Three- and 4-Level Lumbar Arthrodesis Using Adjunctive Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Stimulation: A Multicenter Retrospective Evaluation of Fusion Rates and a Review of the Literature

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Bone fusion rates has long been improved by PEMF therapy. The aim of this study is to focus on PEMF effects on patients who had 3 or 4 level lumbar arthrodesis. 55 patients were subjected to the study in span of 12 months. It could be concluded that overall, fusion rates was improved after 3- and 4-level lumbar arthrodesis.

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bone healing


[‘Vikas V. Patel’, ‘James Billys’, ‘David O. Okonkwo’, ‘David Y. He’, ‘James T. Ryaby’, ‘Kris Radcliff’]





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pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation, lumbar arthrodesis, adjunctive therapy, spinal fusion, bone stimulation, lumbar fusion, pseudarthrosis, failed fusion

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bone fusion, spinal injury, spine, bone formation, human


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