Benefits of PEMF

The acronym PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic fields and there are many PEMF benefits known within the scientific community.

PEMF therapy is a tool used to aid the body at a cellular level. Every one of the 70 trillion cells in your body have electrons spinning around their molecules.

Every function of the body is controlled by electro-pulse based communication through nerve cells.

In essence every cell of the body uses electromagnetic energy.

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PEMF therapy is designed to keep the electromagnetic energy of the body’s cells functioning optimally.

Over time all cells of the body experience degeneration whether it be age related, injury related, lifestyle choice related or otherwise.

Exposure to pulsed electromagnetic frequency can re-energize the electrons of the cells of the body allowing them to continue to function at an optimal level.

Some of the well known PEMF devices include MLM products such as the Bemer Mat and other well known PEMF devices like MagnaWave, EarthPulse and Healthy Wave Multi-Wave.

Still wondering what exactly is PEMF Therapy?

Have you heard of Far Infrared Therapy?

FIR, or far infrared therapy is a therapeutic practice which has been proven throughout the ages to have remarkable health benefits.

Most commonly seen in the use of a far infrared sauna, it is possible to receive these same benefits while utilizing a far infrared mat.

We review a product which combines PEMF therapy with far infrared therapy to create a synergistic therapeutic effect not found anywhere else, check out our review of the Healthy Wave Mat, or the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat.

We’ve created a page of the remarkable PubMed research backed studies here on our website, check out our Far Infrared Therapy Benefits page.

PEMF Benefits

Natural Pain Relief

What’s unique about PEMF in the arena of pain relief is the absence of any side effects. (note, check manufacturers warnings if you have a pacemaker or any similar device) It can be applied for injury recovery, general aches and pains or as a preventative measure. This is in comparison to the current methods of pain treatment including over the counter drugs, and prescription medication often with a list of side effects. There have been numerous studies showing that when compared to a control sample of individuals there is a more significant reduction in pain in the individuals using PEMF. One such example is with a study seen on PubMed using both PEMF and a control (non PEMF) device on 50 patients all whom were experiencing chronic pain. After a 4 week trial, the average reduction with PEMF subjects was 20% vs only 4% in the non-PEMF control group. (Clinical Trial Using a Low-Frequency Magnetic Field in the Treatment of Musculoskeletal Chronic Pain)

Reduces Inflammation & Swelling

Inflammation and swelling of body tissue is the body’s natural response to cellular damage in all body tissues where blood can flow. It is the body’s response to bring the damaged cells the nutrients & oxygen they need to return to normal functionality. A 2009 study found on PubMed depicts the results of the use of PEMF on post clinical plastic surgery patients, showing results that it was successful in the management of postsurgical pain and edema (swelling). (Evidence-based use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy in Clinical Plastic Surgery)

Healing After Injury or Surgery

Any injury or surgery puts the body into a cellular repair state usually involving inflammation, swelling, and increased blood flow to the area. Increasing the blood circulation to the area of injury or healing can have an effect on the rate of recovery due to the increase of supply of oxygen & nutrients needed by the cells to repair themselves. The human body is a miracle of self-regeneration and increasing the flow of blood through the body can aid in this process. This study shows that PEMF can be effective in vasodilation, dilation of the blood vessels which results in lower blood pressure and a more relaxed state for the body to be able to transport blood and heal. (Microcirculatory Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields)

Reduces the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of cartilage in the joints of the body, usually brought on by age. Studies have shown that the use of PEMF can aid in the pain brought on by osteoarthritis by promoting the bone and tissue regeneration. One study of 28 subjects between the ages of 60 to 83 years old where patients had 3, 30 minute PEMF sessions on one leg for 6 weeks while the other leg received no treatment, found that the therapy improved pain, stiffness & physical function in the patients. (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for Management of Osteoarthritis-Related Pain, Stiffness and Physical Function: Clinical Experience in the Elderly)

Helps General Well-being

There are a vast number of studies now showing the benefits of PEMF magnetic therapy over a wide range of health issues including recovery and typical day to day health. Maintaining the energy of the cells in the body ensures the body will be operating at its best to fight of sickness and maintain the baseline of health. It has been shown to improve sleep which has been shown to be a leading factory in general wellbeing, in addition to maintaining good bodily hydration. Improvements by PEMF therapy in these few key categories can show up as an improved overall wellbeing as perhaps an under noticed resulting benefit.

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