Far Infrared Heat Therapy Benefits from the Research

Everyone knows the feeling of being rejuvenated, energized, and even just a sense of happiness when you walk outside into the sunshine, believe it or not, these are far infrared therapy benefits.

These are just some of the benefits of FIR heat, and this is something that the sun has always provided to us.

You are feeling the warmth and life giving effects of the sunlight, the far infrared heat side of the light spectrum. You may feel as if you are being warmed from the inside out while standing in the sun’s rays. This is actually the effect of the far infrared of the sun’s light and the same effect you experience with far infrared heat therapy

Products like the Healthy Wave Mat, Biomat and Vitamat aim to give us the benefits of far infrared in an easy to use format at home.

Benefits of far infrared

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Throughout ages it’s been known that a mother’s hand can have remarkable healing effects on her children, this is far infrared heat, FIR therapy. 

Our bodies, hands, the sun, they all emit far infrared heat wavelengths.

Far infrared therapy benefits are constantly being further discovered through research in the field.

There is still much to be learned in this field of medicine but below we have summarized a number of the particular areas where benefits of FIR have already been shown through current research.

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Have you heard of PEMF Therapy?

PEMF or pulsed electromagetic field therapy is a revolutionary technology, PubMed research is revealing its remarkable abilities in recovery and therapy.

PEMF therapy when combined with far infrared therapy creates a synergistic therapeutic effect.

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Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy (FIR)

Overall Well-Being & Quality of Life

This is the most common application of FIR (far-infrared) technology, people experiencing a lack in quality of life due to temporary or on going physical pain.  FIR technology can go to great lengths to help people who fall in to this category. Far infrared can majorly promote healing in the body through increased micro-circulation in the body’s capillaries thus helping blood flow to all cells. This increased blood flow brings oxygen, nutrients, and energy to the cells in the body which need it most. It goes further to actually aid in the body detoxification process along with lymph node cleansing and the ability to hinder the growth of bacteria, another example of far infrared therapy benefits. (Far Infrared Ray Patches Relieve Pain and Improve Skin Sensitivity in Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Study)

Reduction of Pain & Stiffness

A highly common trait shared by us all is an increase in pain and joint stiffness in our daily lives as we age. Aging bodies have a reduced ability to circulate blood to all the areas which need it most, including extremities and motion focused areas such as our joints. Many others will experience the same the day following a challenging exercise or healing from injury. Far infrared has been shown to make a profound difference in this area and many are recommended by professionals to visit a FIR sauna. This is to promote blood flow and circulation of oxygen along with nutrients to re-build and repair damaged cells in the afflicted areas. While an FIR sauna requires space, time, and money to put together, FIR mats can provide the same benefits often for a fraction of the cost and certainly an even smaller fraction of the space required. Imagine having the benefits of an FIR sauna in your own home, benefits you can enjoy while sleeping, reading a book, watching TV or having company to visit. (Infrared Sauna in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis)

Detoxifying the Body

Many people use the technology of far infrared therapy primarily for its ability to help detoxify the body. It helps the body to eliminate heavy metals, reduce harmful carcinogens, and reduce water retention. Toxins like these cannot be eliminated overnight from the body, and are accumulated through years into the body primarily through our diets. Exposure to far infrared waves lends energy to all the molecules of the body, including those which are holding/trapping these harmful toxins. This added energy helps these molecules vibrate and break apart, releasing these toxins and making them available for expulsion from the body. People will often experience a noticeable increase in energy levels and focus after far infrared treatment to help the body rid itself of the harmful toxins which are constantly accumulating. (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury in Sweat: A Systematic Review)

Muscle & Joint Pain Treatment

In today’s society with pen happy professionals prescribing all kinds of pills to help you with your every day or your occasional downer days, a drug free alternative has answered the prayers of many. Anyone searching for a mood boosting and chronic pain reducing solution will want to consider far infrared therapy benefits. Throughout ages it’s been shown that thermal therapy can have an effect on chronic pain, and that exposure to the sun will give an uplifting boost to your mood. This is especially useful for people living in areas of limited sunlight or long rainy seasons. Far infrared provides the benefit of heat therapy, increased circulation, and the inside out warming effect till now only the sun could provide, warming your mood at the same time. (see Benefits of Negative Ion Mats on how negative ion therapy included in some mats is also beneficial to overall mood and well-being) (Effects of Repeated Thermal Therapy for Patients with Chronic Pain)

Reduces Chronic Fatigue

Promising research is demonstrating that repetitive thermal therapy has positive effects against chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS. Far infrared heat therapy itself is shown to improve sleep, reduce the number of sleep disturbances, and reduce the aches and pains associated with CFS. Studies such as the following have shown that FIR saunas have been effective treatment. Far infrared thermal mats are an excellent alternative FIR product with a lower expense than a sauna and much further applicability, not to mention portability to follow you where you need to go. (Effects of Repeated Thermal Therapy for Two Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

Relieves Symptoms of Back Pain

Back pain is one of the top debilitating conditions which people suffer universally. Whether brought on by sports injury, work related injury, years of bad posture or any other cause, back injuries and back pain can prevent us from nearly all of life’s enjoyments. This is why research in this area and how far infrared technology can help treat it is such an exciting topic. Currently FIR is being shown to help increase the recovery time of back pain patients and decrease pain levels in other patients. It is a breakthrough treatment for anyone coping with back pain when current common remedies are through the use of drugs or invasive surgery. (Far Infrared Wavelength Treatment for Low Back Pain: Evaluation of a Non-Invasive Device) (Infrared Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized, Controlled Trial)

Reduction in Blood Pressure Levels

High blood pressure is a condition which can be caused by a variety of factors including stress, weight, diet, age among others. The commonality between any case of high blood pressure is its danger to the individual. High blood pressure is the case of the heart working harder to pump blood around the body and can lead to heart attack, stroke, among other cardiac problems. New studies are finding that FIR therapy can actually be cause in normalizing blood pressure and blood viscosity. These effects were noted after only 1 hour of undergoing FIR therapy. These findings could be life changing for the millions of people managing a high blood pressure condition. (Far Infrared Saunas for Treatment of Cardiovascular Risk Factors)

Reduces Cardiovascular Disease

There is new evidence in studies which show that far infrared radiation could be instrumental in treatment of cardiovascular disease along with autoimmune and other chronic health problems. The evidence is showing that the use of non-invasive (and convenient) FIR therapy can improve the health of patients dealing with cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and chronic kidney disease. The conclusions demonstrate that far infrared therapy benefits those struggling with some chronic diseases and yield no detrimental side effects. (Far Infrared Therapy for Cardiovascular, Autoimmune, and other Chronic Health Problems: A Systematic Review)

Research Shows Benefits Against Some Forms of Cancer

New research is showing that 5 types of common cancer cells, when tested in a culture incubator with FIR treatment all showed signs of inhibited growth due to the treatment. The study included breast, lung, tongue, gingiva, and vulva cancers. The treatment showed that constant exposure to FIR decreased the cancer cells proliferation. Although findings in this topic are preliminary and more research is required to draw hard conclusions, studies so far have shown incredibly promising results. (Effects Inhibiting the Proliferation of Cancer Cells by Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) Are Controlled by the Basal Expression Level of Heat Shock Protein (HSP) 70A)

Reduces Side Effects of Diabetes

Researchers have looked in to numerous lifestyle changes and habits to improve the lives of those living with diabetes but have not found any particular solution or beneficial exercises. Studies are now showing that repeated or regular treatment of far infrared therapy in those suffering from diabetes have been shown to show improvements in quality of life and diminished pain. If you or a loved one has diabetes, then you likely are familiar with the numerous areas of life which diabetes affects, including pain, depression, congestive heart failure and chronic fatigue syndrome. There is research showing that far infrared therapy benefits anyone suffering from those symptoms as well as specifically those suffering directly from diabetes. Regular treatments as noted in the research link below were shown to improve overall health, lower stress, improve social functioning and reduce fatigue. (Effects of Repeated Thermal Therapy on Quality of Life in Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus)

Improvement in Motor Functions

Peripheral nerve damage and disease is a wide spread problem for people of all ages. Research has shown that far infrared is an effective treatment against nerve related pain and debilitation. The key benefit of far infrared treatment for nerve injury and disease is that it is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical solution to afflictions which to date the medical field has not found an effective lasting solution to. Importantly discovered through this research is the benefit FIR has on recent surgery related to motor function and the nervous system. It is shown to have a significant impact on regeneration and motor function improvement. (Far Infrared Therapy Promotes Nerve Repair following End-to-End Neurorrhaphy in Rat Models of Sciatic Nerve Injury)

Prepares Skin for Sun Exposure & Prevents Sunburns

With the decreased protection from the ozone layer due to years of human development and burning of fossil fuels, today greater protection than ever is needed from the sun.  Quite often sun screen is not enough to protect your skin from a sunburn, even with multiple applications. Multiple sunburns are something of real concern for over the years your risk of skin cancer significantly magnifies. Recent research has shown, that pre-exposing your skin cells to the non-harmful far infrared radiation can actually better prepare them for exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. A few minutes spent on your far infrared mat ahead of heading to the beach can prevent the formation of sunburn cells and give you a worry free day at the beach. (Infrared Radiation Suppresses Ultraviolet B-induced Sunburn-Cell Formation)

Treatment of Arteriovenous Fistula

Far infrared therapy benefits have been shown in numerous areas of the cardiovascular system. As many hemodialysis patients will know, the quality of their treatment depends on blood flow. Arteriovenous fistula, the abnormal connection between an artery and a vein, is surgically created for hemodialysis patients or it can also be caused due to pathologic process such as trauma. Either way, FIR treatment can increase and improve blood flow within a arteriovenous fistula and thereby improve the effects of hemodialysis treatment. There are other, traditional methods of increasing blood flow, however the majority of patients will find FIR to be a more comfortable and less invasive treatment option. (Effectiveness of Far Infrared Therapy in Hemodialysis Patients with Arteriovenous Fistula)

Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is one of the most common afflictions world-wide. More commonly known as hay-fever, what is experienced is an inflammation of the nasal glands, the nose. This is uncomfortable & most people find medications & immunotherapy which are the common treatments, to be ineffective. Researchers have shown noticeable improvement through the use of FIR treatment in allergic rhinitis cases. This is primarily through the increased circulation resulting from the FIR the resulting reduction in inflammation which eliminates and helps remedy most of the symptoms, sneezing, stuffiness, nasal itchiness, runny nose and itchy eyes. (Clinical Effects of Far-Infrared Therapy in Patients with Allergic Rhinitis)

Suppresses Vascular Inflammation and Vascular Diseases

Far-infrared radiation was found to be the main inhibiting factor of tumor necrosis factor in a study conducted at the Institute of Clinical Medicine at the National Yang-Ming University in Taipei, Taiwan. The study was intended to reveal the interaction between HO-1 and FIR radiation in regulating vascular inflammation.  Because of the inflammatory properties of FIR, it was mimicked by bilirubin, bilirubin is necessary for the body to process and clear away waste products produced by the destruction of aged red blood cells. This study demonstrates that far infrared therapy is correlated with the induction of HO-1, and plays an integral role in improving and maintaining blood flow for hemodialysis patients. (Far Infrared Therapy Inhibits Vascular Endothelial Inflammation)(Far Infrared Therapy Induces The Nuclear Translocation of PLZF which Inhibits VEGF-Induced Proliferation in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells)

Reduces Symptoms of Menstrual Cramps

Also known as dysmenorrhea, this is a symptom many women will be familiar with. In 2012 a study was conducted with 51 women diagnosed with severe dysmenorrhea. Half the women wore a far infrared belt, while the other half, the control half, did nothing different. The control group with the belts found an increased abdominal temperature with nearly a 3.3% increase in blood flow. This group reported to have experienced considerable pain reduction. How many lives could be changed by realizing this one benefit alone! (Far Infrared Effects on Dysmenorrhea)

Promotes Lactation

Far -infrared is proven to promote and increase blood flow in all areas of the body. It does this just like when you spend time in the sun, you can feel the increased blood circulation, for instance if you’re a person who normally has cold feet or hands. The reason for this is the far infrared heating the body from the inside out, expanding our blood vessels and allowing more blood to flow. This is no different in the breasts of women, promoting blood flow and in doing so enhancing the normal lactation process. According to the 1990 study in the following link FIR therapy can make significant improvements in the lactation of women who struggle with poor lactation.  (Far Infrared Effects on Lactation)

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