Bemer Mat vs the Biomat – A Full Comparison

Biomat vs Bemer or Bemer vs Biomat are often posed searches on Google because these two brands are so well known for their benefits however these two products are very, very different.

Comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges, both may be a good snack, but at the core they are very different.

Bemer mat is a PEMF therapy product whereas Biomat is a far infrared therapy product, and though they both purport some of the same benefits, notably better circulation, they do this through very different mechanisms.

As far as the research goes, both PEMF and far infrared have been shown in many studies on PubMed to be effective therapeutic therapies for a wide range of ailments including circulation.

Anecdotally there are many stories of people enjoying the benefits of both the Bemer and the Biomat.

Bemer vs Biomat - Quick Compare

The following is a quick comparison guide between the Bemer mat and the infrared Biomat. 

To see the Bemer mat compared to other PEMF mats see our PEMF Mat Reviews page and likewise to see the Biomat compared against other infrared mats see our Infrared Mat Reviews page.


bemer therapy mat and controller


biomat 7000mx pro amethyst mat and controller

Biomat Therapy vs Bemer Therapy

Let’s look at the core therapy provided by both of these products, infrared therapy by the Biomat, and PEMF therapy by the Bemer mat.

Both infrared and PEMF are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, it may be helpful to see a visualization of the spectrum like in the image we made here to have a better idea what these two products really provide.

biomat and bemer on the electromagnetic spectrum
Electromagnetic Spectrum Image Credit: Nasa (we added Biomat, Bemer, & Healthy Wave for visualization reference)

Infrared Therapy - Biomat

Infrared therapy can be provided in a number of ways and infrared wavelengths are really around us all the time.

The light from the sun itself includes infrared in its’ spectrum, this is the part of the sunlight that we can feel warming us.

Most commonly we see infrared as a therapy in the use of far infrared saunas.

The Biomat creates infrared heat by heating amethyst stones which then emit infrared heat.

When you lay upon the mat you can feel the heat almost warming you from the inside, and this is because infrared wavelengths penetrate deeper than just a surface level heat does and this helps aid blood circulation as well as offers some pain relief with its warmth.

There are a number of studies investigating the longer list of benefits of infrared therapy and we’ve composed a summary of these on our benefits of infrared page.

PEMF Therapy - Bemer

To explain PEMF therapy we will start by breaking down the acronym for which it stands, pulsed electromagnetic field (therapy).

We’re around electromagnetic fields all the time, such as those emitted by our electronics (at very high frequencies), or those from the Earth itself which are at a much lower frequency and resonate around 7.83Hz.

Bemer was likely responsible for popularizing the idea of PEMF as a therapy which they did in the 1990’s, however the therapy and research into it goes back much further than that.

It’s worth noting however that despite all the existing research, PEMF is still in the early stages as a technology and there is (relatively) little consensus in the research community around good/bad/effective PEMF. By and large however therapeutic PEMF has demonstrated positive results in the available research typically at lower intensities and lower frequencies and with no specific waveform in particular (see our page on What is the Best PEMF Therapy).

The PEMF in the Bemer mat is generated by 2 main components (as it is in all PEMF devices), these are the PEMF coil, (could also be referred to as a simple magnetic coil), and the PEMF signal generator.

The signal generator sends an oscillating electrical current to the PEMF coil which then produces an oscillating (or pulsing) magnetic field which we can then enjoy the benefits of.

Still curious to learn more about PEMF, check out our PEMF Therapy page or any of our other informational pages about PEMF.

Biomat Resources

Bemer Resources

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Can't Decide Between One or the Other?

It may be difficult to decide between a Biomat and a Bemer mat, especially if you may have already tried these products out; the infrared heat is a particularly nice thing to have around for aches and pains, especially in the winter.

We review a number of infrared and PEMF products on this website and our current top recommended product is by Healthy Wave.

Healthy Wave combined both infrared heat, generated by high quality amethyst crystal like in the Biomat, and an advanced PEMF therapy offering a comprehensive range of frequencies seen from PEMF research, into a single product with a 90 day full money back guarantee.

Check out our full review of the Healthy Wave Pro Mat in the button here in pink if you’re interested in learning more about a product that provides both infrared and PEMF with a best in class warranty and unmatched 90 full money back guarantee.

If you’re interested in a more advanced PEMF device (that also includes infrared), check out the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave PEMF Mat.

I hope you enjoyed this comparison page and you found the answers you were looking for, if not, please leave a comment below and we’ll do the best we can to answer your questions!

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