Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Stimulators Efficacy for Non-invasive Bone Growth in Spine Surgery

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Our Summary

Understanding how bone growth works and the mechanism and application of PEMF therapy is the goal of this review. The authors assessed multiple studies to compare the effects of PEMF therapy in spinal fusion. It is evident in this review that PEMF treatment have higher fusion rates for postoperative spinal surgery than control groups and that the PEMF devices are effective post surgical aid.

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Study Categories

bone healing


[‘Brian Fiani’, ‘Athanasios Kondilis’, ‘Juliana Runnels’, ‘Preston Rippe’, ‘Cyrus Davati’]





Published Date

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Frequency (Hz)

50, 60

Frequency Range

High, Low

Intensity (G)

Intensity Range





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Keywords Listed

Bone stimulator, Bone growth, Pulsed electromagnetic field, Spinal fusion, Ossification

Added Descriptive Keywords

bone fusion, spinal injury, spine, bone formation, human


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