Bemer Therapy Vs PEMF

The difference between Bemer and PEMF is the characteristics of the PEMF waveform.

This means Bemer therapy is indeed actually PEMF therapy, just with a proprietary PEMF configuration signal/waveform which Bemer calls the Bemer signal.

The Bemer signal is in contrast to the more common and well researched PEMF waveforms like the sine and squarewave.

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Bemer Vs PEMF Quick Compare

The easiest way to see the difference between the Bemer signal and more common PEMF waveforms is with a visual representation.

Below you’ll see representations we drew up of the Bemer Signal and common PEMF waveform types like the Square wave, Sine wave and Sawtooth patterns.

PEMF Waveform Examples
Bemer PEMF Waveform Signal Shape

The Bemer signal differs in a couple ways from the other waveforms, and you may also notice that it is similar to the sine wave. 

Indeed the Bemer signal is like the sine wave, but it increases with amplitude (intensity) before dropping off again to repeat the wave.

This is opposed to the common PEMF waveforms which vary in amplitude (intensity) between  the bottom and top of the wave. 

For example in the sine wave shown above, when the wave is at the bottom intensity is near zero, before moving back up to the top of the waveform again where it will be at max intensity. 

But which is better, a more classical PEMF waveform, or the Bemer signal?

To try and answer this question we reviewed 335 PEMF therapy studies and charted some of the results, let’s take a look in the next section.

PEMF & Bemer Comparison Chart

Below you’ll see a chart full of green dots which indicate a positive result from a PEMF therapy study.

The PEMF intensity of each positive result study is indicated along the vertical axis and corresponding frequency along the horizontal axis.

You’ll find this chart on our PEMF Therapy page, and it is a representation of the different intensity and frequency settings used in PEMF research studies which had positive results out of the database we made of 335 PEMF therapy studies.

intensity frequency dot chart of positive results with bemer operating range indicated
Bemer Operating Range Indicated on PEMF Therapy Intensity vs Frequency Positive Results Chart from Health Mat Review’s study of 335 PEMF Research Studies. Copyright 2023 Health Mat Review

Overlaid on top of the chart, I indicated the operating range of the Bemer mat & signal with the two small blue dots.

In fact because this chart shows such a wide range of Gauss and frequency, the actual operating range of the Bemer mat is even smaller than those blue dots but I had to make them large enough to be more visible.

The Bemer mat operates at two different main frequencies, 10Hz, and 33Hz, and within a range of 0.35 Gauss intensity up to 1.5 Gauss maximum intensity using the point applicators.

When we charted the results from the 335 PEMF therapy studies in our database, it was eye opening to see how WIDE the range of intensity and frequencies were that yielded positive results as you can see on this chart.

The majority of the PEMF studies utilized the sine waveform, followed by the square waveform being the second most commonly researched.

Many people report good results using the Bemer mat, but based on the positive results from the research studies it is clear to see that the Bemer is not the only effective PEMF therapy.

Energy Spectrum Diagram

Another helpful visual representation may be to look at where the Bemer mat and regular PEMF appear on the electromagnetic spectrum range.

I’ve indicated a couple things on the chart below which we borrowed from Nasa & I overlaid with labels to show the operating range of the Bemer mat & PEMF on the far right end, as well as a couple infrared products operating around the middle.

electromagnetic spectrum range with pemf & bemer indicated
Electromagnetic Spectrum Image Credit: Nasa (we added Bemer, Healthy Wave & Biomat for visualization reference)

Some people refer to things like infrared and PEMF therapy as “energy medicine” as in fact, these modalities do deliver energy to the body, in different forms, such as infrared with heat that you can feel, and PEMF and the Bemer at higher frequencies which you won’t physically feel but deliver energy nonetheless.

As we discussed above when comparing the Bemer waveform versus more common PEMF therapy waveforms, they all fall into the category of PEMF therapy, and indeed show up therefore in the same place along the electromagnetic spectrum as we see above.

Bemer vs Other PEMF Mats

On our Best PEMF Mats page we compare the Bemer along with 6 other PEMF mats and products.

Here lets compare the Bemer to our top recommended PEMF mat the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave mat on their PEMF therapies, pricing, warranty & return policies.

Healthy Wave Multi-Wave PEMF Mat

The Healthy Wave Multi-Wave PEMF Mat is ranked best PEMF mat for 2023.

Price Range

$999 to $2,499 USD

PEMF Therapy

  • 2 Waveforms
  • Sine & Square
  • 30 Settings
  • 1 to 30 Hz
  • 10 Settings
  • 0.3 up to 3 Gauss
Pulse Duration
  • 3 Pulse Drop Off Rates

Bemer Mat

Likely responsible for popularizing the idea of PEMF therapy, Bemer produces a quality PEMF product.

Price Range

$4,990 to $5,285 USD

PEMF Therapy

  • 1 Waveform
  • Sinewave
  • 2 Settings
  • 10 & 33 Hz
  • 0.35 Gauss & 1.5 Gauss Spot Applicator
Pulse Duration
  • Not Adjustable

Return Policy Comparison

Return Policy
Bemer Mat
  • 30 Day Partial Money Back Guarantee

  • 100%-10% restocking fee = 90% refund

  • Must be in like new condition in original box

  • Return shipping label provided by Bemer
Healthy Wave Multi-Wave PEMF Mat
  • 90 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • You pay return shipping

  • Mat must be in good condition

  • May be returned for any reason (ie. didn’t notice the results you wanted)

Warranty Policy Comparison

Warranty Policy
Bemer Mat
  • 3 Year Warranty

  • Shipping included
Healthy Wave Multi-Wave PEMF Mat
  • 2.25 Year Full Mat Warranty

  • Shipping Included

  • 5 Year Limited Mat Warranty

  • Shipping not included, 10 to 30% deductible

  • 5 Year Full Controller Warranty

  • Shipping Included

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Bemer and PEMF?

The only difference between Bemer and PEMF is the shape of the PEMF waveform they use. The Bemer waveform is known as the Bemer signal and is in fact also PEMF therapy only with a differently shaped waveform than the more conventional and commonly researched sine and square waveforms.

What is better, PEMF or Bemer?

The research doesn’t indicate that PEMF or Bemer is better than another, Bemer is in fact just another form of PEMF so this would be like asking, what is better, bread or sourdough? From the database we built of 335 PEMF studies, the positive results observed at many different PEMF configurations indicate that Bemer is not the only effective form of PEMF therapy and may in some cases actually be limiting in PEMF frequency and intensity options.

Should I pick Bemer therapy or PEMF therapy?

The research from our database of 335 PEMF studies show that there are many different PEMF configurations which yield positive results. Many times there isn’t a one size fits all, so the best answer to this question may be to find a highly configurable PEMF therapy mat and explore till you find PEMF settings that work best for you. 

What’s more affordable, Bemer or PEMF?

There are PEMF mats which are much more affordable than the Bemer mat and offer in some cases a more configurable PEMF therapy and even better return policies. There are also PEMF machines which are much more expensive than the Bemer mat but these are not typically devices for at home use like other more affordable PEMF mat options.

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