRO pemf

Healthy Wave Multi-Wave

healthy wave multiwave pro pemf far infrared mat


bemer therapy mat and controller

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