Healthy Wave Mats vs Bemer – A Full Comparison

If you’ve become recently interested in a PEMF or infrared product for yourself, you may have come across these two brands, and may now be looking to compare Healthy Wave Mat vs Bemer.

Comparing these two is a little like comparing apples to a hot apple pie, they’re both apples, but one’s been heated up and the other hasn’t.

This is like comparing Healthy Wave Mat to the Bemer because both of these devices provide PEMF therapy, but the Healthy Wave Mat also heats up to provide something called far infrared therapy (it also includes red light therapy, something the previous Bemer edition did in a separate device).

Noticeable differences between Healthy Wave & Bemer are

  • Price Points 
  • Therapies Included 
  • Options offered within the therapies
  • Overall Marketing Messages

Bemer’s primary marketing message is that their PEMF therapy includes a “physical” magnetic signal which is the best for microcirculation.

Healthy Wave Mat’s primary message, particularly with the Multi-Wave mat, is that their PEMF therapy allows you to use not just one, but numerous PEMF signals that PubMed research shows to be effective; in addition to providing effective infrared therapy and red light therapy. 

There are now multiple versions of the Bemer with two main offerings, the Home-Edition which includes a mat like the Healthy Wave, and the Go-Edition which comes with a small PEMF applicator.

The Healthy Wave Mats come with a large selection variety, but here we will compare the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat, and the Healthy Wave Pro Mat, because both of these include PEMF like the Bemer, as well as infrared from their high quality amethyst crystals.

One physical difference to note between the two products is that the Bemer mat is flexible, whereas, because of the combined construction of PEMF and amethyst crystals in the Healthy Wave Mats, they are not as flexible like the Bemer and should be used on a relatively flat surface.

Let’s look at a quick comparison between the products.

Healthy Wave Mat vs Bemer - Quick Comparison

Healthy Wave Pro

healthy wave mat PRO pemf

Healthy Wave Multi-Wave

healthy wave multiwave pro pemf far infrared mat


bemer therapy mat and controller

Healthy Wave vs Bemer On the Energy Spectrum

For some visual context, it may help us to see both the Healthy Wave and the Bemer on the electromagnetic energy spectrum.

We took this image from Nasa, and then customized it to display where the Healthy Wave and Bemer fall upon the range.

Infrared you can see both the Healthy Wave and Biomat fall into this range, this is like the heat we feel from the sun’s light.

Further on the right hand side you can see the Bemer and Healthy Wave again.

This is at the very low frequency end of the spectrum, much lower than its neighbor the radio waves.

This is where PEMF therapy lands along the spectrum and therefore we find the Bemer and the Healthy Wave both operating in this range as well.

biomat and bemer on the electromagnetic spectrum
Electromagnetic Spectrum Image Credit: Nasa (we added Biomat, Bemer, & Healthy Wave for visualization reference)
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